How To Remove Gases

How To Remove Gases

Gases are a kind of air that are trapped in the intestine and it is often difficult for us to get them out for many reasons, causing the belly to swell causing a lot of discomfort, so we must take into account how to remove gases. Sometimes a simple tea of ​​any medicinal plant eliminates the problem, while in others the reason may be a more serious case and the need for another treatment that can end the discomfort, which is usually many. The main thing to eliminate gas is to stimulate the intestine, so that it is itself on its own to take them out of the body, this way you will avoid many problems with them and you will feel some relief in the stomach as well as the intestine, which usually suffer more from this condition. This problem can lead the person to a swollen stomach, due to the food that is ingested together with the air that is introduced when we carry the food to be introduced through the mouth, producing gases in the process as well as a clash between the air and the food we eat

How To Remove Gases

What do you need to remove gases?

swelling. belly pain Feeling of fullness Belching. Farts. windiness

Gas Removal Instructions

Gases are the formation of air in the stomach to then pass through the intestines and be expelled in the form of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane that are the result of the air you take in when you are eating food.

Likewise, this same air is well preserved in your belly, however it goes outside when we burp; A small portion of this air passes into the intestine and this is where the real discomfort is formed, which must be expelled through the anus, through the farts.

This is how gases are treated

Gas symptoms. You already know that gases are the accumulation of air that enters your stomach and reaches the intestines, in addition to the food that ferments in it to then take what is necessary for the body and then discard what is not needed; the symptoms that they present are the following: Constant eructations expelled through the mouth; Ventosities in the form of farts expelled through the anus; Abdominal pain; Movements in the abdomen; Abdominal swelling; Noise or bowel movement. Infusion. The gases can be expelled abroad in many ways, but one of the fastest is through infusions, with the different medicinal plants that you find in nature and which are willing to be used for this purpose. For this reason, take into account: Fennel; Melissa; bad eye; Chamomile; Anise. Compress the belly. Another way you have, without resorting to drugs, is to effusively squeeze your belly from top to bottom, with your feet well stretched out and thus massaging the abdomen to force the gases to go down towards the anus and expel them. Another way to do it is lying on your back and raising your knees towards your abdomen, embracing them with your arms and imprisoning your abdomen with them, only if you can do it and there is no strong or serious pain in this part of the body. laxatives _ When you suffer from constipation, it is always accompanied by constant gases when you do not have the possibility of constantly expelling waste to the outside, taking even days to remove it from the body without the help of drugs. For this, you must eat fruits and elements that have fiber, which provide help to the intestine to do the work or movement, in an effusive way and thus avoid gas, increasing the stool and getting it to be expelled outside without problems. Water. Water is a natural element that is available to prevent dehydration and in addition to this it helps the stool to have the ease of going down smoothly through the intestine, with the possibility of being expelled properly without pain thanks to the fact that they soften. Constipation is the formation of dry feces inside the intestine, which do not find the possibility of going down quickly and accumulates with other symptoms, including gas. The water softens these stools and does not allow them to accumulate, helping the person to release the pressure in their intestine. Drugs. Drugs are always the order of the day to help you with any problem in your body. However, they have a small secondary problem when it comes to the addiction that causes the feeling of relief, every time you expel feces and accumulated gases. They are prescribed by a specialist, who should tell you which one is the most suitable for your body, in addition to not depending so much on them; You can also buy them without a prescription, but it is better to have the approval of a doctor who knows the subject. Other elements. For the expulsion of stool, there are also alternate elements such as enemas and suppositories, which serve to help the intestine to carry out its task of expelling stool quickly and painlessly, as well as the accumulation of gases that this entails. This type of treatment must be done at home to avoid the problems of rapid expulsion that it contracts, in addition to the times it takes to eliminate all the waste with its respective excess of farting that comes out in the process. Gas in pregnancy. During the period of pregnancy, the woman undergoes a change with the gradual increase in her abdomen where she carries the fetus for nine months; It is normal for the uterus, due to its weight, to produce pressure on organs such as the intestine or the bladder, leading to problems with urination, constipation and gas. On this occasion, the expectant mother must refrain from self-medication to avoid problems in the child, in addition to going to her doctor so that he or she is the one who evaluates the problem, diagnoses it and sends the appropriate treatment in order to establish the best treatment. Causes of gases. In many aspects, we ourselves are guilty that our body suffers from various problems that originate in some type of illness or disease, which may or may not be serious; but in turn, there is the ability to know the remedy for each of them. This is why the causes of constipation and the accumulation of gases may be due to actions that we do or have in our day-to-day activities, for this reason you must be careful if what you do is part of the following: Gas-producing foods. There are foods such as dairy products and their derivatives, cabbages, grains, cauliflower, among many others that cause the body to produce gases; Little physical activity: Sedentary lifestyle and going to rest after a profuse diet, all this, coupled with the problem of the dryness of the stools, makes it a problem to be able to take them out, therefore the situation is aggravated and the person feels most of the time fanned or with a feeling of fullness. Lots of fiber. It is known that you should ingest a lot of fiber to your body, but you should not exaggerate and people who have constipation problems, if this is your case, often commit the recklessness of eating fiber in excess, making their situation more serious than it should be. If you do this and do not drink liquids, instead of helping you, the body will continue or aggravate the situation, since this element needs liquids to be eliminated from the body without problems, one of the many ways to eliminate gases without effort and naturally. Diseases. People who produce a lot of wind, have to know that it is a fairly serious health problem, such is the case of those who suffer from the following that we name below: irritable bowel syndrome; Colon inflammation; Intolerance to dairy products; Celiac; Gluten intolerance. If you are of this type of person, the gas problem is usually a little more serious and therefore you should try to solve it with due consultation to a specialist and thus have the opportunity to receive attention from those who know the subject. Know if you suffer from gases. The specialist doctor will evaluate through a physical examination if the problem is due to an inadequate diet or the same way of eating, since if they eat too quickly, you accumulate many gases in the process that lodge in the intestine. In addition to all this, they will request blood tests, know your avalanche habits, as well as the foods you frequently eat during the process of eating them and thus you are also allergic to a product and you do not know it until the moment of the evaluation. normal gases. When you do not suffer from excessive gas, the body does its job of eliminating them naturally at any time of the day through feces or urine, without any type of bad smell or problem of pain when expelling them, which may occur.

Tips to remove gas

 If the gases have a bad smell, you have a serious problem of excessive wind. The accumulation of gases is the beginning of reviewing your diet.

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