Garlic And Its Health Benefits

Garlic And Its Health Benefits

Garlic, when someone asks you what is the use of garlic, someone might say that it is to repel vampires. This is something curious since it is popularly known that this vegetable is popular at the time when vampires were in their high popularity. Where wooden stakes, holy water, sun and garlic are the only ways to defeat these blood-sucking beings. All thanks to fiction and fantasy literature. And to the movies and / or series that decided to use the theme of vampires for the wig or for a chapter or the entire series revolves around the theme of vampires. Currently garlic is used too much when it comes to wanting to add more flavor to the foods you want to prepare. Normally you can buy the whole garlic, this is what I mean that it is with everything and shell. Having to crush it or better yet, chop them into slicing it into thin slices to store them in a small cup that can be closed and that it contains olive, coconut or walnut oil. But the option of adding oil to the cup with the garlic already peeled and chopped works if you want the flavor of the garlic to soften. But in this article, I’m going to talk about how garlic can be a good help for your own health. But before we start, we recommend this article of other foods for health “Rice and its health benefits”

Garlic And Its Health Benefits


 Protect your heart well: Consuming this vegetable on a regular basis, helps your blood circulation, since it will cause vasodilation, making a good increase in the diameter of your blood vessels. Simply put, your own blood will flow without any problems in your pressure. Helps your appetite: Garlic itself can help you to stimulate the gastrointestinal mucous membranes. Meaning the increase of bile and digestive secretions. Referring to that you will have a better appetite in order to consume food completely. Remember that there are people who can get a time at lunchtime when they do not want to continue eating it for the simple fact that that person lost their appetite. A good antibiotic: According to a study at the University of Washington in the United States. I conclude that garlic has diallyl sulfide, which is very effective when compared to several popular antibiotics that try to fight Campylobacter bacteria. Which is the most common cause of intestinal infections. Reduce the chance of having a premature birth: Preterm births are very dangerous; these happen a week before a completely safe and healthy birth happens. Normally in the 37th week of pregnancy is when the baby will want to go out. But if it happens earlier, childbirth can be a success. But the baby is going to have medical problems that are too complicated.

More benefits of garlic

 Reduce your cholesterol: This vegetable can be a good choice to lower your cholesterol levels, as well as your blood pressure. All this is according to what the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry says. Good against cold: According to a team of scientists from the St. Joseph Family Medicine Residency which is located in Mishawaka, Indiana (United States). They came to a conclusion that the intake of garlic can decrease the frequency of colds in adults. So, if you are presenting that colds are becoming more common, then garlic can become good for you. Protect your bones: If you are from that group of people who are unlucky enough to suffer from arthritis or any joint pain. Well, garlic has selenium and sulfur, being beneficial to avoid those pains. Strengthens your immune system: If you don’t like eating garlic naturally, you can simply add them to the salty recipes you want to prepare. Since garlic is antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal. Bacteria and fungi can become very resistant to antibiotics. But with garlic they are not, reaching a very low resistance.


 Thanks to its good composition, this vegetable is a good option to strengthen our defenses to be stronger. And even more so that at this time we must stay as healthy as possible, it is okay that you want to break the rules a little and party, go out with your friends, or eat junk food. But remember that you should not do it in an exaggerated way, this applies to both healthy and unhealthy food. Since everything in excess is dangerous for people. If you liked reading this article, then you may like to read this other one that has some relation to the topic of the article you just finished right now “Cucumber and its health benefits”

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