There are foods that are natural created by our God that are not taken into account by man such as tomato, perhaps it is due to lack of knowledge that they are not consumed daily and even more so if it is a product that is abundant in the country. The ideal is to heed the call that nature makes you to consume food from the earth, which will strengthen us, feed us and have better growth in mind, body and knowledge, thus giving us a better healthy life. In this article we will guide you about how wonderful it is to consume tomato juice and the privilege it has of being considered one of the natural fruits that is used to make a healing diet. It is considered by Europeans as the “apple of love” and by many Latin Americans as the fruit that has a large number of vitamins and other substances that are nutritious that help strengthen the stomach, creating protection against any disease as well as maintaining an excellent reaction and proper functioning of the liver, the intestines, the glands, the gall and the entire metabolism. The tomato whose red color and considerable flavor for lovers of culinary art as well as nutritionists, highly recommend it because by consuming it they will obtain good results to keep the body in good health.

What Does Tomato Do For Health.

Cures made from tomato juice.

It is good to be aware that liquor or alcoholic beverages produce a series of diseases that are harmful to humans, the ideal is to drink tomato juice daily if possible 3 times a day and between meals eat raw tomato with aromatic herbs. Its constant consumption for at least a month helps to renew the blood and if you want to take full advantage of the harvest, you can extract the juice or pulp and pack it well to preserve its nutrients and be consumed in any season of the year. Tomato juice helps heal: Poor digestion, due to its high fiber content, helps reduce intestinal inflammation, avoiding constipation. It is also an ally in controlling gastric acids, since it absorbs all its nutrients that are contained in tomato juice. Protects eyesight, thanks to the presence of vitamin A helps prevent diseases that are degenerative, such as glaucoma, night blindness, among others. If you include tomato in your diet, you can improve vision. If you are one of those people who like to drink alcoholic beverages and it gives you a hangover, tomato juice is the solution to your problems. The heart is one of the key organs that you must take care of and to prevent a heart attack, tomato juice is good because it helps clean the vascular arteries, controlling cholesterol. This is due to its high mineral content and the existence of a substance called lycopene. The immune system keeps it active; this is due to the vitamin C that is extracted from the fruit that helps prevent infections by strengthening the body’s defenses. It strengthens the bone system, helping to harden the bones.

Basic recipes to make juices with red tomato.

Here are some recipes for how to make nutritious red tomato-based juice: To reduce inflammation, moisturize and beautify. (Salty drink). Ingredients. 2 red tomatoes cut into cubes. 1 small cucumber cut into cubes. 1 lemon. 125ml of mineral water. Salt and pepper to taste. Preparation: Wash the tomatoes and cucumber well, place the tomatoes and cucumber in a blender or juice extractor, do not worry about the skin and seeds since you are going to sift it with a strainer. Once sifted, add the seedless lemon juice and season with a pinch of salt and pepper. You can drink this juice either hot or cold. To cool the body on hot days. (Sweet drink). Ingredients. 3 large red tomatoes. 125ml of mineral water. 1 lemon. Brown sugar or brown sugar to taste. Preparation: wash the tomatoes well and cut them into cubes to add them in a blender, followed by this add the water and brown sugar to your liking and the lemon juice. Serve in a glass with crushed ice and to decorate you can place a sprig with leaves of Spanish celery or celery. To take care of the skin from the sun’s rays, avoiding wrinkles, arthritis and increasing defenses. Ingredients. 5 medium carrots. 2 large tomatoes. 75ml of water. Preparation: proceed to wash and cut the ingredients, pour the cubes into a blender and add the water, let it blend for 3 to 5 minutes. Once all the ingredients are mixed and you want it more liquid, add a few pieces of ice to make the drink more refreshing. If you like, you can add a pinch of salt.

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