How To Prevent My Skin From Being Affected When Cooking

How To Prevent My Skin from Being Affected When Cooking

We women more than all men, are aware of our physical appearance and natural beauty and if we have to prepare food in the kitchen and we do not want to be affected by some of these factors such as vapors. The heat and in some of the recipes prepared cold. We must take care of ourselves so as not to lose the natural beauty that we have in our skin and hands. Due to these factors that cannot be avoided. The skin tends to dry out due to dehydration that occurs very easily. In some cases, the skin can be greasy due to the excess heat that is carried in the kitchen. But the reality is different and it is not hydrated, so you have to take certain precautions to take care of your skin, such as your hands, half an hour before going into the kitchen. To prepare the food that you will take to your mouth with your loved ones to nourish yourself at lunch or dinner time. Since preparing lunch and dinner is where it takes the most time to cook, it is good to wash your face beforehand and apply a cream that contains moisturizer that helps protect the skin from sudden changes in temperature that occur in the kitchen when preparing. meals. You should do this as a routine because as time goes by, your skin and hands will thank you for it.

How To Prevent My Skin From Being Affected When Cooking

Foods that you should apply as masks to see yourself beautiful.

One of the secrets that I must write in this article is that when preparing any dish of food, whether it is easy or culinary. I take advantage of all the possible juices that vegetables, fruits and vegetables release when chopping them and remain on the chopping board. I absorb these with cotton and apply it to the skin forming a mask based on all the nutrients that tend to escape when cutting or grating. Not only is it enough to have a balanced diet to be beautiful. But it is good to remember the recipes of the grandmothers that are based on natural products, for example. Make a poultice of egg white, that is to save and not waste anything. At the time of preparing scrambled eggs with vegetables for dinner. Once the skin and hands have been washed, what remains of the residue in the eggshell, apply the white to the face and rub the rest on the hands. Leave it on for 20 minutes or until you finish dinner and before going to bed wash with plenty of water and apply your moisturizer to your face to sleep. Another of the many options that you have to prepare at home when cooking to take advantage of the vapors that flow in the kitchen is to apply a mask that is quite cheap and easy to make: grated cucumber mixed with a little lemon and olive oil. This combination will refresh your skin and in turn will eliminate any dryness you have.

Other foods that you can apply to your face and hands when cooking.

The versatility that exists when preparing food as a culinary art is so great, so are the natural recipes that our grandmothers taught us, but I am not referring to culinary dishes but to beauty facial masks that are at hand for all people who want to maintain your skin rejuvenated and glowing without the need to apply treatments that are expensive and that in some cases are dangerous to health. Among them we have a whole range of fruits, vegetables and legumes that you should try as you mix their ingredients with specific amounts until you find the perfect natural beauty according to the desired formula and skin type. Between them we have: Warm extra virgin oil with avocado pulp and aloe stalk to beautify hair and keep it strong. Egg white with honey acts as a moisturizer for any part of the body. Natural yogurt mixed with cucumber is great for closing pores. If the scalp is very dry, simply applying a poultice of raw egg and leaving it to act for half an hour before applying the shampoo will solve its dryness. Beet or better known in Latin countries as beetroot, can be applied to the skin with total uniformity, mixing it with natural yogurt. Then leave it on for 20 minutes and remove with plenty of water, the result will be amazing, it will give the face a healthy and fresh tone. Cook different things and your body will thank you and if you use the right ingredients for your skin and then apply moisturizers you will get a guaranteed beauty.

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