Benefits Of Sea Salt

Benefits Of Sea Salt

Maintaining good eating habits is essential to enjoy good health. However, the truth is that the society in which we live is very used to consuming any amount of processed food, which increases the risk of suffering from different conditions in the future. Whether due to the ease of cooking, economy or some other determining factor, the vast majority of people include a wide range of processed foods in their daily diet, without taking into account the risks that this entails. There are different types of processed foods. For example, there are those that have been processed to a minimum, that is, those that are prepared to facilitate their consumption, such as lettuce already washed and cut. There are also those who have undergone some type of treatment or have been affected by some technological process. There are those that contain added ingredients, which are responsible for altering or improving their properties to enhance their flavor or appearance. Then follow the very processed, which are those foods suitable for immediate consumption, such as cookies, candies, cereals, sausages, etc. And, finally, there are highly processed foods, which are those dishes that are ready to be put in the microwave. For example, frozen pizzas.

Benefits Of Sea Salt

Regardless of what type of food it is, the fact that it has been processed makes it an unhealthy choice. Therefore, if you are looking to take care of your health, the recommendation is to start including more natural foods. One of them is sea salt. In view of its great benefits and its particular characteristics, cooking using this ingredient has become a trend. But, would you like to know what some of its benefits and properties are? Here you will find out about it. Let’s see it.


Sea salt, which is also called bay salt or solar salt, is obtained as a result of the evaporation of seawater evaporation, rather than being extracted from sedimentary deposits. It is usually used for cooking and for the production of cosmetics. Since it is a mineral of natural origin that has not undergone major chemical processes, sea salt retains its properties, which are very remarkable. Especially in the field of health.

Among its main characteristics, we find the following:

It is an element that mainly contains chloride and sodium. However, it also has other minerals, which enrich its composition and provide great health benefits, such as magnesium, sulfur, calcium, potassium, bromine, fluorine, among other contents in seawater. Within the food area, it is found in a very versatile presentation. Because it is colorless, it is an allied ingredient for professional chefs as it can be dyed naturally. It is possible to find it in different presentations. For example, in coarse grain, fine grain, grill salt, gourmet salt with a grinder, fleur de sel, in a bag, etc. In a few words, we could say that there is a different version for each person and each need. It adds a lot of flavors to meals. In addition, it helps to emphasize or highlight others more. It can also be used for food preservation, a technique that has existed since time immemorial, when advanced techniques such as freezing and canning were not available.

Its benefits

Some of the most outstanding benefits of sea salt are the following:

It is responsible for strengthening the immune system. In view of the large amount of minerals it preserves, it helps to have a much stronger immune system, which provides greater protection against infections and bacteria. It helps combat the symptoms of depression, since it is responsible for maintaining serotonin and melatonin levels, the hormones responsible for controlling stress in the body. Promotes better blood circulation. It makes it possible for blood to flow more freely through our body. When this happens, our body works with the necessary force and intensity. Otherwise, it would work twice as hard and wear out more easily. Help in weight loss. Since it is an alkaline food, it acts on the stomach so that it generates substances that help eliminate those that cause us harm, such as fats. Which means that, not only does it work against heartburn prevention, but it will also help you have a much more comfortable and faster digestive process. Reduces the possibility of asthma attacks, as it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. In fact, some doctors recommend placing a little sea salt under the tongue, instead of using an inhaler, when a crisis occurs. Prevents osteoporosis and relieves its symptoms. The bone system contains a quarter of the salt we have, which means that an additional contribution is vital when we suffer from some type of bone condition. On the other hand, the minerals that make up sea salt are an important complement in bone repair. Eliminates spasms and cramps. Due to its high level of potassium, sea salt is responsible for feeding the muscles, which makes them stronger and decreases the chances of cramps. At the same time, it allows the muscles to more easily acquire potassium from other food sources. Helps keep blood sugar levels balanced. Therefore, it is a perfect ingredient for people suffering from diabetes. In other words, sea salt is a natural insulin. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, there are also others attributed to it. For example: achieve balance of fluids and electrolytes in the body, regulate blood pressure, contribute to better nerve and muscle function, improve sleep quality, relieve skin diseases, among others. Once you know the importance of the benefits of sea salt, you will not want to stop using it and you will leave common salt behind forever. But what do you need to know when it comes to the use of sea salt?

