Benefits Of Onion For Health

Benefits Of Onion for Health

Everyone knows the onion. It’s that vegetable that appears in every meal. Although it is not used in quantities, think of it as if it were a minor character in the movie. That despite not appearing much, his presence is more than enough. And even if you don’t believe it. It is also one of many natural medicines. This vegetable, from Asia and considered a talisman by all Egyptians, since it relieved numerous diseases (and still does today). In addition to being appreciated by the Romans and the Greeks. This vegetable, belonging to the great family of Liliaceae. It is pre-written by the great physician Hippocrates. As a diuretic, used to treat pneumonia and wounds. And in traditional Chinese medicine, it was highly recommended, and even more so to treat respiratory diseases. This vegetable became the third most harvested and used food today (both as medicine and food), while the first and second places are taken by the tomato and the potato. It also shares several properties with garlic, I will soon tell you what the properties of onion are. But first, let’s go with the benefits it has for health.

Benefits Of Onion For Health

Its benefits.

It will seem strange to some, that vegetables or vegetables. In addition to being used in food, they are natural medicines, and I include myself. That’s because we have a lot of trust in pills, remedies, and medications that get chemicals. Although from my point of view, injections are more reliable, while natural medicines come second. The onion, I say again, in addition to being famous for food, it also serves as a medicine, thanks to its properties, it helps treat various diseases. They also include it in home remedies. And the most prominent are to treat diabetes, cold or flu and swollen legs. So. Here I will tell you some of its benefits. Thanks to the fact that they have sulfur components, it helps to prevent platelet formation and the formation of thrombi, as well as cholesterol and high triglycerides. Prebiotic. It has a large number of fructo-oligosaccharides, which stimulate the size of bifido bacteria in our intestine, and prevents the creation of pathogenic bacteria. Which helps you reduce the risk of getting colon cancer. Diuretic. Thanks to its amount of potassium and its low amount of sodium, it can help you if you have cases of edema, heavy legs and hypertension.

His properties.

This vegetable has water as its main component. Bearing 89%. Which makes it very light. It has 8.6% carbohydrates, which makes it good nutrients for this vegetable. And then comes the fiber, with 1.6%. Although it has a little protein, with 1.2%. And it does not provide much fat, because it has 0.2%. Now that you know about its properties, let’s move on to its vitamins and minerals. Believe it or not, onions have a good amount of vitamin C, having 9mg/100g. It also has 300mg of potassium, 32mg of calcium, and 44mg of phosphorus. Onions have a good number of phytochemicals. And the most prominent is the flavonoid quercetin. Being more powerful than vitamin E. Since it has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties, anti-allergy and can fight against cancer (colon, prostate and especially breast). They can also help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and fatigue. And it contains sulfur compounds, which have purifying effects, and it also has a special oil that contains fungicidal and bacterial properties.

Home remedies made with onion.

If you suffer from one of these three illnesses or problems, maybe this home remedy will help you heal, it is not very effective like vaccines or modern medicine, it takes a while for you to heal completely, but its way of acting is safe. And so, you go purging yourself of possible bacteria or upcoming diseases. Obviously these three recipes contain onion, since it is the subject of this article. To treat cold and flu. You let 4 onions rest for 24 hours in a cup with 1 liter of warm water. Then you grab a cup and it serves you, it can be before sleeping or before eating. Treat diabetes. It is the same as the previous remedy, only you are going to drink a cup a day, as long as you are fasting. This will lower your blood glucose level. To be able to treat swollen legs. You have to finely grate 150 grams of onion and put it in a bottle that has the same weight of alcohol at 90°. You leave it for 10 days, each day you have to remove it only once. Then you strain it (you have to squeeze it well). And you take 1 or 2 teaspoons of that mixture, and if you don’t want to have a bad taste in your mouth, you put a little bit of warm water in it.

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