How To Wash Your Hands.

How To Wash Your Hands

The hands are the part that carries the most dirt to the different parts of the body since they are always in contact with different bacteria that are usually harmful and carriers of diseases, so it is important to know how to wash your hands hygienically and perfectly to avoid this. By having dirty hands, and touching each part of the body without washing them such as eyes, mouth and ears, they become the main cause of irritations and severe allergies that can later become more serious cases of any disorder that involves contact with contamination. Germs are transmitted through the hands to any mucosa, and from there the journey to different ailments begins, so washing your hands correctly is usually the best way to prevent this in time, always maintaining a healthy life. Washing hands becomes an act of natural hygiene that should be taught to children from a very young age to avoid all kinds of conditions, adding the use of Antibacterial when there is no fresh and clean water nearby and we need a little cleaning. Every day you are faced with so many bacteria that are usually the ones that disturb the tranquility of your home by bringing diseases into your life, which often end up bringing serious consequences to the health of your loved ones, forcing you to spend more time with expensive treatments.

How To Wash Your Hands.

What do you need to wash your hands?

Warm water. Neutral or Antibacterial soap. Liquid soap. Towel to dry, preferably paper. Antibacterial. Hand sanitizer. Antibacterial hand cream.

Instructions for washing your hands

Washing your hands is the way you have to stay clean and fresh, apart from taking care of each of the parts of your body without the need to take great care of yourself or take expensive treatments, since this becomes disease prevention. It is necessary to wash your hands before and after going to the bathroom, after eating, handling different objects, touching pets, among many other things that will allow germs that cause allergies to not enter the respiratory tract or mucous membranes. in the face. Many times, due to lack of time, you do not wash your hands correctly and you tend to carry out bad habits that can be dangerous for your health and that of your loved ones, especially in those moments when you need to use the bathroom and do not wash before and after to do it It is a task that is not laborious and often a bit annoying for children and adolescents who are more likely to not carry out this type of hygiene that can keep them healthy, therefore here we tell you a formula to wash your hands correctly.

This is how you should wash your hands

First you must wet your hands that are very damp at a moderately warm temperature, if you don’t have hot water it doesn’t matter. Place a few drops of liquid soap or if it is a bar, rub your palms against it until you get foam. Take a soft hand brush and brush your nails vigorously enough to remove any germs, as well as go over your entire hand. Remove the soap that you have used to drag the impurities and rub them for 15 seconds, and then close the grip. Put a few drops of liquid soap in the palm of your hand again or rub the bar of soap and this time play with the foam, stimulating the greatest cleaning in each of them. For the second time, put your hands in the stream of water and let it remove the soap added to which you can rub them vigorously. If you see that there is still dirt, do the same operation from step 4 to step 6 and you will see a better cleanliness on your hands. Get out a paper towel and dry your hands with it, discarding it after you’ve used it to avoid re-contaminating your hands. To turn off the water tap, remember to use a paper or towel to prevent you from having contact with it. ¬†Soap and water are necessary liquids for cleaning your hands apart from others that bring Antibacterial to kill any germs or bacteria you have. These operations should be done mostly in public restrooms at the office, school, store, or any other place where you want to use the restroom. It is important that when you arrive from the street, the first thing you do is go to the bathroom and wash your hands because you have had contact with places where contaminating agents are found. Washing your hands with soap and water is necessary to kill bacteria and should be done many times a day. Some of the diseases that you can avoid just by washing your hands correctly are: flu, hepatitis, salmonellosis, respiratory diseases, allergies, herpes, among many others. After this raising use Antibacterial to be able to have a better cleaning and hygiene in the hands. You can also apply an antibacterial cream that protects you from bacteria while softening your hands. Clean your nails daily to be able to remove the dirt that you can pick up on a daily basis from the things you handle in the different places where you work. If you don’t have paper towels to dry your hands, use a clean one and then put it in the wash so you don’t catch more bacteria if you refuse it. Keeping your nails short is a way to take care of your health, especially when you handle food that can bring bacteria that affect your stomach or intestines. Do not handle waste from your pets without wearing gloves and of course you have to wash your hands before and after picking them up. When you clean your house, try to wash your hands before you start and at the end, to prevent chemicals from affecting the health of your hands. Use creams to moisturize your hands at night after washing them properly. Use a homemade and natural scrub that takes care of your hands at least once a week to maintain their health without being affected by any bacteria or virus.

Tips for washing your hands

Everything around you have germs that are the cause of various diseases that can be very dangerous. If you do not wash your hands correctly you can introduce these germs to various parts of the body. Teach your children to wash their hands correctly from an early age. Wash your hands especially when handling food such as dirty vegetables in the market as well as when you sneeze and you don’t have a towel, napkin or handkerchief nearby. You should also wash other parts of your body properly as a way to keep your body hygienic. Remember that it is a simple act with which you avoid many diseases that are harmful to health. Take care of your children especially when they are babies, avoiding the irritations that you can give them on the skin, through the dirt that you have on them. Take care of your family against viruses, parasites, fungi, among many other germs that can be contracted by hands.

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