Why Cleaning Products Alter My Health

Why Cleaning Products Alter My Health?

I was addicted to using cleaning products to keep my home clean and bacteria free. The hygiene of all spaces and common areas that we enjoy as a family must be well cleaned. Only now I have had side effects every time I use any chemical when cleaning. The immune system varies in each person, but constant use leads to toxicity or the combination of them can generate a fairly delicate clinical picture, which produces fatigue, sinusitis, seizures. And respiratory problems such as asthma, flu, headaches. If there is contact with the skin, it produces rashes, swelling, nausea, vomiting and even cardiac arrhythmia among others. In addition, you must be very careful to keep these products away from children. Since even being well closed, they tend to expel vapors because they are so volatile. The ideal is to take into consideration if it is necessary to use so many chemical products. Remember that bad odors are not removed by disguising the environment with air fresheners. There are other products you can use to neutralize these odors. In my case I have been cleaning with just water and bicarbonate of soda, sometimes I mix with vinegar and if I want to set the mood, I only use a few drops of vanilla essence in the water, the truth is that it works. There are locations such as hospitals, public areas among others. Spaces where it requires great access for people and more in these times of pandemic with the virus (Covid 19). More drastic measures must be taken when using chemicals that help fight the virus. And in turn, the employees who will do the hygiene work must take certain precautions and safety measures that are essential to maintain a good quality of life even if they use these cleaning products.

Why Cleaning Products Alter My Health

Practical tips to keep your home clean without harming your health.

If you dirty a little, less clean and that does not make you a dirty person, on the contrary you will avoid later ills both for your health and to have more time and money. Since you will not be forced to pay for hygiene products that are very expensive today and you will have more time to carry out other activities. That they can be beneficial for all the members of your family and in particular for yourself. Here I leave you a series of recommendations that you can put into practice whenever you want. And you will see that you will not harm third parties and you will be one more member in the conservation of the environment. By limiting the use of cleaning products. Avoid the use of repellents or insecticides that come in aerosols, since these damage the environment by destroying the ozone layer. Avoid the use of plastic bags, in grocery stores or markets they sell ecological bags and if not, you can make your purchases carrying a cloth bag that you can reuse since it is washable. Do not exceed your purchases in products that you know are toxic, so it is recommended to read the labels to see what chemicals they contain. In the market you can find detergents that do not contain phosphates, cautica soda that damages both clothes and the washing machine. Buy products with recyclable ecological packaging and if you will really use them. Since sometimes we make nervous and impulsive purchases and we end up throwing away the product because it is toxic to us. One of the biggest recommendations that we will give you is that you never mix products that are volatile, for example chlorine or bleach with ammonia, since these fusion releases a smoke that if you inhale it can cause lung diseases and poisoning. Try to have other alternatives that are natural, there is always an option to maintain good hygiene in your home and one of them is the use of just using vinegar, water and soap, you can also use borax or baking soda and lemon. Remember that your home is not a hospital where bacteria and fungi abound and proliferate, get out of that slavery since you are not like “Cinderella”.

List of some products commonly used in the home that are toxic.

Most of the substances we use at home to sanitize our areas are toxic, detergents, disinfectants, the products we use to polish, clean and shine. Whether wood or other materials, as well as to smell, they always have a percentage of danger that leads to health wear. Between them we have: Whiteners are the ones with the most toxic substances, such as bleach or chlorine. Its chemical substance is hypochlorite. Although it is combined with other products, it can give off smoke that is harmful to the lungs. Laundry or dishwashing detergents contain tripolyphosphate which irritates the skin and causes blindness. If there is contact with the eyes, it also has propylene glycol or alcohol that damages the immune system. The disinfectants to combat the fungus as well as the oven cleaners whose base component is carbon hydroxide. If ingested it can damage the digestive system. Window or glass cleaners contain ammonia, a harmful substance that clogs the lungs. Floor waxes or creams, shoe polishes are harmful to the skin, so it is good to read the labels in case an element called nitrobenzene appears. Degreasers, metal cleaners, bathroom cleaners, wood furniture polishes and even air fresheners have agents that are harmful to health with these cleaning products.

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