What To Take For Gas

What To Take for Gas

When you have a bulging belly, the problem arises from not being able to eliminate them naturally and many discomforts ensue whose most serious source is pain; So, if you suffer from this problem, we invite you to continue reading to find out what to take for gas. If you decide to go to the doctor, the first thing he will ask you is about food since many times this affects most of the time, in that we feel digestive problems and among all these the flatulence that we cannot eliminate is one of the most unpleasant. So, take note of these fantastic remedies so that you can start taking the treatment that will help you feel better. These are: Blood test. Complete hematology. Urine and stool tests. Electrocardiogram. From there you are ready for you to go to your doctor and explain the type of food you usually eat daily, so that he himself decides if there is any that may be the cause of your having gas and that you cannot externalize it. to make you feel better.

What To Take For Gas

What do you need

Balanced diet. Change habits. Eliminate dairy. Avoid not expel flatulence. Complete the treatment. Exercise. Eat foods with fiber. Modify the way of life. Use medications.


The gases and the discomfort that they cause are a problem that we have in the stomach and without being able to go outside they are stronger as well as annoying, affecting the mood of the people who feel them, since they feel irritable all the time.

Symptoms of gas can be:

Frequent burping, which comes out in a noisy way or many times you think you are going to burp and can’t get out. You expel flatulence, it is possible that one person expels gas easily and others do not have the same luck. Distension of the abdomen, the problem occurs when the stomach or the digestive and intestinal systems swell, producing various discomforts. Pain that translates into strong colic and the desire to go to the bathroom and not being able to do anything. Diarrhea in some people who do not know the cause of their problem and think they have another type of condition. Nausea when food is usually finished.

Step by step how to fight gases Changes in diet.

Taking good care of yourself is one of the ways to prevent gas; You have to take into account the possibility of observing what you are eating that allows you to have this type of problem, therefore you have the alternative of changing your diet as you observe which one’s harm you. Fiber foods. You should be able to eliminate from your meals the following foods that are very harmful to the digestive and intestinal system, having to eliminate cabbages, broccoli, onions, cauliflower, plums, apples, among many others for a certain time. This type of food should not be removed from your daily diet, but rather have a moderate consumption, so that it works eliminating a problem and this does not allow it to attract other conditions due to the lack of fiber in your meals, keep this in mind and ask to an expert. The milk products. Dairy products and their derivatives are flatulent due to their lactose content, so you should take into account looking for other substitutes such as soy milk or those that are free of this component, which is the cause of a swollen belly and gases. Think that drinking a glass of milk at night when you can’t sleep benefits you in falling asleep, but at the same time it offers you gas and abdominal pain, taking into account the possibility of improving digestion and regulating intestinal work. Fries. The foods that you eat and are fried have the particularity of having a lot of fat, and this also makes you fill with gas, so avoiding eating in this way will guarantee you a healthy digestive system. In addition, the intestine will work normally and you will be able to forget about the gases. The hydration. Consuming a lot of water during the day will help you eliminate toxins that must be eliminated from the body and that are usually the cause of many digestive problems, as well as cleaning all parts of any problem, especially gases. Drinking water will make you feel fresh and relaxed, so drinking juices, juices, smoothies and mainly water will benefit you by providing what is necessary to eliminate abdominal pain and gas that you take when eating and in addition to food. Elements to use for gases: Garlic. You should eat it without cooking, also in the morning with a little water and the juice of a lemon for 15 days and you will see the change in your digestive system eliminating flatulence, a distended belly in addition to gas, you will also lose a little weight; The lemon. Lemon is an ingredient that has many health benefits, especially against chronic and serious diseases such as cancer, reducing cancer cells, it also helps you avoid the gases you get from food. The infusions. Infusions help especially after you eat a food that can produce gas, such as fats or any dairy product, so if you feel that you are going to suffer from any symptoms after a heavy meal, it is best to drink a tea of: Chamomile; Cinnamon; Anise and especially the star; Rue; Melissa. Warm water cloths. Placing warm water cloths on your stomach for half an hour every day will help you relax your stomach muscles and eliminate gas from your system, it will also help you eliminate fat, which is why this system is also slimming. Ginger. Ginger is known for many beneficial properties that it has for the body, in addition to removing stomach discomfort, preventing menstrual pain and colic, so you will see that if you suffer from this, a ginger root infusion will help you enough to eliminate the pain and gas. Irritable bowel syndrome. It is a disease that has many annoying and irritating symptoms and the most prominent is stomach pain due to the constant gases that go from this organ to the intestine and maintain a constant movement that will allow them to be constantly affected and sick. For the diagnosis, observation and treatment of this condition, you must take into account going to the doctor to evaluate the problem and thus establish what steps you must follow, the diet to take and the proper medication to eliminate this disease from your body. Prevention. The most logical thing is that you prevent any digestive problem by trying to lead a healthy life, exercise, drink plenty of water and, of course, a balanced diet, taking into account the possibility of changing your eating habits by finding out which foods give you gas.


Take care of yourself if you’re lactose intolerant, as well as find out if that’s what’s causing your gas. Keep in mind if you are also gluten intolerant and that is causing you problems.

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