How To Treat Wisdom Tooth

How To Treat Wisdom Tooth

All of us at some point in our lives will experience the process of how the wisdom tooth begins to come out. For those who experienced it, they could feel too incredible pain, and for those who did not. Well get ready because you are about to feel incredible pain in your boa, to the point where it will bother you too much when it comes to eating solid things and talking. The wisdom tooth begins to erupt between the ages of 17-25. Some have the wonderful luck that the wisdom tooth comes out without any problem, so the process is fast. While those who are unlucky, they will have to endure the pain that I mentioned earlier when the teeth start to come out. The real problem is that in that area it becomes inflamed, preventing you from eating and speaking. It is obvious that the best option is to go to the dentist so that they can solve the problem as quickly as possible and thus avoid suffering pain. But if your monetary availability does not allow you, or the dentist is busy for many days. There are several ways to reduce the pain so that it is tolerable until you can go to the dentist. And that is why in this article you will know about several methods so that it does not hurt too much. But before it begins, we would love for you to read this article that is somewhat related to what you are about to read “How to clean your teeth.

How To Treat Wisdom Tooth



This is the easiest method of all. Since this anti-inflammatory pill is one of the best when it comes to a medicine that helps reduce pain. With buying a box and following the recommended dose in the same box. You will be able to notice that the inflammation in that area is going to decrease little by little. If you don’t have Ibuprofen, but you have other pills that have the same function of being an anti-inflammatory.

Salt water rinse

It is not such an effective method. But it helps when you want the pain to be tolerable so you can wait until you get to the dentist. It is not something difficult to do. You only need a glass of water and salt already dissolved. In order to drink it and keep it in the mouth. And you’re going to swish around in your mouth until you can’t hold it in anymore. In 2010, it was discovered that salt water helps reduce bacteria. Being a good homemade option as a natural disinfectant. Sure, it is better that you do the process 2 or 3 times a day to make it better. And also remember to boil the water in order to add the salt to stir it. You should not rinse your mouth with boiled water, you just wait for it to reach a tolerable temperature.


It may sound weird, but it’s not. In 2007, onions were found to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Being a good option to use it in case you do not have the necessary equipment in an emergency, or do not want to spend money on medications of that type. To do the process, you will need an onion, chop it into a piece and then put it in your mouth. You are going to start chewing only in the area where you are in pain, you are going to feel incredible pain. But hold on, because you have to keep chewing the onion in the same place until the pain is diminishing. And then spit it out. While you suffer the pain and chew the onion, its juice will reduce bacteria and inflammation.

tea bags

For this process you must do the following, you must prepare a tea normally. It should be clarified that the tea that you must prepare should not have any sugar, milk or cream. Once the tea bag is ready, what people commonly do is throw it away, but in that situation, you should not do it. You just put it in an empty cup and leave it in the fridge in good time. Already when you notice that the bag is cold. You take it out and put it in your mouth, you clearly put it in the place where you have the pain. And you leave it until it is no longer cold or a long time has passed. The tea bag will not help the pain go away, but it will help reduce it. So, if you have tea bag clerks, it might be a great opportunity to try this method. If you do not have, then there are the other methods that it does not hurt to try. Because, in a situation like that, any method to make the pain light is very welcome.

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