What To Take For Cough

What To Take for Cough

Cough is the most common in all people in the world. And people may say that it is a very annoying disease, but it is not. There are times when it appears at unexpected moments or at the worst moment, and it spends annoying you all day making your routine or what you are doing be hindered by coughing. So, in this article I will teach you what to take for a cough.

What To Take For Cough

Before starting. First you will have to know a few things about coughing.

What is cough?

Although people say that coughing is not a disease, if not, it is like a defense mechanism for the respiratory tract in case some external agent arrives. In other words, if dust particles or foreign bodies enter, the cough appears to remove them through a lot of air from the lungs, cleaning the airways.

Why does it occur?

The glottis is what produces the cough by contracting closed and the chest cavity and lungs having a large amount of air. And thanks to these pressures, the diaphragm is caused to contract. And when the glottis makes its opening and takes out the air, the cough is produced. There are times that not only air comes out but blood, vomit or phlegm can also come out. There are also multiple causes for cough, and they have their own characteristics which are: Inflammation: It is when all the airways swell, making it difficult for air to pass through to breathe properly, which is why, thanks to this, it causes pain. The main and most common causes of this are the flu, pneumonia, asthma, lung cancer or fibrosis, bronchitis, etc. Environmental stimuli: As its name says, it is due to exposure to polluted air such as toxic gases and smoke. This causes a seasonal or permanent illness. The obvious thing is to avoid breathing these types of toxic air. Sudden changes in temperature: This is caused by emotional factors such as: nervousness, anxiety, or tics, such as psychogenic cough. Smoking: (Drug use or passive smoking also counts) They are those that favor the appearance of cough and can become chronic cough. Now that you know some things about cough. Now if we can move on to the next point.

What to take for cough

As there is a wide variety of remedies to relieve cough, many go for the natural, and it is not so bad. But there may be some herbs or natural remedies that are expired, that some herbs are bad or damaged, or that they are of poor or low quality. So, it is recommended to always look for quality, of course you are going to spend a lot but your health is always important. There are also home remedies, those are easy to make and you don’t need many ingredients, and you don’t have to buy expensive remedies. So, I will tell you some good remedies.

Tea with honey

All you need is 2 tablespoons of hot water, an herbal tea, then you make honey and drink it 1 or 2 times a day.


You should prepare a tea that has 20g or 40g fresh slices of ginger in a cup of hot water and let it cool for a few minutes. You can add lemon juice or honey to make it a better treatment to relieve cough.


The best thing to do when you have a cough is to drink or ingest liquids that are natural or at room temperature. Since it serves to relieve in addition to cough, it can also with sneezing, and runny nose. You can also drink some hot drinks like: Herbs tea Hot water clear broths decaffeinated black tea Juices or hot fruit juices.

water vapor

This only works with wet cough that is the one that produces phlegm or mucous. You will have to take a bath with hot water and you have to let the bath be filled with steam from the hot water. You stay inside for a few minutes until you are getting better. Then you have to drink water in order to avoid dehydration.

marshmallow root

You will have to prepare a syrup containing the herbs, thyme, marshmallow root and ivy, then drink the syrup for 12 days. After the days pass you will notice that you will already be cured.

Gargle with salt water

You will have to add a half teaspoon of salt to a cup of hot water and stir it until it dissolves and then rest it. After it cools you will gargle with that water and leave it in the back of the throat for a few minutes and then spit it out, you can do it several times a day until the cough improves. Now that you know what to take for a cough, you can easily cure yourself if it starts to occur or prevent it at all costs without having to take pills or expensive medications.

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