Health Benefits Of Fish

Health Benefits of Fish

Fish is usually one of the foods that go unnoticed when we want to answer the question: What meat do you prefer to eat? Generally, the reason for the bad reputation of the fish is due to its bones, which make it difficult to eat. Sometimes even uncomfortable or dangerous depending on who eats it (A child for example). However, the benefits of fish are many, enough to seriously consider starting to eat this food more often. So, if you’ve been thinking about trying to bond with fish, let me tell you that you’ve come to the right place. Throughout this post we will share with you a series of benefits, properties and advantages of eating fish for your health. Since the benefits of fish are not few, and in fact in this list we are only going to present those that we consider most important. Or that at least they stand out when it comes to fish and health.

Health Benefits Of Fish

Benefits of fish: Weight loss.

Many do not know it, but fish is one of the ideal foods for any diet that is intended to lose weight. The reason is simple, fish falls into the category of “White meat” and these are popular for containing low percentages of fat (unlike red meat). And they are generally foods rich in protein, where their fat is usually beneficial for our body in a certain way (a healthy fat). However, the calories that fish can provide you will depend greatly on the way in which you decide to consume or cook it. It is always much healthier to eat grilled, baked or steamed fish. Then fried or battered in any oil.

It stimulates and favors your intellectual development

 Did not you know? Indeed, one of the most outstanding benefits of fish is that they help in concentration, memory and learning. This is due to the vitamins and minerals they contain, among which phosphorus and zinc (as minerals) stand out. And vitamin A and B12, in addition to containing folic acid, among other nutrients that are involved in concentration and learning activities. Students, now you know what to start consuming if you want to pass the course test. There is no longer an excuse for not passing any exam.

Fish strengthens bones.

We know that bones are the biggest difficulty when trying to eat any fish dish. The fear of choking on some or simply the annoyance of having to eat with caution because of them is uncomfortable. However, one of the most important benefits of fish lies precisely in its bones. BUT WATCH OUT! Not just any kind of sin, just those with small spines which can be eaten whole. Like sardines or anchovies, for example, each bite of these can provide you with an extra supply of calcium, even much more than a glass of milk. If you have some type of bone problem or you are simply an adult of considerable age. Consider eating sardines to provide your bones with the calcium they need to stay strong and healthy.

Benefits of fish: Take care of your heart.

Fish can be divided into two categories. White-skinned fish (such as cojinúa, for example) and blue fish (tuna, sardines, etc.). Both favor the health of your heart, being the first the fish with very low percentages of fat (You do not usually exceed 2% by weight). And the latter because they contain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial for cardiovas.

The fat in oily fish increases the levels of good cholesterol (HDL). And in turn lowers bad cholesterol levels (LDL). The result is that the risks of contracting cardiovascular diseases are considerably minimized.

Nourish muscle tissue

Fish meat is rich in protein, and this macronutrient is essential (not to say the base). From muscle growth in our body, this benefits the development and reconstruction of muscle tissue, which allows an increase in its volume. For this reason, nutritionists’ comment that among the benefits of fish for those athletes or people looking to gain muscle mass, incorporate fish into their diets. Since in this way they will be able to achieve better results with their training. To give you an idea, fish has the same protein intake (LDL).

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