Egg Carton To Repel Mosquitoes

Egg Carton To Repel Mosquitoes

Recycling practices or methods have set the standard to eliminate annoying mosquitoes or any other insect that may affect people’s well-being. The use of burning the egg carton is one of the home remedies that is applied in both open and closed spaces. To minimize and even eliminate any amount of mosquito or insect that is annoying. And the question we ask ourselves: is it true that the egg carton is used to eliminate mosquitoes? Well, the answer is yes. Since due to the proliferation of said insects. Caused by the accumulation of poorly covered water, decorative plants that require water to survive. Accumulation of waste and other junk and even poor hygiene that is done to the home, affects this proliferation. Taking that the stay in our own home is not so pleasant that we reach the point of breaking our health. However, there are medical specialists who do not recommend burning the egg carton because it affects our health in the short term. Bringing as a consequence inflammation in the lungs due to the inhaled smoke. Irritation in the eyes, the throat is irritated, in short, it damages health because it is a material that is manufactured with cardboard waste whose smoke is toxic in some cases. Therefore, it is not a good idea to take this method, which although it is infallible for mosquitoes and is a fairly cheap product, it can have serious consequences for health.

Egg Carton To Repel Mosquitoes

Natural homemade repellents to eliminate mosquitoes and mosquitoes.

As we have already warned you that burning the egg carton is harmful to health, it is good to emphasize in this article that there are other methods that are also quite cheap and are effective in eradicating unwanted mosquitoes and mosquitoes, which according to their animal nature do not know the harm it causes us. Below are home remedies or repellents that drive away and even eliminate them for a long time, and these are: Aromatic plants such as mint, eucalyptus, malojillo or citronella and even basil planted around our home or as an ornamental plant inside the house, create a delicate and rich aroma for humans, but for mosquitoes it is a very good repellent which isolates it from our surroundings. It is highly recommended by doctors to take vitamin B or apply it to exposed skin so that mosquitoes do not bite us. It is good to form a poultice of the same oil contained in vitamin B capsules since mosquitoes do not like it. and walk away completely. The use of incense and incense that have a fragrant smell help keep mosquitoes at bay. The chamomile branches can be crushed or blended with a little water and spread throughout the body. This recipe helps a lot, apart from the fact that chamomile favors applying it to the skin. Lavender oil applied with your daily body lotion also helps prevent mosquito bites. The cloves introduced in the shampoo, in the body cream or the oil that is applied to moisturize the body is effective as a repellent.

Other mosquito repellents that are effective.

There are other repellents that can be applied at home, but perhaps for some they are very expensive. However, we must take into account that the health of our family is not played and it is priceless. These are other methods that you can apply in your home if you have money to cover this technique that we suggest below: Hiring agents that provide fumigation services may not be profitable for you, but it is a technique that does not fail since fumigation will eliminate all creeping and unpleasant bugs and animals that you may have as another unwanted inhabitant in your home. There are rackets that are electric that electrocute the insect or mosquito but you only control a specific area. The use of electrical or quick-start plague ox coils are also effective. In fact, there are spirals in the markets with very pleasant smells but they fulfill the function of repelling mosquitoes. Although we have expressed that the egg carton is harmful to health, you can apply this at home when loved ones are not around, you just have to be careful that when burning the carton, you take the necessary measures so that the smoke does not affect the lungs and do not produce side effects that in some cases can be fatal to health. Another infallible repellent is the burning of the coconut shell, although many do not recommend it, but if you take precautions not to inhale the smoke, it will fulfill its objective.

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