What To Take For A Hangover

What To Take for A Hangover

When you have the consequences of alcohol consumption, if it is the case that you drink too much, you will wake up with a hangover, which has a set of quite annoying symptoms and that is where you need to know what to drink for a hangover. A hangover is an indisposition of the body that occurs in the morning, after having spent the night before ingesting alcoholic beverages in excess, and you end up with various symptoms, among which we can name the following: Distressing and penetrating headache. Dizziness or dizziness when you try to get up. Nausea and in any case copious vomiting. Fatigue. Does not support light. The sound bothers you. Tachycardia. Irritability. Drowsiness. dehydration Loss of senses and reality. All this is due to overindulging in drinks one night and what they advise to avoid suffering from this is not to drink this type of liquid and thus avoid discomfort and health problems in the body, but a party does not get excited without these drinks. (Or this belief we have).

What To Take For A Hangover

What do you need

Hydrate yourself. Analgesics. rest. A room without light. Get away from the noise. Lots of liquid. Eat soup or vegetable creams.


You already know that a hangover is a consequence of alcohol, so what we recommend is that you avoid its consumption, but if it has happened to you that you started with a few drinks and continued until you passed out, we already know where that is going to stop, the discomfort.

Keep in mind that alcohol is harmful to health and drinking too much can affect your senses and in the long run affects some functions of your body, apart from being the main cause of fatal diseases such as cirrhosis or fatty liver.

How to fight a hangover

Hangover intensity. Hangovers can be quite intense, that some symptoms can last more than a day, so you have to try to establish a stop when you feel that you are lightheaded and dizzy, so this is a signal for you to stop drinking. But you must keep in mind that in other cases age influences much more; also, when it comes to women, who tend to be more affected by a hangover, so the average amount of alcohol you drink can affect you by age and sex. The temptation. When you have an event of any kind, the logical thing is that you want to cheer yourself up a bit to get into the atmosphere with the other colleagues, so much so that you must keep in mind that wherever you go there are alcoholic beverages to lighten the environment and have a good time. The temptation is enough for this reason many times people who have not drunk anything in their life, end up trying a little liquor, as a consequence of seeing others and because the temptation of the unknown calls them to try a little. Drink a lot. You are one of those people who had never tried alcohol once, for everyone there is that occasion where we have too many drinks, it’s already done and now you feel so bad that you shout “you will not taste more liquor in your life”, something dramatic because after past the symptoms you will not remember them. That is why you have to think about what you can do to not feel so strong the discomforts and symptoms that are what you have to fight against at this time and make you feel good, that is why you must pay attention to the proposals that we can give you so that you do not feel hungover What to drink for a hangover: Soup. The soup is a good incentive because you drink liquid to replenish what you have lost during the vomiting you have had, in addition to receiving the necessary nutrients so that your body can stabilize itself, especially if it is with vegetables and eggs. sleep _ One of the things that is going to be that you regain strength is that you sleep a lot, for this reason you must keep in mind that you stay in bed throughout the morning of the next day when you have decided to drink a few more drinks and you have had a good time. relax. Find a way to relax, especially think about closing the curtains so that not so much light enters and thus sunlight does not affect any other symptom such as headache, which is what can aggravate more if there is a lot of light in the room where you decide to spend your hangover. No fat. Another thing you should do is eat light and fat-free food, as they are not good when it comes to a hangover, because they tend to be a bomb when mixed with the components of alcohol in your blood. Much better is to eat vegetables. No coffee. Coffee contains caffeine and it is a fallacy that helps you lift your spirits when you find yourself with a hangover; this you should avoid. Reason? Coffee has caffeine and it will give you more energy and what you need is rest to regain strength, not a discharge of strength. Schedule. Try to enjoy yourself during the days you have work, this part is very important when it comes to the responsibility to maintain in the work activities to which you dedicate yourself, for this reason be careful in this aspect when drinking alcohol. citrus. Lemon or orange juices offer you all the vitamin C you need to keep your body stable, so try to drink lemonades and natural orange juices with little sugar and thus refresh your body and do not give it more energy than you need. You can use brown sugar. Tomato juice. Tomato juice has vitamins B, C and E that will give you the possibility of receiving the nutrients and minerals that you eliminate when you vomit and after that you can recover them with homemade remedies that are generally the ones that help better than any others. No painkillers. Pharmaceutical painkillers are harmful to the body, for this reason you must be careful of the components that analgesics bring with which alcohol also brings components that can be harmful to your health, so keep in mind to avoid having a dose of this. showers. Bathing with cold or warm water will help the blood to flow through the arteries and for this reason it will improve your mood, for this reason you have to do it during the day after the drink, that will improve your mood. The egg. You can make a special preparation with eggs, using the white or the yolk depending on the remedy. Also, if you feel that you are going to vomit with this home remedy, do not take it and look for another solution for a hangover, since this can often cause more discomfort in the digestive system. No alcoholic beverages. You should not drink more alcohol, therefore what you hear out there that hangovers are cured with more drinks, is not true. What you will achieve is to put on but what you find, therefore think of another treatment to cure your headache and the other symptoms of a hangover.


Do not mix a drink and paracetamol or its derivatives because you interfere with the functions of the liver, damaging it.

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