What To Take To Raise The Tension

What To Take to Raise the Tension

When suffering from low blood pressure, dizziness and fainting are common. It is not something serious in itself, but of course it is dangerous if we fall or if we are caught driving. The good news is that we can raise blood pressure easily and only by eating certain foods. But what to take to raise the tension and not have problems? We tell you. The first and main thing you should know is what the symptoms are, to be prevented, tell your doctor, in addition to diagnosing what is happening to you in time, and you can do this if you notice any of the following: Vertigo or, alternatively, dizziness. You suddenly feel dazed or perhaps disoriented. Feel short of breath at any time. A slight stab in the chest. Cold sweat on the forehead, hands and feet. Tachycardia. Many times, these symptoms usually appear due to some movement or after eating, so according to these two statements you can divide hypotension into two different ways: Postural: it appears when you suddenly change your posture, that is, you get up from a chair or bed. Postprandial: after having a heavy meal.

What To Take To Raise The Tension

What do you need

Pressure level. Measurement. Low pressure. Anyone can have it. Hot environment. Emotions. Anxiety and stress. Temporary leave.


Low blood pressure is translated by the decrease in blood circulation in a normal way to the different vital organs of the human body, including the brain and the heart, often lacking breathing or oxygenation of the brain.

treat low blood pressure

How to know if you have low blood pressure

The most logical thing is to go to the doctor to find out if, in fact, you suffer from low blood pressure, because raising it too much is not good either and, thus, we also rule out other pathologies that could be behind this symptom. To confirm your health status, you will need tests. Blood tests, to find out the level of glucose in it. Electrocardiogram. Detection of signals emanating from the heart. Ultrasound of the chest, to evaluate possible heart problems. A test called a stress test. Physical evaluation by the treating physician.

What you can do to raise the pressure

To raise blood pressure, you must take into account the following: Eat a candy. You must keep this in mind, since if you are already diagnosed with this condition, it is normal to always have something sweet in your pocket and take it in case of any symptoms, to prevent fainting in the street or at work. Glass with water and sugar. This can help you raise your blood pressure, especially when you faint, therefore the water must be cold and sweet, thus helping your temperature to regulate yourself and the liquid prevents you from becoming dehydrated in the process. stay hydrated Drink plenty of water, especially during the day and especially if it’s hot. If apart from the heat, you are going to exercise, your needs to drink water skyrocket. Drink even if you’re not thirsty. Coffee. Having a cup of coffee can help your blood pressure rise, for this reason it is one of the feasible and viable solutions to help you make this happen. Coffee also helps you to be active at all times. The tea. Generally, chamomile, Tilo or Jamaica flower when you feel tachycardia and chest pressure, although without abusing this type of drink, because they are usually one of the elements that can give you more tachycardia. the licorice It is a plant that you can take both as an infusion and eat it, due to its sweet taste. Many products have come out on the market with this element, so you can carry it in your bag to eat when you feel unbalanced. Eat chocolate. If you consume this candy, you can have the facility to improve low blood pressure since it contains caffeine, which regulates the flow of blood and thus does the work of pressing the arteries, so you will have a little more help. Cheese: you must be careful with the consumption of this element, because if you suffer from low blood pressure at any time you will have high blood pressure and this is an ally for those who suffer from low blood pressure and an enemy of those with hypertension. Cod: ideal if you consume it salty to increase blood pressure, due to the processing it must undergo to dry it, through which the concentration of sodium increases, ideal for people who always faint from hypotension. Ham: its high salt content allows blood pressure to rise, but remember that you must be aware and not consume those foods in excess that are harmful to the body; therefore, take into account any recommendation they offer you. Anchovies: thanks to their high sodium content, they are ideal for people who suffer from hypotension, for this reason keep in mind the possibility of having them at home for when you feel any symptoms of hypotension.

The power of anchovies

Anchovies provide calcium and are very rich in sodium. Precisely in their excess of salt, is the fact that they help to raise blood pressure. It is one of the reasons why hypertensive people should reject anchovies, but in your case, since the opposite happens to you and your blood pressure is low, you can afford the luxury of eating anchovies. It is important to bear in mind that it is an ingredient that you eat all of, both its bones and its meat, and that is where this mineral comes in to help you with your body, so try to include it in your diet at least once a day. week.

diuretic foods

When you suffer from low blood pressure, you should take into account that there is a special diet to avoid problems with this, because you can lose different minerals necessary for the body with urination, for this reason you have to reduce foods that force you to urinate too much When you take diuretics you are eliminating electrolytes, which is very dangerous for your health and can cause dizziness, among other problems. So, especially if you have low blood pressure, do not take diuretics, unless your doctor tells you to do so, but never do it on your own for a weight loss diet because you could suffer serious consequences.

Lose weight

When you decide to lose weight, the important thing would be to do it step by step and not in a sudden way that makes you reduce other important values ​​for your body; so, one of the things to keep in mind is not to rush to lose those extra kilos. Exercise also lowers tension, so while sport is good, however, everything in excess is bad and, in your case, your body is warning you that you need to slow down.


Consider going to the doctor for a regular checkup. Take care of your food, which must be balanced. Exercise moderately, being in shape also requires limits.

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