How Is The Low Carb Diet

How Is the Low Carb Diet

By taking care of his physical appearance, a man hopes to look and feel good. For this reason, he strives to implement different strategies that allow him to have the body that he so desires. Of course, naturally, since each person is different from one another, there is no generalized perfect measure. Everyone, taking into account their age, height, physical features, health and other factors, has an ideal weight. Hence the importance of not doing any type of diet. Today, there are hundreds of different diets. Some are aimed at weight loss, while others seek to gain it. However, just because celebrities in the entertainment world perform them, doesn’t mean you should too.

How Is The Low Carb Diet

Remember that there are many diets that are described as miraculous, but the truth is that those diets that offer almost immediate results can put your health and even your life at risk. Before you start down the long road to weight loss, it’s vital that you consult with experts in the field. They will help you determine what is best and most recommended for you, since the idea is not to break your health, by eliminating essential foods for the proper functioning of your body. In addition, the specialist doctor will be the one who outlines the goal for which you must work. But, in addition, he will give you the necessary tools and motivation to achieve it. Have you heard of the Low Carb diet? Probably not. Through this post I will tell you what it is about. At the same time, you will know what the benefits are, what you must do to obtain good results and what you need to achieve it. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get down to business and begin to investigate this topic that is of interest to many.

Low Carb Diet Instructions

As its name indicates, this diet is based on a low consumption of carbohydrates. This diet is used as a means to lose weight under different formats, which means that there are different types of Low Carb diets at your disposal. It should be noted that the idea is not to completely eliminate the consumption of carbohydrates. Rather, what is sought is to reduce them as a source of daily energy. In this way, you will be taking away the leading role that they usually have in your usual diet. These types of diets are usually rich in protein and fat. These are the nutrients that will provide most of your daily calories. Although many might think that this fact puts health at risk, different studies have shown that this is not true. Diets that are low in carbohydrates have the potential to offer positive effects on blood pressure, glucose levels, and blood lipids. Even similar to a diet to lose weight that is low in fat. In fact, it has been proven that the weight loss, in this case, is greater. Also, if the reduction in carbohydrates is adequate, then you will be able to lose kilos, but you will continue with a long-term weight loss plan. When you decrease digestible carbohydrates, you get more and better benefits. Since, in a year, it is possible to lose up to 4 kilos more than a low-fat diet. At the same time cardiovascular risk factors are reduced. Since you now know what it is and the impact it has on your health, you probably want to start doing it. But what do you need to achieve it?

What do you need for the Low Carb diet?

The first thing you need is to be clear about the foods allowed on the Low Carb diet:

Fruits and vegetables in small quantities, raw with their peel and bagasse. Low-fat meats, preferably skinless chicken and turkey. Fatty fish such as salmon, Aten, trout, and sardines. Eggs and cheese. Olive oil, coconut oil and butter. Nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc. Seeds, such as chia, flaxseed, sunflower, sesame, etc. Sugar free coffee and teas. You can also drink milk and yogurt, but in controlled amounts. If possible, substitute coconut or almond milk, which are lower in carbohydrates, for the milk. It is important that you accompany this diet with a daily water consumption that is between 2 and 3 liters. This will be the perfect complement.

Among the prohibited foods are: Refined sugar, including sodas, pasteurized fruit juices, sugar, sweeteners, candy, ice cream, cakes, and cookies. Wheat, barley, and rye flours, which are found in bread, crackers, and toast. Trans fats. Examples include packaged potato chips, frozen dinners, and margarine. Processed meats, such as turkey breast, hot dogs, salami, bologna, bacon, and ham. Other foods that you should avoid are: white rice, pasta, cornmeal, couscous, oatmeal, corn, white beans, chickpeas, etc. When going on a diet, it is normal to have doubts about what you can eat and what not. But now that you know what foods are allowed, I’ll give you some ideas on how you can use and combine them to continue enjoying delicious meals.

Low Carb Diet Tips

Next, I will give you an idea of ​​what can be the menu of a day following the standards of the Low Carb diet: For breakfast: you can have 120 g of natural yogurt, a slice of whole wheat bread with a slice of mozzarella cheese and a tablespoon of mashed avocado. In the morning snack: drink coffee without sugar with 100 ml of coconut milk and about 20 units of almonds. At lunch: about 100 g of courgette spaghetti with 120 g of ground meat. Also, you can eat a salad of lettuce, carrot and onion that is dressed with a teaspoon of olive oil. For the afternoon snack: a cup of jelly with strawberries. For dinner: a spinach omelette. Its preparation is very simple, you just have to mix two eggs with 20 g of chopped onion, 125 g of spinach, a teaspoon of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. With a menu of this type, you will only be consuming about 60 g of carbohydrates. Of course, these amounts vary according to factors such as age, sex, physical activity and the presence of some associated diseases. What makes us see the importance of going to a nutritionist to undergo a complete evaluation and to prepare a menu that is consistent with our specific needs. As I have already mentioned, the consumption of liquids is very important for the successful completion of this diet. Therefore, in addition to the 2 or 3 liters of water per day, which you must consume, you can also drink different types of juices and smoothies. However, you must make sure that they are among the allowed foods. For example, you can drink juices made from blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, star fruit, watermelon, melon, and lemon. To make a smoothie, all you have to do is add coconut or almond milk and that’s it. You can have a glass of juice at snack or at breakfast, trying not to lose the balance that the Low Carb diet deserves. That is, if you can substitute yogurt or coffee for juice, but never drink them together. If you complement this diet with a moderate exercise routine and good rest, you can lose up to 1 kilo per week, without putting your health at risk. Of course, it is important that you are constant and that you do not drop your arms. That will allow you to reach your goal and lose the amount of weight that you have proposed to have the figure that you want and deserve to show off.

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