What To Do When You Have Calluses On Your Feet

What To Do When You Have Calluses on Your Feet?

In these times of pandemic, due to so much confinement, my metabolism has advanced a lot and my body weight has increased beyond normal. I have made the decision to exercise by walking and jogging a little, but my feet have developed blisters and calluses that bother me wearing whatever shoes. And I wonder how I have to remove the calluses that I have on my feet? There are home remedies that you can apply yourself at home, you just have to be consistent and have patience to get good results. But if you are the type of person who suffers from the disease called diabetes or another where blood circulation is compromised, you must make the decision to go to a doctor who will solve the problem. The calluses and calluses formed on the feet are due to excess friction that the skin makes with the footwear. There are other cases that if you don’t wear shoes and walk with your feet unprotected in places and terrains in harsh conditions for the skin, they can become dry, hard and unpleasant. In some cases, if carelessness is imminent, it becomes a painful problem since the skin responds to situations of great pressure. Going to the extreme of performing a small surgery to improve the aesthetics of the feet and walk healthily.

What To Do When You Have Calluses On Your Feet

Differences between calluses and calluses located on the feet.

Take into account that corns and calluses are different terms to treat and below, a small list is shown for you to consider if it is the case where you have doubts about what shape and sizes, they are to be treated either by you or a doctor specialist.


The bump is often larger than the corns. This lesion varies in shape as well as size. They are less painful than calluses since the skin adapts to its hard and dry resistance. This injury forms mostly on the heels, giving an unpleasant appearance when it comes to personal aesthetics.


The lump that appears on the skin of the feet is small. The affected part presents inflammation that in some cases turns reddish and has a point or center of hard consistency. It forms more than anything in these parts: fingertips, between the fingers and sides of the fingers since that is where most of the body weight falls. When pressure is applied to the affected part it tends to create pain.

Possible causes of foot deterioration.

The possible causes vary according to the conditions and care that you decide to adopt, to reach the extreme of causing progressive deterioration in the calluses and calluses of the feet. The type of footwear used should be according to the shape of your feet, neither too tight nor too loose. This way you will avoid that the rose of the feet with the shoe does not produce calluses that sometimes cause pain. If you are a woman, avoid high-heeled shoes that are closed and pointed, since extreme use of the feet as it goes forward tends to mistreat the toes, bruising them that even produce night cramps, minimizing blood circulation. In the case of men, there are shoes that, because they are fashionable, have this pointed style and create calluses since most men have thick feet. There are shoes that have seams that hit the feet, just be careful and place bands where you have inflammation or limit their use. There are people who do not consider the use of stockings or socks, knowing that for health reasons they improve the conditions of the feet, preventing them from getting wet and creating bad and unpleasant odors. However, the use of poorly placed socks also causes damage. This is due to the poor placement of the stockings, leaving the seam poorly placed. People who suffer from bunions are other of the most frequent causes that helomas form. The malformations of the bones in the feet, guarantee the formation of helomas.

 Solutions or recommendations to remove calluses from the feet.

For lovers of collecting shoes and of course using them or for people who do not have the budget to constantly change their shoes, it is good that they follow these recommendations that will be useful if it is the case that you suffer from these calluses or calluses. unpleasant and painful in most cases. Here are some for you to put into practice: From time to time visit a specialist to cleanse your feet. Experienced manicurists are doable as they fix the problem. But the ideal is to go to a podiatrist who is the best recommended. Hydration in the feet is very important, once you have showered, apply moisturizing creams or Vaseline before going to sleep, putting on stockings for a certain time so that it does its process and does not stick to the blanket. Get rid of the shoes that cause you affections. If the lesions are prominent, try to keep your feet bare as long as possible so they can heal quickly.

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