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Foot funguses an extremely annoying nuisance and unfortunately quite common and frequent. Fungi are a very contagious and easily transmittable condition. If you go to the pool, sauna or gym it will be extremely easy for you to get infected, hence it is of great importance to always wear flip-flops and never step on the ground barefoot. Heat and humidity are breeding grounds for fungi so, as you can imagine, the aforementioned places represent quite serious places of infection. Anyway, you should not worry because making sure you are protected with appropriate footwear do not have to get infected. Mushrooms are quite annoying as they produce it chin and sometime Spain and are also usually quite difficult to cure. Our usual way of life only worsens their symptoms because we usually wear our feet imprisoned in our shoes throughout the day. This is not a good idea if you suffer from this condition since, as just said, the heat and humidity only make the situation worse and, obviously, when our because they are locked throughout the day in their shoes they will sweat and sweat will be trapped in the footwear, so that the humidity will be constant. If you have not taken the proper footwear protections in public places and now you have foot fungus you will surely be wondering how to cure them and looking for home remedies for foot fungus. Throughout this article we will explain some of the most traditional and effective, take note!

What You Need?

Various ingredients according to the remedy you select: aloe vera, vinegar, salt,


The first remedy we present is the application to the infected area of aloe Vera. As you already know, the aloe vera plant has wonderful properties to heal the skin whether it is wounds, burns or infections. You should apply the Aloe Vera gel on the affected area three times a day. Make sure that when you do your skin is clean and dry. Apply it and let your skin absorb it outdoors for about five or ten minutes. Then if you have to go somewhere and you need to put on your shoes, cover the surface with gauze and put on a sock. You can buy Aloe Vera gel in an pharmacy, parapharmacy or supermarket. At present there are many brands that market it and all usually offer a quality product. If you are a person who is good at plants you can also acquire aloe gel naturally. Acquire an aloe vera plant and when it has grown enough cut one of its leaves. As you can see from the cut comes a kind of gelatinous fluid. That is the famous Aloe Vera gel and it is the main component of aloe creams on the entire market. Once you have done it, wrap the aloe vera leaf in aluminum foil and store it in the freezer. The next time you are going to use it, make a new cut of approximately one centimeter with respect to the inside, you will see that the gel flows again. Another very common remedy that usually works is the treatment of fungi using vinegar. Any vinegar will serve you for it (wine, apple,) use the one you have more at hand. You should wash your feet twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. To do this, mix the vinegar with warm water and let your feet soak for a quarter of an hour. When you take them out, make sure you dry them very well. If you have time throughout the day and enjoy a few minutes to sit barefoot you can apply small doses of vinegar on the fungi soaking a cotton ball and giving small touches on the affected areas. If you reschedule a lot, dilute the vinegar in water. Once you have finished throw the cottons, remember that mushrooms are very contagious and you should not use them again.

Another very useful remedy is to apply ginger poultices. To do this, get ginger powder and mix it with olive oil. You should get a paste that is easy to handle but that is not too liquid. Place the paste on the mushrooms and cover it with gauze. You should change the poultices at least three times throughout the day. The oil of the tea tree has been shown to be very useful when it comes to treating all types of fungal infections on the skin, in fact many of the pharmaceutical creams to treat these conditions include it as the main ingredient. The best way to use it is by acquiring pure oil, which you can get at any parapharmacy. Your feet should be clean and dry and you should always smear the oil on them and then let it dry, it will not take more than five minutes. You should do it as many times as you can throughout the day, the more times you throw it the better. Another oil that is usually used in these cases is garlic oil. It is used in the same way as the previous one. Garlic, as everyone knows, also has very important disinfectant properties. It is also advisable to eat garlic during meals so that our immune system is strengthened, so that we would be fighting fungi from outside and inside. You can also crush garlic and mix them with olive oil or honey to get a poultice. You should use it in the same way in which the use of the ginger poultice has been explained above. This natural remedy based on garlic has been shown to be extremely effective and effective for the treatment of toenail fungus. Another natural remedy to cure foot fungus is that of washing with warm water and salt. The treatment is similar to that done with vinegar washes and is a good alternative to that in the event that fungi cause you pain and resentment with vinegar treatment. Simply mix a good amount of salt with warm water and let your feet soak for several minutes. You will see that apart from being a good way to fight fungi it will be very beneficial for your feet and legs that will be relaxed and rested.

Councils Tryto avoid getting foot fungus by always wearing flip-flops or other footwear in places like swimming pools, saunas,

You must take great care of your personal hygiene. Clean your feet whenever you can and dry them very well. Use socks made of natural fibers such as cotton. Synthetic materials will make your problem worse. Keep your shoes clean and use them as little time as possible. The more time your feet spend outdoors the better. Remember that mushrooms are very contagious and you should try not to spread them to anyone. Do not share your shoes, wash and disinfect clothes (towels, sheets,) that are in contact with your feet. If the problem persists, see your GP. If you like home remedies you can go tour specific category for them where you will find many more.

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