Medicinal Properties Of Lemon Balm.

Medicinal Properties of Lemon Balm

Today it is up to us to write about the various properties and benefits that lemon balm offers us. Also known as lemon balm or lemon leaf. Although we must comment that the main focus in this article will be the consumption of lemon balm through a plant tea. Of course, there are other ways to consume it, but without a doubt, a tea from this plan is the best option to make the most of its benefits. The official scientific name of this plant is “Melissa Officinalis”. And it is mostly used to treat digestive problems, as well as stress and anxiety. Due mainly to its properties as a painkiller. Which means that we are facing a plant that will offer us tranquility and well-being. Lemon balm can be bought in markets, manipulation pharmacies (also known as natural pharmacies) or in any nature products store. Even if gardening is your thing or you have the space to plant a clump of lemon balm. You can perfectly do it, since the cultivation of it does not symbolize greater difficulty and it will be easy to maintain.

Medicinal Properties Of Lemon Balm.

Knowing what its use is and where we can find the lemon balm plant. It is time to start with the really important points in this entry. Not without first recommending you go on to read “Medicinal Plants – Everything You Need to Know”. After reading this article, because the topic present there is not lost.

Know the benefits offered by lemon balm tea.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this entry. The way in which we will consume lemon balm will be by preparing a tea from this plant. Which means that it will be a tea rich in tannins, polyphenols and flavonoids, which are some of the medicinal properties that lemon balm provides us. Among its benefits we can find: It turns out to be an excellent way to promote an antiviral effect in those people who have herpes. It improves your sleep, making it an excellent tea to treat sleep. It favors us in fluid retention. It has been proven to help tremendously in concentration. I mean, it’s good for memory. Helps relieve symptoms related to ringing in the ears or vertigo. Relieves those toothaches, migraines and headaches. As mentioned at the beginning of this post. Lemon balm is excellent for treating cases of stress, anxiety and tension in our body. Because it stimulates tranquility and well-being. Reduces gas or flatulence problems. Relieves those viral problems, such as flu, cough, colds and colds. Prevents intestinal colic problems and digestive problems in general. Prevents the appearance of kidney problems, being a diuretic tea. For girls, it is an excellent remedy to relieve those menstrual cramps and the systems that are present in premenstrual syndrome. It is excellent for treating dizziness, vomiting or nausea problems.

How do you have to prepare the tea?

If you have been amazed or amazed at the number of benefits that lemon balm tea provides us. You probably want to run out and prepare some, that is the case, here we share the method of preparation and ingredients of lemon balm tea.


A tablespoon of lemon balm leaves. A cup of boiling water. A little sugar (optional). Two or one tablespoons of powdered milk (Optional). Lemon balm tea is genuinely just made with some boiling water and lemon balm leaves. However, we recommend adding a little powdered cow’s milk to the tea. Well, it will give it a much more pleasant taste, and if you want something less bitter. Try adding some sugar.

Preparation mode:

Like any tea, this one is not difficult to prepare. All you have to do is boil the water (if it will be in quantity, we recommend at least 4 cups). To then throw the lemon balm leaves in the water and let it rest for a few minutes. That done, you proceed to add the tablespoons of milk (remember that this is optional). And a little sugar, there is nothing more to say, that is how simple the preparation of lemon balm tea turns out to be.

This plant manages to provide all the mentioned benefits, because lemon balm has diuretic, anti-inflammatory, digestive, analgesic, sedative, calming, antioxidant, carminative, antiviral, decongestant and finally, expectorant properties. Knowing all this, it is indisputable that it is recommended for those who live a life with a lot of pressure or under a lot of stress or, failing that, if you have digestive problems. It is recommended to consume at least two or three cups a day, with morning and night being the right times.

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