How To Eliminate Excess Flatulence In People

How To Eliminate Excess Flatulence in People?

We are used to consuming any amount of food that without knowing it produces intestinal gas, leading us to produce flatulence that for many are moments that seem embarrassing. In particular, it is good that the gases manifest themselves, because it suggests that the bacteria that are naturally housed in our intestines are being fed as they like and, in my opinion, when these gases manifest, it makes me understand that we have a healthy healthy gut. But when this flatulence is constant, it reaches the point of producing intestinal swelling, inflaming the abdomen or belly, perhaps because it is not expelled at the right time, causing colic and severe pain. If you are one of those people who likes to eat in abundance or perhaps combine certain foods that are not suitable, eat outside the regular hours or simply go on continuous diets without the advice of a nutritionist or medical specialist, you will tend to suffer from this disease. Unfortunately, you will force your body to produce poor digestion every time you take any food to your mouth. If you do not want to be prone to these annoying and constant gases, ailments and stomach swelling, encourage yourself to take advice from nutritionists or herbalists who use home remedies, which will help you control the excessive air that accumulates in your stomach.

How To Eliminate Excess Flatulence In People

Foods that you will avoid consuming if you suffer from constant flatulence.

Foods rich in carbohydrates and fibers such as pasta, beans, bread fresh from the oven, broccoli or others, are the most common to cause stomach gas because it is fermented in the intestines during the digestion process. However, there are people who can tolerate these foods by reducing their intake and frequency. It is best to consult a nutritionist to evaluate you and make an appropriate selection of the diet that you are going to practice. Here is a small list of certain foods that you will avoid: Milk and all its derivatives, if your body tends not to produce an enzyme called lactase, once you consume these products because you are lactose intolerant, you will release fatty acids and hydrogen, causing the intestinal bacteria to obtain the substrate because they do not know how to digest it. sugars, creating unwanted gases. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, asparagus, paprika, beans, peas, leeks and in such case as onion and garlic. These vegetables, being rich in fiber, produce a glucose called raffinose that is fermented in the intestine since they cannot be easily digested. Fruit juices that are pasteurized. Chewing gum or chewing gum. Alcoholic beverages. Oat bran or some whole grain flours. Carbonated drinks. Grains, such as kidney beans, beans, lentils. Artificial sweeteners. Fried and stewed foods that contain fat and a lot of ingredients. Coffee, and many more.

Home remedies that will relieve inflammation in the abdomen.

Chamomile tea, if you drink an infusion before and after each meal, will help you relax your stomach, making your digestion easier. Take supplements containing activated charcoal before each meal. Lemon juice has many properties that are healing for the digestive tract. Honey and apple cider vinegar, the consumption of two teaspoons of vinegar and honey dissolved in a cup of hot water during the meal will facilitate the transit of the intestines, helping to regulate stomach acids. Always have anise in your pantry, either whole or powdered, since you will drink this infusion daily. The root of ginger is phenomenal for health and its use is very versatile, you can consume it grated either dry or fresh in meals, prepare infusions or eat it in small pieces by spreading honey on it. Fresh or dried parsley helps the digestive process, just by pouring a certain amount on meals or preparing infusions. Placing hot water compresses on the stomach helps gases to be expelled quickly from your body by relaxing the intestines.

Basic recommendations to avoid flatulence.

If you do not see any improvement with all these recommendations that we will present below, consult a doctor immediately, to avoid major consequences: It is recommended not to drink liquids with a straw or straw. Talk less when you are eating. Do not leave the pasta (spaghetti) al dente, its cooking must be correct. Try to have yogurt for dessert. Keep your intake of fruits such as pineapple, papaya or papaya. You can consume whole-grain foods but in small portions and not as frequently. Exercising and walking daily help keep your bowels in constant motion. Prepare hummus with chickpeas, this will serve as a dressing for meals. Infusions or tea of ​​cardamom, cumin, anise, mint, chamomile help you keep the intestines deflated, avoiding flatulence.

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