Potato And Its Health Benefits

Potato And Its Health Benefits

The potato, if someone asks you about a tuber, this food will automatically come to mind. And it is that the potato is the most popular tuber of all, being more used to prepare some foods as a great example, French fries. Since obviously to make the fries, you will need potatoes and chop them into a rectangular shape, to later bathe them in boiling oil so that they can be enjoyed with salt and tomato sauce. To avoid the amount of oil, you can first chop the potatoes into small cubes, and then boil them, and when they are ready you start to mash them with a fork to finish preparing a mashed potato. The potato can also be used when using a condiment, chopping it into slightly small pieces, and with that you already have a lot of ways to add them to any meal, since it is one of the best to add it to any preparation. Impressively, the potato has properties that are very good for a person’s health. That is why in this article you will know about the different properties that potatoes have for health. But before I start with this article, we would like you to read this other article that has a bit to do with what you are about to read “Why is water important for living beings? ”

Potato And Its Health Benefits


This tuber has antioxidants, which help our body to be protected from free radicals. It has a great help when you want to have anti-cancer properties. It is a good option when you want to reduce high blood sugar levels A good help to lower cholesterol in our body. Increases our defenses in the body Helps to soften our skin as it has emollients increase our energy The peel of this tuber contains medicinal properties, which help when it comes to wanting to heal wounds, to avoid diabetes, heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. Impressively it helps when it comes to promoting the growth of our hair and being able to control our weight. When consumed together with the shell, you can receive a good amount of fiber, which is necessary for our digestive system. It is good for treating multiple conditions of which are related to your cardiovascular system and hypertension. Meaning that it improves circulation in your body. This is thanks to the good content of chlorogenic acid, which acts well as a natural diuretic. Potato juice helps a lot to cure eczema, as well as skin blemishes and dry skin. Helping you keep it deflated and hydrated. This is good because it helps people to avoid the consequences of aging, which works thanks to vitamin C. And knowing this, you will know that, with the combination, you will have a good production of elastin and collagen, helping a rapid cell renewal.

More benefits

It helps against dandruff, and you only need 2 potatoes, pass them completely through a juice extractor or blend them, and when you finish straining them, apply it to the scalp, to leave it for about 20 minutes, and after that time you wash it off If your armpits have stains, then don’t worry, since the potato can help, you simply grab a peel of the tuber, and apply it to the area. It has to be 30 minutes before you shower. And the other more effective option is to make potato juice to mix it with baking soda and lemon, in order to apply it to the area (For this option, it is better that you do not apply it if you have just shaved, or have a cut there. Since it can hurt too much. If you want to make your hair look shiny, just prepare potato water (basically boil 3 potatoes with the skin in water) When the water cools down and you finish washing your hair, you apply it as if it were a spray bottle, you should not rinse your hair, it is better to continue acting until you have to wash it. Potato skins are good for softening your knees and elbows, you just grab a skin and rub it over the area. Then (this is optional) you pass a pumice stone when you shower. And finally, which is when you finish showering and your elbows and knees are dry, you apply a very moisturizing cream there. You will continue to do this process every day until the area is very smooth. If you found it very interesting to read this article about the potato, then it would not hurt to read these other articles that are somewhat related to what you just read ” Fruits that should be given to children.

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