Health Benefits Of Chicken

Health Benefits of Chicken

We all love to eat chicken, in any of its presentations, because chicken can be found fried, roasted, in soup, grilled, etc. But the common factor that is constant is that it is an extremely delicious food, and everything that it has in flavor is enhanced by a great nutritional contribution. For this reason, we could not miss our entry talking about the benefits of chicken for our health. Well, throughout this article we will write all the benefits, properties and nutritional characteristics that chicken gives us when consumed. You see, chicken meat is one of the asthmas recommended by nutrition experts. Being a fundamental food in any diet rich in protein. As well as high quality nutrients (Considering a biological value). As ruan is white meat, its fat content is extremely small, making it a perfect meat for most diets (either to lose weight or to increase muscle volume). To give you an idea, chicken only has 145 kilocalories (approximately) for each one-hundred-gram portion. And as mentioned by the Spanish nutrition foundation. The primary nutritional division of chicken is as follows: 70.3% of the chicken is water. 9.7% of it are lipids or fat. 20% of chicken is protein. Being that 20% of protein of the greatest benefits of chicken. And keep in mind that these are the percentages of a hundred-gram serving.

Health Benefits Of Chicken

Nutritional value, characteristics and benefits of chicken.

We will comment on the nutritional characteristics of this food. In order to understand what the benefits of chicken are and why it is so recommended to incorporate it into any diet.

Chicken meat is rich in protein.

Among the most notorious benefits of chicken, there is no doubt that the protein content of this food is the one that stands out the most. Since the chicken contains 9 essential amino acids for our body, which are: Histidine, leucine, isoleucine, lysine, phenylalanine, methionine, threonine, valine and finally, tryptophan. It goes without saying that consuming food with a high biological value, such as chicken, helps maintain good health and nutrition. In addition to protecting and strengthening our immune system. Well, protein itself helps regenerate and strengthen muscle tissue. Which is very good for the infant stage. Because the chicken will favor the optimal growth and muscular development of children when they reach their adolescent stage. Do you like what you read? Surely the following article will also be to your liking “What are red meats”.

Chicken meat is low in fat.

If we remove all the skin from the chicken, we have as a result one of the lowest fat animal meats that we can serve on a plate. Particularly, the chicken breast is the area of ​​the chicken that provides the least fat content, being a total of 2%. Which is why chicken breast is usually quite expensive. Unlike red meat, white meat tends to stand out for preventing the appearance of problems such as: type 2 diabetes Certain types of cancer. Helps prevent blood circulation problems. Gallbladder disease. Heart problems. All this is possible thanks to the low presence of fat in this food. Which makes it another of the benefits of chicken for our health.

Contribution in vitamins and minerals.

Chicken meat in addition to supplying large amounts of protein for its consumption. It also offers us a range of vitamins and minerals, highlighting those belonging to the B complex, such as Niacin or vitamin B3. The latter being essential for the control of the metabolism of fats and sugars in our body. And it allows a correct nutrition to the cells. As for minerals, magnesium and potassium are pronounced, as well as zinc and phosphorus. Particularly magnesium helps a lot to the proper functioning of our muscles and nerves in the body. L which means that it favors our immune system, in addition to guaranteeing the constant beating of our heart.

Benefits of chicken:

The breast. To close this article, we just want to highlight that the area of ​​the chicken with the greatest amount of lean meat is the breast. Which means that it is the one that contains a very low percentage of fat (being 2% to be exact) and a high protein content. The advantage of chicken breast is that it can be cooked in many ways, so you will not get bored with its flavor. If you want to know a recipe to prepare chicken in our recipe section you will find a lot, for example “Aubergine canoes stuffed with shredded chicken

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