Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Egg

Advantages And Disadvantages of The Egg

Everyone knows the egg; it is this food that is too common in human food. It has its different ways of preparing it in order to eat it. You can fry it to eat it, steam it to make a boiled egg, or leave it in hot water to do the same. Heat it in the microwave, break the shell of the raw egg to heat it in a pan to make an omelet. Do the same, but in the pan, you have onion and tomato, and you must stir the 3 ingredients very well, and thus you will be able to make a scramble. Also, the egg is the main ingredient when preparing a dessert. Since with this you can make the consistency of the ready-made dessert fluffy. In addition to the fact that, when it comes to heating it in the oven, it can grow a little, all this depends on how you beat the egg, it is advisable to do it at the beginning together with the water, it is easier to move the whisk as quickly as possible. And when it starts to foam, you can continue with the recipe. But before you continue with this article, we would like you to read that it has a bit to do with the article that you are about to read ” Properties of quail eggs “

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Egg


In case you did not know, the egg is the food that contains almost all the nutrients that the human body needs on a daily basis. Having 13 vitamins and minerals, and each one with an amount necessary for the body to function well. Taking as vitamin A, E, D, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, etc. Thanks to these nutrients, it helps improve mental and physical well-being. Helping to reduce the risk of diseases, and gives you energy, empowering you at the time of development. It helps people when it comes to fighting excess weight. The egg is a good option when creating a weight loss plan, in fact, it appears a lot in diets. Since there are few calories, it provides are few per unit, and thus you can eat less, but at the same time nourish yourself a lot. Helps the brain with its development. This food has choline, and it is the most important nutrient for the development of the human brain. In addition, the egg has lutein, which in addition to helping one’s vision. It also helps the brain and the blood, being very good for adults and older adults. This is found in the yolk of the egg (the yellow part of the egg) It is very rich in protein, the egg provides 10% of the protein recommendations for an adult, and 30% in children, in addition to helping in the production of hormones, enzymes, antibodies and neurotransmitters. And also in cell regeneration, maintenance of lean mass and our development.


The egg is related to cardiovascular problems. This is because this food is very rich in cholesterol, and if we consume too much of it, it will cause cardiovascular diseases to be very frequent, having strokes, heart problems and if you are unlucky. You can die, that’s why you should control the amount of egg you’re going to eat a week to be balanced. You are more at risk for prostate cancer. According to a Harvard study, the choline in eggs may be related to prostate cancer, since it increases inflammation in the body. Eggs are easier to contain salmonella. This is common where birds are raised and eggs are mass produced. And sadly, it is becoming very common. It can cause overweight. This may depend on how you eat this food, if you prepare it in a healthy way. On the other hand, if you eat it in an unhealthy way, and too often, then you can begin to be overweight, remember that all foods should not be eaten in excess. This not only applies to eggs, but also to all foods, including drinks and sweets.

How to avoid the egg I do not mean that you spend weeks without eating it, as you have already read, this food is very good to eat, but not in excess. Try to vary the food, just eating 3 eggs a week is good, and if you eat more in a week, obviously you should last more days without eating eggs so that you can be balanced. And it doesn’t matter if you eat it healthy, you still shouldn’t do it in excess. It is better to take care of your health than to suffer the consequences. And remember not to leave it in storage for too long, because if you don’t, you will experience a smell that is too rotten and penetrating, when in fact it is not. This is why you should buy a single egg carton, since this is enough for one person. If you liked this article, you may like about ” How to prevent my skin from being affected when cooking “

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