Oregano And Its Health Benefits

Oregano And Its Health Benefits

Oregano, this spice popularly known in the culinary part, and also in the natural part of people who use it as a natural medicine. This spice is commonly used as if it were a condiment, and is added in preparations that are herbal infusions. Oregano can be used both fresh and dried. Although using this spice while dry can be a better option since impressively in that state it has more aroma and flavor if we compare it being fresh. Normally we can find this spice or use it in dishes that contain tomato sauce, where they have pasta or on pizzas. They impressively appear in broths and/or liqueurs that are digestive. Everyone knows this, and that is that in meat oregano can also be added as a way of marinating it, and in different meats of which they are used to prepare chorizo. They can also be used for the preparation of salads and taste good, or if you do not want to use it as an edible form. You can use them to give aroma to various oils and vinegars. As I mentioned at the beginning, oregano can have its uses in the culinary, and also in the medicinal. And it is true, this spice can be a good help when it comes to taking care of your health. And that’s why in this article you will know about the benefits of oregano for health. But before it starts, we’d like you to read this one that has some relation to what you’ll read right now “Benefits of orange for your health.

Oregano And Its Health Benefits


Excellent for your digestive system: The spice contains a property that is digestive. And in the natural medicine of Australia, oregano is added in infusions in order to treat various disorders that have to do with the gastrointestinal. Against colds and sore throats: If you have a cold or cold very often. Well, with this little recipe you can help the cold go down and that you can be more protected from them. You will simply need to add several dried leaves of the spice in a cup. Then you will add hot water and then stir it a little and leave it covered for 2 minutes, and then remove the lid and strain it. For the last drink it. Oregano is one of the very beneficial medicinal plants, and they are good options to improve your respiratory system all thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic effect. It is anti-inflammatory: According to several scientists from the University of Bonn (which is located in Germany) and ETH Zurich (Located in Switzerland). They found that oregano has an active ingredient which is beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP). Which is very useful to combat with various disorders, mentioning several as example osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis. Antioxidant: Thanks to the fact that it has a good number of flavonoids and phenolic acids. Several people believe that this can give a good amount of power to eliminate some viruses that can appear thanks to the spread of food. Oregano has as its active ingredient the flavanol retusin, and thanks to that the oils it has are highlighted by the simple fact of having monoterpenes and monoterpenoids.

More benefits of oregano

Fight against bacteria: It is a great ally to fight against microbial activity. Its oil, as a great example, is a potent antimicrobial, thanks to the fact that it has carvacol as its important compound. According to a doctor named Juan Ignacio Güenechea, the properties are so powerful that it can easily win against Syaphylococcus aureus. Resistant to methicillin and other antibiotics. Detoxify your body: This plant can perfectly help detoxify your body. But where it is most effective is in your liver, and if that were not enough. They also help supply you with many minerals that you may have needed. Take care of your skin: When a person tells you about skin care products one would easily tell you the best with those that contain a good amount of nutrients but especially antioxidants. Well, oregano can help you as if it were a product. All thanks to its high concentrations of antioxidants that it possesses. This may mean that it helps you not suffer from premature aging, as well as being able to keep your skin healthy. Remember that many plants and spices can be of great help when it comes to wanting to take care of your skin, as it contains nutrients that you are looking for in products.


Oregano helps too much to treat different disorders. In addition to being a good ingredient for the culinary, it can also be a good option to improve your health. And if that were not enough, a great option to take care of your skin.

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