Health Benefits Of Avocado

Health Benefits of Avocado

If I asked you right now what avocado is, what would you answer? You probably think that it is a vegetable, since the avocado is present in many savory dishes and salads. But the reality is that it is a fruit, as strange as it may seem, that is the truth. We start this entry by revealing one of the myths or bad beliefs about avocado, since throughout this article we will deny some of the erroneous popular beliefs that people usually have about this delicious fruit. Being the following data, it is to deny the belief that the avocado contributes many calories to our body and that due to its greasy texture it is better to avoid its consumption… ERROR! While avocado is indeed a fatty fruit, the fat content of it is actually very healthy. Providing a type of fat that your body will receive in a good way, thus improving health. To put it simply, avocado fat does not contain the same calories nor is it as harmful as the fat or oils used for frying (like soy for example). In fact, it would be more similar to extra virgin olive oil, given its contribution to our body. In this article, you will discover a series of informative facts related to the benefits and advantages of eating avocado. You will understand why it is highly recommended to add it to our diet and make the most of what this particular fruit has to offer.

Health Benefits Of Avocado

Benefits and advantages of avocado.

Next, a list will be shared with each of the benefits that avocado consumption brings to the body.

It is a source of nutrients and energy!

This fruit contains a series of vitamins and nutrients that help us stay active and healthy. Containing potassium, it allows us to maintain a clear health and energy resistance, in addition to favoring the reduction of blood pressure. Even an avocado contains 14% potassium, compared to a banana (10%). Which has been popularly the fruit source par excellence of this mineral, but now you see that the avocado contains more. But not everything is there, it also contains folic acid and vitamins E, K, B6, B5 and C.

Avocado is good for our heart.

At the beginning of this post we commented that the avocado shares a similarity with olive oil, since that similarity lies in its oleic acid content. What does this mean? That avocado contributes to increasing good cholesterol and in turn reduces bad. In addition to being an excellent anti-inflammatory.

It contains a lot of fiber.
Fiber is not only good for helping you lose weight, but it also lowers blood sugar and thereby reduces the risk of various diseases. Are you liking what you read? Then you will enjoy the following article on “How to grow avocado.”.

It helps you absorb other nutrients.

The avocado helps to better absorb the other nutrients that the supplements in the dish can provide, that is. If you prepare a salad with avocado, it will facilitate the absorption process of the antioxidants present in the other vegetables in the salad.

Avocado improves eyesight.

This fruit contains zeaxanthin and lutein, both compounds are excellent for improving eye health.

Prevents cancer.

This fruit is capable of inhibiting the development and growth of cancer cells in the prostate.

Arthritis problems?

Consider consuming avocado. You probably did not know this, but the extract of this fruit favors the reduction of arthritis symptoms. Prevent the appearance of this problem in the bones, do not wait until it is too late.

This fruit is good for losing weight.

Contrary to the popular belief that being a fatty fruit makes you fat. The reality is that avocado helps you lose weight. Everything is due to the high fiber content and the very low percentage of carbohydrates it contains. This makes it an ideal food for those who want to lose weight or consume a diet for that purpose. Not to mention that eating it satisfies your hunger quite a bit, thus reducing the number of times you feel hungry during the day.

It is easy to add to any diet.

If with everything mentioned so far, we have not convinced you to eat this fruit more often. When you know the number of recipes and dishes where avocado can be added, you will be fascinated. You can consume it in guacamole, salads, cooked dishes, etc… It is a very versatile fruit compared to others. Since it can be eaten in savory dishes, giving it great flavor and why not… More health

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