I Suffer From Dandruff Or Seborrhea, What Can I Do To Cure Myself

I Suffer from Dandruff or Seborrhea, What Can I Do to Cure Myself?

Seborrhea, scientifically called pityriasis, which is a family of Malassezia, acts as a leant to activate the bacteria that produces the fungus that occurs on the scalp as well as in the beard, eyebrows, nostrils and other parts of the body where there is body hair and the concentration of fat is exceeded, thus generating dandruff. This anomaly is not pleasant at all since it affects 50% of people, so much so that even newborns suffer from seborrhea. This occurs when the process of cell renewal in the scalp slows down, forcing the dermis to weaken, killing the cells, causing the skin to begin to flake, producing caps that are inappropriate both for the eyes of others and for the person who suffers from it, causing undesirable itchiness and at inappropriate times, that is, if you are one of the many people who suffer from this disease, it will cause you a total annoyance for personal aesthetics and in terms of your health evils that you do not want. Dandruff most of the time appears at an early age as we have already mentioned before (in newborns), but it is more common that it appears at the age of adolescence and continues its gestation until the age of 20 and if there is carelessness on the part of people this lasts until old age. Remember that this is due to changes that are hormonal, which is why it varies from person to person depending on the fence, reducing its hormonal appearance.

I Suffer From Dandruff Or Seborrhea, What Can I Do To Cure Myself

Types of seborrhea that exist and factors that reproduce it.

Seborrhea can be controlled in different ways depending on the type of case that occurs, among the classes of pityriasis that exist we have:

Simple or dry pityriasis. It is the most common of the types of dandruff, since it occurs in people when the skin is renewed and it sheds flakes of dead skin of white or gray color that, when scratched or combed, easily detaches from the scalp. Making it water all over the head or affected part. Fatty or seborrheic pityriasis. This manifests itself with yellow scales as a result of excess fat on the scalp, either on the forehead or above the nape of the neck. Giving a combination of shine to the hair as if it were lubricated. In this condition, it must be taken into account quickly because it is associated with the disease called alopecia. See a dermatologist right away or it can be treated with home remedies. Pityriasis lactea is a condition that occurs in certain newborn children. That can be eliminated by doing a constant hygiene. The main factor that regenerates dandruff is the hormonal changes that vary from person to person, however, it also influences other causes that must be taken into account, such as: Excess stress either mental or physical. Genetics plays a role in this anomaly since the majority of cases is more frequent, the increase in dandruff is in men. Dental infections caused by poor brushing. The use of products that contain a high chemical level such as dyes, straightening creams such as keratin, lacquers, among others that alter the PH of the scalp causing weakness in the dermis. The weather is also considered one of the causes that help to produce dandruff. Medication intake. Constant exposure to the sun without giving protection to the head. Age influences according to the lifestyle that each person has. Lack of proper hair hygiene.

How to heal with home remedies.

Seborrhea can be cured in various ways. Either by applying shampoo to the scalp with medicinal chemical bases that contain either. Zinc pyrithione, coal tar, silicic acid, selenium sulfide or ketoconazole, you can also use natural herbal home treatments such as: Aloe vera plant commonly known as aloe vera. It is recommended because it acts as a skin anti-inflammatory, as an antibacterial and antimycotic. Since its properties reduce the flaking process. Just taking a pence of aloe vera peel and wash is enough. Then take it to the processor and blend with a few drops of lemon and baking soda, apply to the scalp and you will have good results. If you put about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the shampoo that you will apply at the time of washing your hair and leave it to act for 20 minutes. You will see radical changes, or if not, you can use toning oils with a few drops of vinegar. Crush two aspirin tablets and combine it with olive oil, leave it to act for a few minutes and you will notice changes. Coconut oil is used to moisturize the scalp. Incorporate omega 3 into your diet. Sodium bicarbonate acts as an antifungal. Try a few drops of tea tree oil, but if you have very sensitive skin, be careful as it causes irritation.

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