What To Take For Stomach Pain

What To Take for Stomach Pain

Many of us have had stomach pain on many occasions. And it is normal in people, since the causes can be from poor digestion or something worse. It can happen at the unexpected moment or at a perfect moment before you do something or leave your house. And there are times when people don’t know what to do at that moment when someone has a tummy ache or what to take to relieve it. So, in this article I will teach you what to take for a stomach ache.

What To Take For Stomach Pain

What is stomach pain?

It is also known as belly or abdominal pain; it is the most common problem that people have. One of the most common causes is poor digestion or constipation, so it can go away in a while without having to spend any money on treatment or medication. With the advice so that it does not happen again is to rest, drink a lot of water and do not eat foods that have a lot of fat or sugar.

Causes of stomach pain

excess gas

This is especially true for people who are constipated or have intestinal problems, such as lactose intolerance or irritable color. As well as consuming many foods with milk, beans, soft drinks or eggs.

poor digestion

Like excess gas, this problem is very common. And it happens when they mix foods in the wrong way, or when they eat foods with a high amount of sugar or protein.

excess stress

These psychological difficulties that are causes of stress, tiredness or depression. They cause the functioning of the gastrointestinal system to be altered, which causes abdominal pain (many confuse it with stomach or intestinal pain).

Gastritis or gastric ulcer

Gastritis or the appearance of an ulcer are those that cause great pain in the stomach. Happening after eating something very spicy or high in fat. Now that you know some things about stomach pain, now we can move on to the last point We recommend you read What to take for gases

What should I take?

It is very normal that stomach pain does not last for a long time. But if you notice that the pain has lasted a long time, you will have to go to the doctor immediately to know if the pain is going to get worse. So, I will tell you some remedies or things to relieve stomach pain.

you have to go to the bathroom

It is the most seen in people who after eating do a lot of things that will prevent them from being able to digest properly or because they do not go to the bathroom. So, it is very important to do a bowel cleanse. When you’re sitting on the toilet bowl, you’ll need to lean forward and elevate your feet, until your knee is as close to your chest as possible. Once you’ve done this position, you’ll be able to evacuate faster without having to exert yourself too much. And if your body didn’t need to have a bowel movement, then you’ll relieve the stomach pain.

Take a bath with hot water

This only works when you already have a day full of stress, and thanks to this this stomach ache occurs. So, it is highly recommended to take a shower with hot water to release all stress and so you can be all relaxed. And when you have done this process, the stomach pain will go away along with the stress and nerves.

Give yourself a massage in the abdomen

Just by giving or receiving a massage in the abdomen, the tension of the muscles in this area will be relieved. What you will have to do is use your fingers and make movements in a circle (it has to be both in the lower and upper areas). When you are doing the massage, you will have to put a little pressure, especially in the areas where the pain is (you have to be very careful because it can be done wrong or the pressure you do is very strong, and it will increase the discomfort). When you are doing the massage, you have to breathe deeply to relax.

Drink ginger or chamomile tea

Natural juices are always the ones that are always effective in relieving some diseases or pain. And in this case chamomile and ginger are the ones we will talk about since they contain good properties to relax. It is easy to do since it is like making a hot tea or drink, the only thing you will need is chamomile, in addition to relieving stomach pain, it also reduces general discomfort and muscle cramps. If you don’t have chamomile, you can also use ginger. Being this option the most popular and used by people, since it has anti-inflammatory properties. So, it can relieve indigestion and nausea if it gets worse.

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