Why Fasting Is Recommended For Health

Why Fasting Is Recommended for Health?

Many people talk about fasting as a drastic measure of going on a diet, without having an idea of ​​how beneficial it is for our body. Fasting is the partial, total or absolute abstention from the consumption of food and liquids, that is, avoiding eating either voluntarily or involuntarily. In order to release toxins that are harmful to our body. Fasting helps prevent heart risks as well as eliminate bad cholesterol so as not to suffer from diabetes. Remember that eating produces energy in you, but if you don’t you force your body to extract the energy stored in the glucose as well as the fat that is lodged in any part of your body, helping to purge all the unwanted toxins that are they find accumulated. Putting active and in balance the immune system. If you dare to do intermittent or prolonged fasting, the ideal is to go to a doctor first to find out what recommendation he will give you, in case you suffer from some type of disease or if you are in optimal weight conditions to fast. People who should not fast include type 1 diabetics, women who are pregnant or lactating, those with kidney or liver failure, those who are convalescent, and those who are severely underweight from malnutrition. One of the greatest advantages of fasting is that it gives you such pleasant health for the internal organism that it gives you longevity of life. But before you start, would you like to read about what to take for period pain?

Why Fasting Is Recommended For Health

Benefits of fasting for health.

If you want to take the fasting modality to feel healthy and strong or because your body weight is very exaggerated and you are not in accordance with your size, you can lose weight if you do it in a responsible and coordinated way with a doctor. Here are some benefits that you should take into account to apply this modality to your life: Toxic substances that produce inflammation in our body are eliminated. Decreases glucose (sugar) in the blood. Reduces the amount of fat in the liver, preventing fatty liver disease. Reduces the possibility of rapid aging, helping to lower the levels of type 1 insulins. It activates new cells that prevent the regeneration of cancer cells or tumors by immunizing the internal system of the organs. As for bad cholesterol, it progressively reduces it. It helps you lose body weight. If you have your mind and body in total control, you will have good health giving you longevity and quality of life over the years. We invite you to read What to take for the flu.

People who should not fast without being fit.

Not all people can perform total, partial or absolute fasts, as I explained to you before. However, there are disadvantages that you must take into account if you are not in a position to apply it. Here are some suggestions:

If they are type 1 diabetic patients, it is recommended to consult your doctor to evaluate your glucose levels. Elderly people (old people) should not fast as muscle mass is lost here and the bones become weaker. Women who are pregnant and those who are lactating (breastfeeding) should not apply while fasting. Those who suffer from gastritis or are minors are excluded. Those who are underweight, whose level of malnutrition is high.

Tips for fasting to be effective.

To perform a good fast, you need to have strength and a lot of will to face this practice. Here are some tips that work through practice: Drink liquid in measures according to your hunger, that is, you can drink coffee or tea and water without the need to add sweeteners or sugar. Doing physical exercise, whether jogging, cycling or routines, should be moderate and of little effort. If you suffer from dizziness, headache, sleep disorders, among other effects. You will be able to control it as you adapt to this modality. If the discomfort persists, it is advisable to consume vegetable-based soups or creams, salads, in short, light meals that help you adapt to the new diet in which you will live.

Other tips for fasting

When you maintain a relationship or fellowship with God, according to the Bible. You can take advantage of the moment of fasting with purpose. That is to say, you will do it to strengthen the spirit of any difficult circumstance or crisis that you are facing, to break the ties that bind us to ungodliness, to come to repent from our hearts of sins, to obtain direction by hearing the voice of God and thus he moves in our favor, the anointing we possess is developed for good. In short, biblical fasting helps us pray more fervently, believing that our heavenly father will fulfill his purpose in us, increasing our faith and gifts.

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