What To Take For A Sore Throat

What To Take for A Sore Throat

Sore throat can be caused by many causes. The accumulation of bacteria in the tonsils is the main cause of throat infections. However, there are other reasons for a sore throat. Every mother knows well what a child with a sore throat suffers from, since this condition involves many other things that deteriorate the patient’s health. For example, lack of appetite, which leads to an imbalance in food and a possible drop in defenses and weakness. And it is not only children who are victims of this terrible pain; adults too. Very often due to climate change, viruses in the environment and even straining your voice or eating highly seasoned foods can irritate your throat to the point of causing pain or infection. In this sense, in order to determine what to take for a sore throat, the first thing you should do is study the causes of the problem, in order to attack the root of the matter; which will lead you to apply the appropriate remedy for your case without causing greater damage.

What To Take For A Sore Throat

In this article, we will be considering the possible causes of a sore throat in order to recommend the home remedies and medications that best suit the problem in each case. In addition, always bearing in mind that it is mandatory that you consult your GP and avoid self-medication with antibiotics and other medications that can have side effects that worsen your state of health instead of improving it.


When you feel a sore throat, the first thing you have to do is look at it in a mirror. If you notice that it is red, you can determine the degree of irritation. Also, if apart from the obvious redness you notice some white dots, this generally means that you have so-called pus plaques; in other words, you have an infection.

After corroborating the state of your throat, you must analyze the causes of the matter. For this you can consider the following aspects, by which your throat can be irritated. Viral state: viruses such as the common cold and others generally produce an inflammation of the mucous membranes; this includes the tonsils, sinuses, and ears. Therefore, if you are suffering from a flu-like state, or have contracted a virus, we recommend that you drink plenty of fluids and some analgesic and anti-inflammatory. In the natural aspect, you can drink pineapple juice to reduce inflammation and salad with vinegar and tomato to cleanse the throat area with those acids. You should also avoid cold places, drink cold drinks, and stay out of the sun and dust for a few days until viral symptoms pass. Allergic state: Allergies that affect the upper respiratory system usually irritate the throat. The glottis undergoes an inflammation process that reaches the tonsils and also causes itching and discomfort when swallowing. In these cases, the use of an anti-inflammatory and analgesic must go hand in hand with an anti-allergic. In addition, the most important thing is that you get away from the allergen that is causing the discomfort. Allergens can be cold, excess humidity in the environment, dust, some strong odors and some foods. Infectious state: infections in the throat are caused by different bacteria. We get bacteria almost everywhere. Generally, young children are the most affected, because they put their dirty hands in their mouths or introduce contaminated toys. However, adults are also exposed; Above all, and it is the most common way of getting a throat infection, when we share a glass or cutlery with a person who is infected. To avoid this, the first thing is to keep our hands and mouth clean, not to share glasses, toothbrushes or other personal objects that come into contact with our mouth. State of irritation: many times, your throat can be irritated by external factors such as cold, excess humidity in the environment or dust. But straining your voice too much is one of the main causes of sore throat irritation. In addition, it is proven that the recurrent effort of the voice can lead you to suffer from nodules on the vocal cords. For this reason, we recommend that you maintain adequate voice hygiene and give your vocal cords rest for at least 10 hours a day.

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To avoid infections in the throat, the most basic and important thing is to maintain proper oral hygiene. It is not just about the correct brushing of the teeth or the use of a good mouthwash, eating habits are of vital importance to maintain adequate oral health.

For example, it may be that you brush your teeth very well; but suddenly in the middle of the night you feel like eating something and you don’t rinse your mouth. All night, remains of food will remain in your throat that are fermented and that can enter small cavities in your tonsils. This accumulation of food can cause an infection in the tonsils and from there you feel a horrible sore throat. Thus, you will notice that it is important to spend the night with a very clean mouth. On the other hand, cigarette smoking can cause irritation of the throat, and if the irritation is not relieved with time, it can lead to an infection. Therefore, if you suffer from constant sore throat, you should avoid the consumption of cigarettes or tobacco.


Avoid self-medication of antibiotics. If you suffer from a throat infection, it is better that you go to your GP, because the indiscriminate use of antibiotics is very delicate. For example, if you suffer from a virus infection, it is not recommended to use antibiotics, as these greatly weaken your immune system and lower your defenses, making the virus stronger. In addition, if you do not use the antibiotic properly, the bacteria could become resistant and lengthen the healing period. Maintain good oral hygiene daily. Remember, it’s not just about good toothbrushing and continued use of mouthwash; It is also important that you avoid the consumption of very cold or very hot drinks, as well as the intake of food before going to sleep. Similarly, voice hygiene is essential. Avoiding straining your voice too much with shouting or raised voice tones is essential. Remember that the well-known nodules on the vocal cords can lead you, ultimately, to throat cancer, and even to the loss of your voice. If you already have an infection and have not taken an antibiotic, in order to relieve these symptoms, you can cleanse yourself with a lemon water gargle with ginger and a pinch of salt. You can also eat raw tomato with a pinch of salt and you can even touch yourself with honey to soften the irritation. Finally, we recommend the consumption of citrus juices sweetened with honey, such as a delicious lemonade or orange juice. Also, when there is a lot of inflammation, eating pineapple is very good, it can be as juice or in pieces, all depending on how much you can swallow or bear the pain. If you want to know about drugs, ibuprofen is one of the most used to relieve sore throat in all cases, as well as dexamethasone in case of allergic inflammatory states and azithromycin as an antibiotic prescribed by doctors when there is infection in the throat due to bacteria.

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