How Can You Live Stress Free

How Can You Live Stress Free?

Every day that passes, the whole world lives with more worries, sadness, pain and stress. Without realizing that this time bomb could explode at any moment. Affecting our lifestyle. Which in turn feeds the stress that is the main engine for it to explode and rob us of the peace and tranquility that we long for. Stress manifests itself when our body reacts to any adverse situation that comes our way in life. Making the brain act defensively by creating more hormones that cause blood pressure to alter by accelerating the heart rate. The muscles tense up and cause the lungs to slow down or speed up their breathing capacity. To live free of stress, it is good to take the situations that arise on a daily basis in a practical and simple way. always looking for the positive side of the situation knowing that everything happens for a purpose. Without allowing anything or anyone to steal the peace in which you find yourself, remember that everything happens to advance to another level of life. Before making a decision, analyze the moment lived so that you learn how to react to the adversities that are constant in our lives. But before starting, we would like you to read this article that has a certain relationship with what you are going to read « How to avoid stress »

How Can You Live Stress Free

How many types of stress are there?

We already know that many consider stress as a disease that is acquired by common and undesirable actions that are presented to us at every moment, giving rise to bad stress. But this is not the case, since there is also good stress, which is what we use to move forward quickly, reacting in a good way to achieve the goals and projects that we set for ourselves and obtain better performance. An example of good stress is this: the person who practices any sport, accelerates his heart rate and speeds up the brain to obtain a better performance. Another example would be, a student thinks quickly to solve an exam whose time is limited. In short, you just have to have your own domain controlling everything that is happening around you. However, it is good to limit in this article that if you live in prolonged and intense stress and you cannot control the situation, it can cause chronic damage. If you feel constant accelerations and feel that your brain and body are always on the defensive or on alert, it is good to control yourself since we can suffer a mental, physical and emotional collapse. Bringing as a consequence disease produced by physical and mental exhaustion. Causing us to adopt harmful vices such as the consumption of alcohol, drugs, among others or become so depressed that we even think about suicide.

Types of conditions that manifest in the body when there is stress.

 There is a very common phrase “everything in excess is harmful” and more if the stress is chronic causing the body to react abruptly, affecting our health. Here are some common conditions that you should take into consideration so that you can completely free yourself from stress. The musculoskeletal system is greatly affected because the muscles are tensed to prevent injury, causing pain throughout the body and in the head due to spasms and excessive tension in the muscles. In the nervous system deterioration is caused by progressive increases in hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, causing the arterial system to increase its blood glucose levels, accelerating the heart rate which produces anxiety, headache, irritability, insomnia and depression. The respiratory system causes panic, difficulty in taking oxygen and breathing with difficulty, causing the person who suffers from it to hyperventilate. The cardiovascular system a lot of stress causes heart attacks, strokes or hypertension. In the endocrine system, due to the increase in hormones, we suffer from different diseases such as diabetes, the defenses remain low, causing mood swings and even body weight increases. In the gastrointestinal system, it affects the process of ingested food, altering the system which in turn causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. Our reproductive system a lot of stress produces sexual impotence losing the sexual appetite and in women disorders in the menstrual cycle.

Common causes that produce stress.

Modernism has been expanding remarkably, making people quickly adapt to changes, without taking into account the factors that cause stress. Here are some common causes that cause stress to manifest. The loss of labor employment can be one of the most devastating causes since it is the means of economic sustenance of society. Divorce is another common factor. The crime that today is unleashed due to lack of finances. Disasters caused by man or nature. Some serious or incurable disease, affecting our lifestyle. Some unwanted accident. The loss or death of a loved one. The school activities of the children or yours. In short, there are a series and innumerable causes that prevent you from getting rid of stress. For this reason, we recommend that you make changes in a positive way that are in accordance with your time and space without the need to stress yourself for not carrying out or fulfilling the proposed goals and work responsibly and fully.

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