How To Live Healthy Forever

How To Live Healthy Forever

Since the beginning of human history, man has been condemned to get sick, grow old and end up dying. It is no secret to anyone that there are very debilitating diseases and some are so cruel that, after causing great suffering, they end up taking not only life, but also dignity and joy from the person. For this reason, scientists have made an effort to create a large number of medicines, many of which are intended to counteract the symptoms of certain diseases, but also seek to prevent the development of certain diseases or slow down their evolution. Everything, in order to enjoy a healthy life for as long as possible, free from diseases of any kind, from the simplest, such as a cold, to the most complex, such as cancer in its terminal stage. Although it is true that, for a long time, health has been considered a great utopia , it has been discovered that there are things we can do in order to preserve it for as long as possible and thus, not only enjoy more of our life, but also that of our loved ones, whom we never wish to see die.

How To Live Healthy Forever

Since we all want to enjoy a healthy life and prolong it as much as possible , it will be good for you to be aware of the information contained in this post, since I will be sharing with you useful recommendations that will help you make the golden dream of many come true: living healthy forever. It should be noted that this “forever” has a purely symbolic meaning, since it refers to the time of life that each person can enjoy, which varies from one to another, depending on factors such as culture, the climate where they live, the degree of environmental contamination, their eating habits, etc.

Instructions to live healthy forever Some experts say that after 21 days repeating an activity or behavior, it becomes a habit. Others say that a neural circuit that automates a behavior takes at least 3 months. Regardless of who is right, the truth is that repetition is the mother of retention. In other words, if we want to learn something, we need to practice it daily, until it comes naturally to us. This includes healthy habits that will help us live healthy forever.

Some of these habits are as follows:

Exercise every week. It may cost you a bit to do it, especially if you are used to a sedentary lifestyle. One thing that will give you an incentive, however, is making a commitment to a friend. Those who exercise have a 45% less chance of suffering from Alzheimer’s in the future. Eat salads every day. With just a daily serving of green leafy vegetables you can stop cognitive decline. Eat desserts that have berries. Since these foods contain compounds that fight inflammation and help protect the brain, consuming a cup of blueberries a day for 6 months has also been shown to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Drink green tea, since some studies have shown that its consumption favors cognitive functions. Read a good book. Those who exercise their minds by doing intellectual activities, such as reading or playing games, are less likely to develop dementia. Try to learn something new every week. Continuous learning has been shown to be linked to better brain health and slow cognitive decline. Sleep better. There are different strategies that you can implement to get a restful sleep. For example: make the bed every morning, change the sheets once a week to avoid the presence of allergens that interrupt your sleep. You can also enjoy a good hot chamomile tea just before going to sleep. Brush your teeth and floss frequently, not only for hygiene reasons, but because both inflammation and bleeding of the gums can cause microorganisms to circulate in the bloodstream, which can cause heart damage. Do 10 minutes of resistance exercise every day, as low muscle strength is linked to a higher risk of death among people over 50 years of age. Add avocado to your meals. When you replace saturated fats with fatty acids, you manage to reduce LDL cholesterol levels or also known as bad cholesterol. Don’t smoke. It is no secret to anyone that smoking increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Therefore, if you are a smoker and you feel like smoking, go for a walk and breathe fresh air. Get rid of stress. To do this, he organizes one task per day instead of doing many at once. Doing one thing a day will make you feel like you’ve accomplished a task and therefore feel less pressured.

What do you need to live healthy forever?

In addition to the instructions, I have given you, if you want to live healthy forever, you need to do the following: Take a daily break without interruptions. Regardless of the place you choose for it, close your eyes for at least 5 minutes and do not open them for anything or anyone. You will see how you feel wonderful and you will have more energy to continue with the activities of the day. Get rid of anxiety. It doesn’t have to be something very complicated. It will be enough for you to call a friend, have a cup of tea or listen to that song that you like so much. Allow the brain to relax. You will achieve this by incorporating into your daily routine an activity that causes you enjoyment or pleasure, such as painting, doing origami, jumping rope, playing a board game, writing poetry, etc. You don’t have to do it for a long time. It will be enough for you to invest about 10 or 15 minutes a day. Incorporate fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. There are many ways to do it and it is very beneficial for your health, as well as being delicious. Eat nuts. Although eating nuts at least 3 times a week can reduce the risk of dying from any reason, you should not do it indiscriminately. The idea is that you separate them by portions, so that you make sure you are eating the indicated amount each day. Stay active. Although it is true that the quarantine has brought a lot of sedentary lifestyles, try to move as much as you can, perhaps walking, jogging or riding a bicycle. Remember that the brain needs oxygen to function properly and be productive. Therefore, get moving and get the blood circulating through your body.

Tips to live healthy forever

Limit the use of the phone and other electronic devices, since it has been shown that their excessive use can cause depression, anxiety and even sleep problems. Instead of turning to the phone to entertain yourself, do something you enjoy, like reading a little, drinking coffee, stretching, etc. Improve your relationship with your partner and with others in general. Take time to talk with those friends you don’t see for a long time, give small gifts, turn dinners into an opportunity to share and talk with your partner, among other things. Practice diaphragmatic breathing. Take a deep breath until your abdomen expands. This exercise manages to activate the autonomic nervous system. In addition, it decreases the sensitivity of the digestive tube. Check your posture every hour or at least several times a day. If you do, you’ll soon get used to having a healthier, more upright posture. Change the way you lift things. The idea is that you can distribute the weight evenly on your body. When you load bags, try to have a similar amount of weight on each side. This will help you have a better posture.

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