How To Improve Memory

How To Improve Memory

Do you have problems remembering things? Does your memory fail?, Do you want to improve memory? If you notice that every day you remember less and it is difficult for you to remember things and you can not improve memory, many times it may be because you do not exercise your brain well or you take as banal many matters of great importance. Sometimes we are afraid of losing our memory and we begin to think that perhaps we suffer from some evil. Before thinking about self-diagnosis with Alzheimer’s or amnesia and thinking that you will not be able to improve memory, think that perhaps it may be due to your lack of concentration or other reasons. Improving the memory of someone forgetful is not impossible, if you suffer from having “such a light memory” that you do not remember things well, look at how to improve memory.  

How To Improve Memory

Instructions for improving memory

 Learn a new language. Learning languages helps stimulate andimprove memory, because by learning and practicing a language, we are training the hypothalamus and helping to retain the information we get when learning a new language. Study mathematics. Mathematics stimulates the mind by forcing it to solve problems and at the same time, this helps us retain information to solve the mathematical operations we are doing. Studying mathematics helpsimprove memorybecause it puts the brain in the function of working remembering, processing and solving information to solve the problem.

Learn songs. If you learn songs or write songs, you will stimulate your mind by having to remember them. It is recommended that you sing songs in order to remember them at the moment you sing them and stimulate your memory more. Try to learn the ones you can and remember them without the need to listen to them. Play chess, cards and memory games. These kinds of games really stimulate to improve a person’s memory, so it is a great way toimprovesomeone’smemory. Also, by playing this type of games you are stimulating the thinking of your brain to succeed in your moves, which will come in handy to stimulate the mind and your audacity.

Sleep peacefully and the necessary hours. Sleeping 8 hours a day is recommended for an adult with a working life. Many times, our brain feels tired and overwhelmed by lack of sleep, if you sleep well, it is very likely to improve your memory. It is important that you sleep the right hours and at the right time. Don’t stay up all morning and sleep during the afternoon. Do your best to sleep well at the moment, that is, at night. Lack of sleep is one of the main causes why a person’s memory and work performance can fail, do not let this happen to you.

Exercise every day. Exercise is very healthy and everyone should do it. There are many ways to exercise the body, run, dance, jump rope, ride a bike, go up and down the stairs, do pilates, etc. It is important that toimprove memorythe blood throughout your body circulates well, and exercising will help maintain a good heart rate and supply blood throughout your body. In this way, at the same time that you exercise your body and burn calories and take care of your figure, you will be helping toimprove memory.

Review things you’ve studied, done, and written. If you were doing well in any subject, take a book related to that and read it, try to solve it again. As you were used to this type of actions, it is likely that your mind will begin to work improving your memory to remember the procedure you followed to study. In the same way it happens with the things you did like watching movies, reading books or writing. Try to remember these things step by step, if possible, after this exercise see what you are trying to remember, for example watch the movie again and check if you were right.

Try to remember the things you did yesterday. Try to remember what you did when you got up, where you walked, where you went, what you had breakfast, what you accompanied him with, what you dressed, what things happened to you during the day, what time you went to sleep, etc. All this will stimulate your mind and make you remember what happens day by day, so you canimprove your memoryday by day. Talk to people, try to have a good social life where you can communicate frequently, this will also help youimprove memory. You can write to your friends through an email or through a social network

. Talking frequently with people also stimulates the mind.

Use reminders to improve memory, when you go to do an activity and want to remember it, do something that helps you remember it, for example, put a lilac paper that reminds you to wash clothes, or a pink ribbon that reminds you to walk the dog. Reminders are quite effective, because when you look at them you will have to relate the reason you have them and remember that they are to fulfill an activity. Keep a journal. Writing a diary will help you a lot, since when writing things down they will be retained for longer in your memory and you will have to remember them little by little when writing them, and then when you read them after a while of having written them, when reading them you will remember how it was more clearly what happened to you that day. Journaling is a great way to improve memory.

What do you need to improve memory

? Exercise your memory Be consistent Tips to improve memory Try to remember events from your childhood, such as something you did while playing games or after watching a movie. Try to talk with acquaintances about something that happened in the past of you, this will serve so that by remembering both how it happened, both will help you remember each other and you can remember what happened, this will improve the memory of both. Travel somewhere where you have lived for a while or gone for a walk, this will help you stimulate your mind by remembering the events that happened there.

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