How To Shower.

How To Shower

The shower is the main thing that should be done to maintain the hygiene of the body in optimal development to avoid skin diseases caused by the different bacteria and viruses to which we are exposed daily and which should serve to counteract them. Is there any method to follow? No. Each person is free to do so without following a specific ritual, although what should not vary is the cleaning implements that should be used to improve both body cleanliness and the feelings that we are going through. A shower can be restorative for different moments we are going through or if we really feel sick, or have to lower the fever, the important thing of all is to maintain balance and do it in a way that we stay clean and hygienic. You do not have to question if you should take it two or three times a day, the logical thing is to do it because you feel very dirty, hot, sweaty or smelly, which means that you should do it immediately and not wait for this to happen to do it as it is due. For this reason, we will give you several guidelines that you must follow so that you can do it in such a way that you can feel fresh, clean and without traces of annoying odors that are unpleasant for you and the people around you with whom you must communicate on a daily basis.

How To Shower.

What do you need to shower?

Hot or cold water. Shower. Neutral soap. Shampoo. Hair detangler. aromatherapy Bath gels. Scented bath soaps. Body creams. Colonies or splash. Towels.

shower instructions

What is the shower? It is the body hygiene that is carried out during the day with water and chemical elements that restore the pH of the skin that prevents the entry of bacteria and viruses that favor allergies, diseases as well as skin conditions that can become very dangerous. Showers should not exceed the limit of two or three daily because instead of being beneficial they can damage the protective film that forms on the epidermis to serve as a barrier in order not to lose so much fluid and dehydrate us. This is produced by fat and sweat whose function is to determine a degree of protection against any external agent that wants to infect the skin, in addition to regulating body temperature, helping to maintain skin moisture and preventing you from eliminating too much liquid. According to this, despite your age, try to avoid bathing or showering excessively, since this process responds to the statement that says “excess or lack of doing an activity can have consequences”; so, showering too much or not at all can be detrimental to your health.

So you have to take a shower step by step

The objective. You cannot deviate from what the objective of the shower means, which is primarily to remove the sweat, dirt and flaking that you have suffered during the hours of activity that you carry out during the day, be it study, work, housework among many others. Specific hours. You must make a schedule to take showers during the day, although it is not necessary that you take it so hard and decide to always do it at the same time, it is not a routine but rather so that you have an idea of ​​when to do it. Water. It is the main source to remove accumulated impurities, which you should regulate if you have, so that it comes out cold or hot depending on the hours you want to bathe, as long as you do it well and also at the times of the day stipulated by you. Soap. The soap that you should use should not exceed the pH of the skin since it would alter its composition, endangering the protective film, bringing strong consequences to the entire foot of your body, so you have to be aware of using neutral soaps. Bath gels. Bath gels are usually ideal for the skin as long as they do not harm any part of your body, the first thing you should do is a test on your hand, if you see that your skin changes color or turns red you should not use it because it is affecting your Ph and can be harmful. Shampoo. You must use the shampoo solely and exclusively for the use of the hair and never for any other function that may affect any part of your skin and even the intimate area, you must take care that it does not touch it because it tends to be irritated by any of these products. Likewise, the eyes. Untangling. Use it on the hair, nothing else, avoiding contact with the eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as the ears, which can cause an infection, although the water can also cause problems in any of these parts because you should avoid contact. The frequency. They say that it is best to shower twice a week to protect the skin’s protective film. Can you imagine if that were true? The most logical thing is that you shower according to the different physical activities to which you are exposed daily, as well as the type of work you do, added to your age. Children and showers. Babies and children have delicate, soft and tender skin, so it is necessary for them not to exceed a daily shower so that their development is not affected by this; although many mothers disregard this rule and tend to bathe them more than three times at room temperature. Showering for teenagers. Teenagers are also a specific group according to age that should pay special attention to showering, since they have the particularity of doing different activities during the day that leads them to sweat a lot, which is why it is convenient for them to take two or more showers. Adults and the elderly. When you are already an adult, sedentary lifestyle leads us to limit ourselves in not exceeding a daily shower, although the temperature of the environment makes this practice change to do it a little more, due to the humidity or the heat that it does according to the time of the year. in which we meet.

Tips for showering

The daily shower should be a hygiene habit to be carried out daily by everyone from babies to the elderly. The reason for daily showers is to keep the body working properly. You should shower daily to remove any impurities, bad odors or dirt. You can take a shower in the morning and another in the afternoon so that you feel better and fresher when you start your activities and then finish them. A shower before bed can help you rest better and calmly. It is normal for teenagers to take more than two showers a day, but not more than four. The older ones are usually very delicate in the part of the skin, so you have to keep them clean and apply moisturizing creams. Use the colognes and splash after bathing to feel fresher and cleaner. Use starched powders on babies after bathing. The use of body creams after bathing is also recommended, but do not affect the natural pH of the skin and it always remains healthy.

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