Why Are The Veins In The Legs Inflamed

Why Are the Veins in The Legs Inflamed?

If your type of work keeps you sitting behind a desk for many hours or you remain standing for hours at a time, you will tend to suffer from this type of leg condition. There are people that this problem can cause pain due to excess inflammation that if neglected, the problem can be greater. Although this varies from person to person because it only causes them discomfort to see them due to their aesthetics. When you notice that the veins are very superficial, enlarged and somewhat twisted. Be careful because you are one step away from becoming varicose veins. The most certain thing is that you turn to a specialist doctor in the field, who will guide you if it is necessary to have a surgical procedure. But if you see that said exposure does not cause you any pain, you can resort to home treatments that are natural and very easy to apply from home. In a certain way it will be cheaper. Although health is priceless. The inflammation of the veins in the legs is due to the fact that the one-way valves, which are the ones that send blood to the heart, are obstructed, causing the blood not to flow normally and they return, accumulating in the veins, causing varicose veins.

Why Are The Veins In The Legs Inflamed

Factors that put the veins in a person at risk.

There are a variety of risks, here we will name some that you should take into account in case they arise:
One of the common causes where this case occurs is in people who suffer from obesity, since the high volume of weight they have puts pressure on the veins. The constant and excessive use of high-heeled shoes and very tight stockings or socks creates tension by limiting the flow of blood. When you get older, losing youth, the continuous arterial wear limits the constant pumping of blood, accumulating in certain parts of the legs. If you are a woman and there is a pregnancy, for the fetus to have good growth, the body assumes that it must produce a greater volume of blood, causing side effects during the course of pregnancy. Birth control pills, pre menstruation or menopause produce severe changes in hormone production, causing the walls of the veins to be very relaxed, somewhat omitting the prolonged pumping towards the heart. Being for long periods of time, either standing or sitting, exercising any type of activity, has a great influence because you are not in movement since you are adopting the same position. Family history can be one of the causes of this anomaly.

Natural treatment to relieve varicose veins in the legs.
Varicose veins can be present on the surface of the skin in the form of painless or inflamed spider veins, almost turning into thrombophlebitis. If you have symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue, cramps and swelling in the legs, you can apply certain home treatments. Perhaps it will not completely remove this ugly evil, but it will relieve you and in a certain way you will fight them. Reducing them in size and swelling to avoid major complications. And if the opposite happens, do not hesitate to visit a doctor, however I leave you with some small instructions to follow to alleviate your problem somewhat. Apply a small poultice of ointment made from six crushed garlic in a mortar. Then you complement it with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and two teaspoons of lemon juice. Let this mixture rest preferably overnight to proceed to apply to the parts that are being affected. Masera the chamomile flowers together with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. Then proceed to apply them with small bandages or cotton where you have the infamous veins. Cod oil mixed with almond oil, a pinch of salt and a certain amount of crushed eucalyptus leaves. It will help in this case to relieve pain and fatigue in the veins. Just apply two tablespoons of each oil and leave the rest of the ingredients to rest for 24 hours. And then you apply a poultice by massaging in circles, leave it to act for approximately three hours, then rinse the skin with plenty of water. The single use of applying apple cider vinegar on the affected parts also Concentrated infusions with bay leaves, chamomile and mint, placing all these ingredients in a container with hot water. You wait for the melting process to cool down and then add 2/5 milligrams of baking soda. This should be applied one hour before each bath. Keep both legs elevated at a height higher than the heart. Make diets based on fibers and little salt. Do exercises that apart from keeping you healthy will help you lose weight.

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