How To Get Rid Of Stomach Ache.

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Ache

Among the pains in the world, belly or stomach pain is one of the most common that most people usually suffer from. That along with headache and back pain make up the podium of «Common pains». That is why today in the health section of We will take on the task of investigating, analyzing and sharing with you a series of home remedies that will help alleviate this type of pain. If you are a person who constantly suffers from ailments such as indigestion, intoxication or even inflammation caused by consuming a specific food, this article is dedicated to you.

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Ache.

Instructions to Remove Stomach Pain

Home remedies, as a general rule. A fast, simple and economical alternative when it comes to treating discomfort. For many, it even becomes the best option to treat the symptoms presented to treat any type of disease. Therefore, below we will share a series of home and natural remedies that will contribute positively to the relief or eradication of stomach pain. Without further ado, let’s start with the list of homemade solutions. Chamomile. We have before us the patron saint of digestive herbs and your best friend to catch up on sleep. Although today we will focus on its usefulness for the fight against digestive problems, an area where chamomile is already very veteran. If you drink an infusion of chamomile tea you can relieve pain in the intestines. This is information corroborated by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the United States. Peppermint. Peppermint, as many must already know, belongs to the mint family and has been used as a stomach protector since the distant times of Methuselah. Among some of the properties attributed to peppermint for the treatment of stomach pains, we have that. It is a good stimulant for the digestion process, has analgesic properties and has antispasmodic attributes. The way to ingest it is with a tea prepared using its leaves. Mint. Most of the plants that are in the mint family are beneficial for digestive problems. Obviously, mint is no exception to this rule and is another of the herbs that are most used to treat indigestion problems. Drinking some mint tea can give you the relief you’re looking for. As an extra fact about peppermint oil, it is excellent for treating other problems in your health, and not just indigestion. This is information provided by the United States National Library of Medicine.

Turmeric. Once again, our friend turmeric makes an appearance, an excellent aromatic spice and essential when preparing curry. Today we will focus on its benefits to treat stomach aches. We recommend consuming turmeric through an infusion or dissolving a little in a cup of warm milk. Turmeric has been shown to have a great ability to reduce stomach pain. As well as symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome.  Rice water. For a few years now, this water from rice has been used as a home remedy to treat problems with diarrhea. If he asks you why? It is because of the starch it contains. Its therapeutic action arises when making contact with the intestinal mucosa. This produces an effect where you absorb the liquid. Therefore, it favors the reduction of colitis. Sabula or Aloe Vera. Using it to calm colitis, heartburn and irritated colon turns out to be a very successful option. They are also ideal options for cleaning the digestive tract. Only the gelatin inside the leaves should be consumed. This is information corroborated by a study by the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine, in California, in the United States. Sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate by nature is antacid. Therefore, it is ideal to relieve acidity in the stomach. As well as indigestion. Probably many of us know the Alca celcer tablets, if so, we know its effervescent reaction when mixed with water. Well, that same reaction is given when water is combined with sodium bicarbonate. This stimulates gas (belching and farting) and helps relieve bloating caused by stomach gas.

Tips to Get Rid of Stomach Pain

Although until now we have provided you with a series of home remedies that help treat stomach pain. We will also give a couple of tips that can be used to treat this type of health problem.

Going to the Bathroom Can Fix Stomach Ache.

It may sound stupid, but this is advice that sometimes people overlook and go straight to taking a pill. When in reality the stomach pain may be related to not having been able to go to the bathroom. In fact, this should be the first thing you have to try before doing anything else. Your body knows itself well and evacuating may be one of the solutions that it is asking us to relieve itself. In more than one case, an intestinal cleansing turns out to be recommended. For this reason, we consider it an option to take into account, but if even after trying it does not solve it, try the following advice.

Take a bath with hot water.

Stress is the best generator of evils for the human being. It is possible that your stomach pain stems from an intense and hard day at work. Try to relax for a while in the shower and calm your thoughts, sometimes the solution is not in a remedy but in the same tranquility. If you are a person who can handle a contrast shower (i.e., cold shower/hot shower). You will make the circulation in your body activate, relax the muscles and calm the pain.

Apply a massage in the Abdomen area.

As the last piece of advice that we share to calm stomach pain, we invite you to resort to a massage in the abdominal area. The massage that you perform (Or perform) will contribute to relieving the tension of the muscles located in that area. In this way, not only the stress and stomach pain that you could present are reduced, but you also enjoy an excellent moment of calm and peace. There is nothing more relaxing than a delicious massage.


As you can see, there are countless medicinal alternatives to relieve stomach pain. In this article we have presented what we consider to be the most appropriate and economical ones that you can prepare yourself. The vast majority of solutions provided in this post are natural medicines. Being home remedies, it should not be a problem for their rapid implementation, since some of these remedies we usually have in the kitchen pantry. As could be chamomile tea or turmeric. Even those gardeners who are lucky enough to have an aloe plant in their garden have a solution to this problem. We hope that everything discussed in this article has been useful, and that you have found the holy remedy for stomach pain. We invite you to continue reading some of our posts, such as ” how to prevent heart attacks ” in the health section of You may find more information that catches your attention.

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