How To Treat A Stye

How To Treat a Stye

If you have a sore eyelid and a red eye, you most likely have a stye; which is the inflammation of the eyelid caused by bacteria. Many times, the eyelid becomes inflamed because bacteria cause the glands to close and pus to be produced. In many cases it is itchy, and if you scratch or rub your eyelid, the infection can spread throughout the eye, turning into conjunctivitis and worsening the situation. It should be noted that this stye cannot be pressed with the hands, nor with penetrating sharp objects. Because this part of the skin is very delicate and soft. This can only be done by an experienced doctor in some specific cases. Since the accumulation of pus is very painful and until the pimple from the access in the eyelid does not drain, the pain and discomfort does not end. Many people think that a stye is something temporary and it is true; but if you are not careful it can complicate and aggravate the situation of the sick person. So, in this article we will give you several tips that will be very useful to combat this small inflammation, but it causes a lot of discomfort.

How To Treat A Stye

It can happen at any time

Imagine that you have to go to a wedding or a special event and you woke up with this discomfort in your eyes and this ugly inflation. Don’t worry, everything has a solution. Many people wear black sunglasses to hide. But if the event is at night, the situation is complicated.
We have to emphasize that the stye is also very common in children, since they put their hands in their mouths and eyes with many bacteria and without washing them. So, this situation causes the stye to occur, so hygiene is very important to avoid this disease. Styes can appear on the outside of the eyelid, on the edge or on the inside, producing a pimple of pus and a reddish swelling. Sometimes it can produce a little fever. Be careful, you cannot wear anything, because it is very close to the eye and can irritate the eyes more. Nor can you take any antibiotic, since there are special antibiotics for each part of the body and if taken in excess, it can develop resistance and lengthen the time of the healing process. The best is natural, home remedies are very effective and the experience of grandparents teach us many things, which today give very good results . In nature we have thousands of natural antibiotics that help get rid of any bacteria or virus quickly. It should be noted that the stress of daily life and environmental pollution cause the stye to appear more often on people’s eyelids. For this reason, we must also try to eat as healthy as possible and eliminate sauces and fats as much as possible. Since high cholesterol also causes fat to accumulate in the eyelids and become a stye. On the other hand, people who wear contact lenses have to be very careful with hygiene and keep their hands and fingers very clean when they go to insert or remove the lens . Since any bacteria or virus on the hands can stay on this part and become an infection. Which then accumulates on the eyelid and produces a stye. Next, we will give you the best tips to treat your stye, with the best natural remedies and with the best results.

Instructions for treating a stye

Take the chamomile tea bags and place them in hot water as if you were going to make a tea. Do not put sugar on it and wait for it to cool down a bit and when the sachet is warm, place it on your stye as if it were a small compress The heat will cause the pimple to dissolve a bit, and its swelling will go down faster. You can do this procedure 4 times a day. To ease your eyesight, take a potato, remove the shell so that nothing of the covering skin is left. Then, wash the potato well with clean water and if possible, with boiled water. After the potato is completely clean, take a very clean ray and scratch the potato on the smaller side.

Wash your hands well and lie down with your face up, and put a little scratched potato on the irritated eye, leave it for 20 minutes. As soon as you put the potato in, you will feel immediate relief. Then, you are going to do this procedure three times a day so that your eye is relieved and the stye does not bother you too much. If your eye hurts a lot and gives you a headache, we recommend a ginger tea with a little honey, this will quickly deflate you and give you great relief. Another way to combat inflammation and eye and vision discomfort is with a little menthol. Take the menthol and heat it a little in a spoon, add a little fine salt, but only a little salt, mix it with the hot menthol and wait for it to cool down. If the stye is external, you will notice a part where you will see the pus wanting to come out, in that place you apply a little bit of menthol with salt and you will see that in a few minutes the pus will come out of your skin and you will have great relief. If the stye is on the edge of the eyelid or on the inside, you cannot use menthol, as it can irritate your eyes and eyes.

What do you need to treat a stye?

Chamomile tea in bags.  Hot and warm water. Ginger. Honey. Salt. Menthol. Chopsticks.

Tips for treating a stye

The first piece of advice is to try not to touch your eyes with your hands and fingers. On the fingers there is always a large number of bacteria, which by passing them through the eyes can contaminate your mucosa very easily. Personal hygiene has to come first in your habits. If you feel that some dirt or dust has fallen into your eyes, do not rub with your fingers, always try to carry a very clean handkerchief and with this you can gently wipe your eye, if you do not feel relief, you should go as quickly as possible to the doctor. If you woke up with a swollen eyelid and you see that the pimple is about to burst and release the pus, do not try to burst it by pressing on it as if it were a pimple, because the pain will multiply and the infection may spread to other places. Do not put compresses on the cold water stye, because this will make the pores of the skin close more and it will be more difficult for the pus to drain. If the stye does not improve in 8 days, you should go to the doctor because this small condition can be further complicated. Many doctors prescribe amoxicillin for this small infection, but we recommend a good raw salad of red onion with tomato and lots of fresh lettuce. Raw purple onion is a pure natural antibiotic and tomato and lettuce contain many vitamins and minerals that will boost your defenses, helping you fight this little infection very quickly. Regarding the amount of salad, it can be as much as you want but that is if you try to eat it at least 5 days in a row with all your meals. Finally, do not despair with your eye discomfort, these tips will help you feel better, but do not forget to always visit the doctor.

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