Why Do I Snore When I Sleep

Why Do I Snore When I Sleep?

Are you married and your partner complains about your snoring? You don’t let her sleep and she you because she wakes you up all the time? Here we leave you some ways to cope with the day to day or rather, the night that is when you go to sleep to replenish energy and strengthen the body and that is when the annoying snoring occurs. There are people who suffer from fatigue during the day because they do not sleep well and also wake up breathless, if so, take the situation into consideration because you must be suffering from sleep apnea and you may suffer from some health disorders such as hypertension or cardiovascular disorders. Sleep apnea is caused by the closure of air for a short time, which goes from the respiratory tract to the lungs, thus causing annoying snoring. If this is your case, it is advisable to go to the doctor or specialist in the field to solve the problem because there are cases that require surgical treatment. But if they are harmless snoring and still cause you nightly arguments with your partner or poor sleep, it is better that you make a resounding change in your lifestyle and more in food. Snoring occurs in people because the muscles of the throat and pharynx relax, producing a narrowing of the expiratory passages and as the air passes it collides with the bell, thus giving off the annoying noise that in some cases does not allow snoring to sleep. the rest.

Why Do I Snore When I Sleep

How to avoid snoring.

There are many ways you can apply to your lifestyle to avoid snoring at night when you go to sleep. Here are some alternatives that if you put into practice can help you a lot to avoid conflict with your loved ones. And these are: If you are a smoker, its consumption is not recommended, especially at night, since the excess of nicotine obstructs the airways, filling the walls of the lungs with nicotine. It is recommended to consume dinner before 7:00 pm and not in excess of quantity, for the simple reason that it will give you time to digest and you will fall asleep quickly. Try to eat light foods, heavy and junk foods help slow your breathing due to the feeling of fullness you feel. Excess alcohol before bedtime causes the muscles of the throat and pharynx to become soft, producing snoring. If your body frame is thick (fat), the ideal is to start exercising to lose weight since the excess tissues obstruct the airways. Medical consultations are effective to rule out any pathology and if he sends you any treatment based on chemical medicines to control snoring, tell your partner to keep observing you to see if the evil decreases.  Avoid the consumption of medications that contain tranquilizers or sedatives that relax the muscles of the pharynx and throat, remember that their tissues become soft. Sleep with your body on your side or sleep on your back with your head supported by several pillows.

The dentist or dentist can help control snoring.

Depending on the pathology revealed by the specialist in the branch and the treatment to be followed, an improvement can be achieved, although the dentist can also help us solve the problem of snoring if it is something outside of other pathologies. And how will you do it? Using a simple device called orthoapnea. This method is not very common but it helps to balance the jaw allowing air to flow through the throat, permanently avoiding the tormenting noise that snoring produces. Orthoapnea is applied as an unusual method that dentists perform on their patients, placing a device in their mouth that is made up of two splints joined by a small screw. Its function is to attract the lower jaw a little forward to give access to the air that circulates through the pharynx and larynx, oxygenating the lungs.

Basic and homemade tricks to improve your sleep and not snore.

If you do not want to go to a doctor because you consider that consultation is not necessary and you can achieve healing yourself at home, we suggest these tricks that are flattering: One of the tricks or methods that work without bringing secondary consequences, is the consumption of infusions based on eucalyptus, honey and mint, this infusion provides moisture to the throat preventing it from drying out quickly. In the market they sell humidifying devices that you can place in your room that will avoid having a dry environment, helping you sleep comfortably your restful sleep. Doing body exercises help increase the healing of the body.

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