What Is The Wisdom Tooth In People

What Is the Wisdom Tooth in People?

Wisdom teeth. Also known as moral or chordal third parties. These are the third molars that appear when the person is between 18 and 25 years old. As a curious fact, it is that the name was given that way since, at that age, the person must already have a good mental judgment. That is why they called that tooth as the wisdom tooth. During the process, you can feel incredible pain in that place. As if it were inflamed, of course, when something hurts, it starts to swell. And imagine that your mouth is a somewhat closed place, so when you speak, it will start to hurt, and when you eat solid things, it will be worse. That is why when the wisdom tooth begins to come out, it is when the person should go to the dentist so that he or she can solve your problem quickly. If your dentist can’t because he’s busy, then you’re going to have to wait and endure the pain until you get to the dentist. Unless you use some methods to reduce the pain, which I will mention later in this article. But before it begins, we would like you to read this article that has something to do with what you are about to read right now “What to do when you have hunger anxiety”

What Is The Wisdom Tooth In People

What is?

As I said before, they are the moral third parties that appear when the human being is between 18 and 25 years old. Normally they do not appear all together, since there are 4, 2 on the top of the teeth, and the other 2 on the bottom of the teeth. This is in the back of the mouth. One part of the mouth can come out and later the next part will do the same. When she goes out, she does it in a strange way. Since being from the last teeth, it can hurt as they can push the teeth, causing you more pain. The only important thing you should know is that you should know that wisdom tooth is very sensitive. By this I mean that it is the easiest tooth to carry cavities and bacteria. So, you have to take good care of it. Anyway, if with so much effort you see that the tooth still has a sharp pain, infections or etc. You can simply ask for an extraction. It is also that the tooth can have a varied anatomy, being able to have one canal or six, and one root or six. Its ducts can have a different shape, and it can even come out at an angle, which can bother you too much. So, if that happens to you, you can calmly ask for an extraction.

how to treat pain

This only works when you feel that the area where the wisdom tooth is coming out is inflamed. When that happens, one would normally say go to the dentist, and he’s right. On the other hand, if your monetary availability is not very good to go to the dentist. You can do any of the natural methods, and they are also easy for the inflammation to decrease and with it, the pain.

Water with salt

It sounds too simple and it is, and it is a good option. You only heat a little water and then add salt to the pot. And go mixing until the salt is already dissolved. After that, we turn off the heat, and wait until the water is at a decent temperature so it can be in your mouth. And, finally, you rinse with salt water. Especially in the area where the inflammation is located. And you leave it for a while until you can’t take it anymore and you spit it out. You must do this 2 times a day.


Being the ideal pill to treat inflammation, you only take the pill according to the instructions on the box where you bought it. And ready, you will feel how the pain will decrease.


Chop a piece of onion. And you put it in your mouth, chewing on the area of ​​inflammation, until you feel that the onion itself is no longer expelling its juice. you spit it out Do it 1 or 2 times a day.


A wisdom tooth is a normal thing. It must happen to all humans, either early or late. But it’s still going to happen. You only have to be informed about the essentials of the matter so that you can take that wisdom tooth without any problem. Also, if the area is inflamed, you already know 3 methods to reduce the pain. Anyway, there are more methods.

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