Corn And Its Health Benefits

Corn And Its Health Benefits

Corn cobs. Also known as “corn” and in other Latin American countries as “corn” or “choclo” is this food which has different culinary uses. Commonly, the cob is boiled and then spread with butter and salt to have an explosion of flavor in your mouth. In Mexico the same is done, only the difference is that they add cheese and lemon. Corn is also common in soups, and you make the most of its flavor when you finish eating your grains and decide to suck on what’s left of the cob. And if you want, you can process the corn grains to make a kind of mixture together with the cornmeal and egg. Making cachapas or hot corn cakes. As a curious fact, corn is sweet. If you want to try it, you will have to prepare it seconds after it is harvested. Since this food can lose up to 25% of its sweetness in a single day. If you would like to know if this food has health benefits. Well, you’re in luck because in this article you will learn about the benefits that corn has for a person’s health. But before I start with this article, we would like you to read this article that is somewhat related to what you just read « Fruits that cure diseases »

Corn And Its Health Benefits


Help for digestion and satiety: Corn contains a good amount of carbohydrates, so it is recommended to give it to children and athletes. And also, it helps a lot when it comes to calming the anxiety of eating. That is why corn is considered to be added to diets in order to lose weight. So now you know in case you want to start or a friend or acquaintance wants to start a diet of this type. Strengthen your bones: This food can provide 65% of the recommended calcium in a person daily. And everyone knows what calcium works for, it makes our teeth stronger, and also our bones become stronger too. Making it more difficult to break the bone. Helps against rickets: In case you don’t know, rickets happens when a person has insufficient vitamin D, phosphorus and calcium. Well, consuming corn can help reduce the frequency of rickets. And as something extra, it also contains niacin, which helps support your nervous system and skin. It is good for your heart: In addition to the fact that corn collaborates in good digestion thanks to dietary fiber. Also, it has been proven that corn can also prevent several cardiovascular problems, since it can regulate cholesterol and glucose levels Help for successful pregnancies: Folic acid is highly recommended for pregnant women so that the baby is not born with any congenital problem. Although there are currently several flours which are fortified with folic acid. Properties and nutritional value When consuming approximately 100g of corn. These will be the following amounts of which you will receive. Carbohydrates: 19g Calories: 86 Fats: 1.2 Folic acid (or also known as vitamin B9): 46 Proteins: 3.2 And potassium: 270 mg and in its properties, corn contains (in addition to the above mentioned). It makes various functions of your brain work correctly thanks to folic acid and other vitamins that this food contains. It is a good antioxidant; this prevents cell aging and does not have free radicals. If you present several of these problems, it is better that you start consuming corn in order to be balanced. And you should not worry so much about the type of corn you are going to consume, since its difference does not change. And if you are wondering what are the types of corn that exist, then they are these. Sweet corn (you can consume it canned, raw or fresh). The lens, which is important when making flour. And finally, the blowout, which if you could guess. This is used for popcorn creation)


Knowing about the good things that this food can offer for our health, it is better to consider having to consume this food in order to improve our heart, our brain. Help improve the birth of the baby if you are a pregnant woman. Have a good ally in terms of antioxidants. and etc That is why it is good to consume corn. But of course, not everything should be in excess, since it can start to bring problems that nobody wants to have. If you liked reading this article, we would like you to read this other article that is somewhat related to what you are about to read “Nutrition for the Elderly – Good advice for aging”

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