Is It Healthy To Have Sex During Menstruation

Is It Healthy to Have Sex During Menstruation?

Since the birth and existence of women in the world. It has been natural to see menstruation or period at a certain age in the course of her life. Females between the ages of 9 and 15 begin to see periods or menstrual periods of 7 continuous days, although this is relative in some women. Menstruation is the natural process that every woman goes through at a certain age in her life. Once it has developed, it begins to excrete a red fluid commonly called menstrual blood. Facilitating in 7 days of each month the relief of all the impurities and toxins that come out of the endometrium, but if you want to get rid of the doubt about Is it healthy to have sex during the period of menstruation? Keep reading. Today and more to the times in which we are living, where the environment is somehow contaminated by viruses that are latent to make you sick. We must begin to reeducate couples who are sexually active. Since scientifically they have done studies to know the toxins that females exude when they secrete vaginal blood or period. And some of those chemical substances are benzophenone and methyl paraben, which are pollutants when it comes to sexual intercourse. Therefore, it is not recommended to have vaginal sex when you are menstruating.

Is It Healthy To Have Sex During Menstruation

Possible consequences of having sex during menstruation.

To not pass as an unclean woman before your partner. It is preferable that you take into consideration certain secondary aspects that can affect your married life. Maintain your hygiene and be patient that the month still has more days to make love safely and delight, it is not necessary to have sex during the period. If you are one of the girls whose period is abundant. Take into account the worry it causes when you’re on your humid days and adding another load is stressful. The mere fact of thinking that there is blood both in you and in your partner and even in the sheets, gives a grotesque effect of disgust, since blood is striking. Its smell is unpleasant, even if they are very excited, the sense of smell always increases in the process. There is no diversity in postures, the positions you adopt are always compromising to prolong the bloodshed in sex during the period. Because the period is considered a natural waste of women, you can release chemical toxins that activate certain bacteria that are in the intimate parts of the couple, causing infections. It is recommended not to have sexual intercourse for the simple reason that viruses such as AIDS or hepatitis may be latent in the blood, causing venereal diseases or other highly contagious ones, therefore learn to respect your body and that of your partner. It is better to make love freely than to have sex to reduce lividity, which is temporary. There is a minimum degree of getting pregnant, since the life of the sperm lives in the uterus for around 4 to 5 days and if you have sex at the end of your days, there is a possibility that you ovulate and get pregnant. The use of condoms in the sexual act does not limit the generation of infection since they can break. Menstrual blood contains fungi and bacteria that cause infection, so keep your distance from your partner and be careful.

How does a man avoid bad times when his wife is having her period?

The hormonal changes that women experience each month are necessary for there to be a good development in their organism. However, so that problems do not arise with your beloved wife or girlfriend, we recommend that you put into practice some basic tips such as: Never force your partner to perform the sexual act when he is in his days, since most of them do not like to be active, because of the discomfort they feel in their body and it even seems unhygienic. Do not invite her to go to the beach or pools on her days since she finds the moment uncomfortable because she feels limited. Some people can’t control their moods, so limit yourself to saying something that annoys her, such as “don’t be exaggerated” or “relax” among others.

You must consider that these hormonal changes are due to four stages that the female experiences each time she menstruates, among them we have:

The luteal stage, here the female lowers her progesterone causing her to change her mood, she becomes more sensitive due to the inflammation, it gives her more appetite, she is very thoughtful. Ovulation stage, vaginal discharge increases making the female feel more attractive giving her a lot of sexual desire. The Follicular Stage, in this phase increases estrogen making you feel very energetic and relaxed, increasing body weight. Vaginal bleeding stage, in this phase women release a substance called serotonin that helps them feel upbeat.

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