What do you need

Despite all the benefits it has, you need to know that, when using it, you must take certain precautions. For example, it is not recommended that you exaggerate its consumption. When eating a high-sodium diet, the kidneys excrete more water, which can cause difficulties in balancing the necessary electrolytes. Some symptoms, which may indicate that you are consuming too much sea salt, are the following: swelling, lethargy, dehydration, weakness, muscle spasms, etc. In fact, when an imbalance of water and sodium occurs, it can cause hypernatremia, that is, a high concentration of sodium in the blood. Therefore, it is important that you remember that its use must be moderate, since everything in excess, sooner or later, ends up being bad. However, compared to table salt, it will always be much better and more recommended for consumption, despite the fact that some detractors believe that it is just as harmful. Health specialists recommend a maximum amount of consumption per day, which we must respect to the letter. You should not exceed the intake of about 5 grams. Of course, this is not a general rule. The amount can vary depending on different factors, such as current health status, the presence of a disease related to sodium or salt intake, such as hypertension, etc. If you have doubts about your current state of health, then it is recommended that you go to a doctor so that he can carry out an evaluation. He will be telling you if you have any condition and what are the amounts of sea salt recommended in your particular case. Now, what other aspects should you take into account in relation to the benefits of sea salt?


It should be noted that the benefits of sea salt should not be limited to food. Yes, it is true that, as it is a great source of minerals, it is ideal that you consume it when it comes to flavoring your meals. However, it has been proven that sea salt has other equally beneficial uses, what are they?

Scrub for cellulite removal

While it is true that to have firm skin you must exercise, sea salt can become a great ally for you, since it is responsible for improving the condition of your legs thanks to its cell renewal effect. To do this, you must use it as an exfoliant, how? very easy! Just mix your regular moisturizer with essential body oils like coconut or almond oil. Add a handful of sea salt and finally some olive oil. Massage the area with circular movements. Thus, little by little, you will reduce the fat that is accumulated in those parts of the body. When you have finished the exfoliation process, rinse your body with cold water to tone your legs, stimulate blood circulation and say goodbye to flaccidity.

hair product

Sea salt is an excellent hair mask, which will help you fight dandruff and enjoy much softer and more cared for hair. In order to repair your hair, add a handful of sea salt to your usual mask. Then spread the mixture all over your scalp and leave it on for about 3 hours for best results. Finally, rinse as you always do and you will notice that your hair will look healthier.

to tighten the skin

After enjoying a few days at the beach, your skin is usually much smoother and harder. This is a product of sea salt. It helps drain the fluids that the body accumulates over time. In addition, it is responsible for detoxifying the skin. Thus, you can say goodbye to dead skin forever and avoid the early appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, the recommendation is that you do not limit yourself to benefiting from sea salt only when you go to the beach. From time to time, maybe once a week, prepare your bathtub with water and sea salt and take a bath. You will see that, each time you do it, your skin will be softer and softer. In order to understand more clearly what the benefits of sea or bay salt are, it is important that you know what it is, what are the different types of salts that exist, what are the different extraction methods used in each case, where do they come from and how can you tell them apart? By doing this you will get the most out of it. On the other hand, keep in mind that there are hundreds of recipes where you can include sea salt for different uses. For example, to flavor, to highlight other flavors, to decorate, to dye, etc. This lets us see that there are many ways to use sea salt. You don’t have to limit yourself to the most basic uses. Get the most out of it and use it in different ways! Always cutting back that you should not exceed your consumption, if you want to preserve your good health and that of the people you cook for.

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