Mammography And Its Importance

Mammography And Its Importance

We all once knew about mammography. It is this examination that is performed on the breasts, or on the breasts of women. Of which they will be examined with X-rays in order to detect if everything is in order and you do not have the famous breast cancer disease. Which is a very lethal disease. And too painful, especially in the breast area, causing the nipples to contract. Your breast or nipple hurts, you start to itch a lot and the secretion of a substance in the nipple that is not breast milk. Before it was too common for several women of that time to suffer death thanks to breast cancer. Currently deaths from breast cancer are almost non-existent thanks to this test. There are few women who do not have this test, either due to lack of time, because they are confident that they do not have this disease. Or because they are not very confident about doing that exam because they are afraid of x-rays or because a friend or family member told them that doing that exam is dangerous. That is why in this article I will mention some doubts about this mammography exam. But before it begins, we recommend that you read this article that is somewhat related to what you are about to read “Amenorrhea – What is it, Causes and Symptoms.

Mammography And Its Importance

Does it only prevent breast cancer?

No. It would be wonderful if you could avoid breast cancer after getting screened, but sadly you can’t. But even better, it can detect it, since cancer cells or masses in the body can be easily detected at the time the x-rays are ready. And once it is detected if you are about to have breast cancer. It is when you should not feel very afraid, since at that time it will be very easy to deal with that disease. In fact, there is a 90 or 99% chance that you can be cured of this disease easily, if it is detected early. Since at that time the disease will be very weak and needs time to get stronger. So, the treatment will start to be more effective. On the other hand, if it is detected late, it is already impossible to do anything about it. Since breast cancer will be very strong, and there may be hope, but the chances will already be very low. An extra fact, this test not only detects breast cancer. It can also detect if you have any type of injury to your mammary glands.

How it is performed?

The mammography exam. The patient must remove her shirt along with her bras and place her breasts on a transparent plastic plate. The doctor will activate the machine so that another plastic plate presses on the breast so that it remains immobile and it is easier to see better. In order for the X-ray to be taken in this way, the same X-ray will have to be taken later, but with the side of the breast. Being that this process is equal to the other breast. This procedure is safe, a little painful due to the pressure on the breasts, it is not invasive. Don’t worry about the radiation from the x-rays. Since it is minimal and the chances are too low that something bad will happen to you because of the radiation. Let’s remember that every year, all the centers from which mammograms are performed are thoroughly reviewed. So that experts can check if the equipment is in good condition. And if the staff is well trained to do this. The X-rays will be reviewed very thoroughly, so do not be too impatient as the results may take a day or a week.

When does it have to be done?

There may be some confusion when thinking about when it is advisable to have a mammogram. But currently it is highly recommended that women over 40 do so. If you have no family history or any operation in which your breasts received radiation. It is good to do it at that age and once a year. But if you have the above mentioned, then it is better to get one for each month and that you are 30 years old and older. However, it can also vary a bit depending on what your professional doctor says about it. It is good that you first find out a little more about your past family and if anyone suffered from breast or ovarian cancer. According to biology, inheritance is broken until the sixth generation. Since the chances of inheriting something from your ancestors becomes almost nil that it happens. If you liked reading this article, we recommend that you read about ” What to take for stomach pain.

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