Why Do I Have Gas In The Vagina

Why Do I Have Gas in The Vagina?

I am a happily married woman and I love my husband. Only that when making love my vagina fills with gases and they escape without realizing it. Before, they saddened me and saddened my heart, until I discovered that it is an involuntary and normal act in every couple. My husband told me not to worry about it. But I realized that there are positions that we adopt with accelerated rhythms that produce that discomfort and uncomfortable moment. The gases that are formed is nothing more than compressed air that is trapped in the vagina when you have sex. Producing noises that look like flatulence but have no smell. In addition, the vaginal walls, being very moist, form a seal, producing air that can be released, either during intercourse or when the vagina is de-stressed or relaxed. The best way to avoid them is to have good communication with your partner and thus you can control, perhaps not 100%. But your self-esteem will improve due to the complicity and trust that both will have when making love or sexual act. Therefore, sexual relations should be done with all pleasure and be open and trusting in the position you take. So, keep in mind that this situation (gas) is not embarrassing at all but a natural and involuntary act. And when there is true and good love, nothing is felt and everything is accepted. But before you start, would you like to know about what to take for a fever?

Why Do I Have Gas In The Vagina

Practical advice on how to avoid vaginal gas during intercourse.

As it is a natural situation in any couple that has intercourse, I suggest some techniques that my specialist recommended so that my vagina does not fill up so much with gases. Here are some simple tips: Sexual postures, these to be very varied since the imagination flies between couples who are sexually intimate. Some should be deleted in case you are the case of couples who perform the wheelbarrow or missionary position. Since these penetration positions from behind make gas more frequent in the vagina. But don’t worry just take another position and the problem will pass quickly. As for the rhythm of movements and the angle of penetration, it has a great influence, you only have to take into consideration the communication between couples to persuade this annoying situation that is temporary. Perform exercises that strengthen the muscles and walls of the vagina such as the so-called Kegel exercises. This activity is done by squeezing the muscles in the pelvic area, it is as if you were holding the urge to urinate. Just hold this position for a period of 10 seconds and then relax the area for another 10 seconds. Dare to try it with a sequence of 15 repetitions every day and you will have good improvement. Lubricants are very effective in these cases. In addition to facilitating penetration, they avoid the presence of annoying gases in most positions. Making the act of love between couples more pleasant since there is no pain. We invite you to read What to take for constipation.

Factors that cause gases during sexual intercourse.

This is a subject little investigated by specialists. However, there are studies that show that there are factors that harm the act of love at the time of action. Among these we have the following:

Performance of surgical procedures or colonoscopy. Exercises with stretching movements in the V zone, such as the practice of yoga, whose physical activity causes air to enter the V zone. Alteration of the pelvic floor due to excess vaginal gases. Pregnancy and menopause are other factors that have an impact. Childbirth weakens the pelvic floor, causing flatulent air to be produced. It is advisable to have open communication with your partner to avoid intimidation and the reason for flatulent gases. Preventing the relationship from declining due to lack of self-esteem. Rather look for the funny side of the moment lived since it is normal in any couple that is enjoying intercourse in a pleasant way.

Main consequence that you should take into account when you feel a bad smell at the time of the unexpected exit of air from the vagina.

Once the sexual act has been performed with your partner. You are surprised by the outflow of vaginal air accompanied by mucus or abnormal discharge with a foul odor, we recommend that you visit your GP or a specialist in the field. Since this consequence must be caused by a vaginal fistula, whether it is created by surgical malpractice, a complicated delivery, having cancer or other injuries. Allowing the flow of urine or feces from other organs such as the rectum, colon, or bladder. These fistulas can be treated with surgeries or treatments for the healing of said wounds, making your life more pleasant when making love.

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