Why Is Water Important For Living Things

Why Is Water Important for Living Things?

Every living being, be it a person, animal, plant or any living being that exists on earth, needs water to survive. This vital liquid is fundamental in the life of human beings since the human body was designed to have a liquid capacity of 65% or more of water. That is, if we stop drinking water during the day, we can suffer from dehydration without realizing it. The same happens with plants if you don’t water them constantly, they stop growing. The roots dry out and logically do not produce fruit or oxygen. As for the animals and other living beings that swarm on planet earth, their main source of subsistence is water.

Why Is Water Important For Living Things

Therefore, water is considered a natural element of creation that enters as the main source to keep everyone alive and healthy.

Importance of water for man as a means of subsistence.

As we wrote in the previous paragraph, the man’s body is designed mostly with water (65%). Therefore, it depends more on the vital liquid than on the same food or foods. A person cannot put food in his mouth for a week or more and can continue to live, but if he lacks water he tends to suffer from dizziness, headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness, dry mouth, dry skin, anyway dehydration begins to manifest progressively, causing damage to the kidneys, whose organ is responsible for releasing toxins that may be in the body. That is why it is important to always replenish the amount of water that is being discarded, either through the urine, by breathing or when you sweat a lot (excess heat), whether this is due to common activities that are carried out daily or due to exercises, perspiration in places hot must be leveled by drinking liquid, remember that water is health and therefore gives life. Health experts recommend drinking 1 to 2 liters of water daily to keep the body stable. When doing any bodily activity, a certain amount of liquid is almost always lost through perspiration, equivalent to a glass of water. The ideal is to replenish liquids either in natural juices with little sugar, soups or simply plain water at room temperature. It is recommended to drink warm water or at normal temperature, because in this way the blood can flow freely through the arteries avoiding the formation of thrombi that over time can affect circulation.

Advantages of keeping the body hydrated with natural liquids.

When talking about natural liquids, it means that you should avoid soft drinks, alcoholic beverages or other liquid drinks that contain artificial substances that can harm the body, creating toxins that are harmful to health. Here are some advantages that you should take into account to keep the body healthy and disease-free. When waking up from a good night’s rest, it is recommended to drink a glass of warm water mixed with the juice of half a lemon to benefit the rehydration process, your skin and your body will thank you because it will be clean and healthy. If you are going to do aerobic exercises, drink water 30 minutes before, small sips when you are in the activity and when you finish the exercise routine, drink even more. In the work area, keep a glass of water close to you so that your intake is constant and you don’t forget to hydrate. If you are a lover of caffeinated beverages, you should avoid them and drink water since these are not a substitute for the vital liquid. However, you can drink preferably decaffeinated coffee in the morning and then drink a glass of natural water. It is how I drink water, so it is recommended to always have a bottle with the vital liquid on hand whether you are on the bus, in the car, in the supermarket or anywhere, to avoid dryness in the mouth. The consumption of foods that are nutritious for the body such as watercress, cucumber, watermelon, papaya, pear, parsley, legumes, among others, will provide its natural water to strengthen body health.

Disadvantages of not considering water as a vital liquid for man.

There are many disadvantages or consequences of not drinking water during the day, and some of them are: Irritable bowel due to compacted feces giving severe constipation. The skin becomes dry and scaly. Weakened nails due to lack of hydration. The kidneys begin to have problems because they do not release toxins. It causes fatigue and, in some cases, produces migraine or headache. Cognitive function declines. Hypertension manifests. Bad digestion. The mouth both inside and out becomes dry. Hands and feet get hot due to poor arterial circulation. Muscle cramps manifest themselves constantly. The brain shrinks a bit preventing it from working properly. Not ingesting enough water slows down the metabolic condition, causing body weight to increase (getting fat).

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