How To Eat Flax Seeds

How To Eat Flax Seeds

We want to teach you how to eat flax seeds, those little ones that are full of nutrients and benefits for our body. Flaxseeds are an excellent source of calcium and fiber. They also contain Omega-3 fatty acids very beneficial for the heart. But if these seeds are not prepared correctly, they do not offer any benefit, this is the counterpart so it is important to know how to eat flax seeds. An excellent source of essential fatty acids, flaxseeds have a rich roasted nutty flavor. Also, its adequate consumption produces an improvement and potential protection to certain types of cancers. You can also grind these seeds and make them powder, drink flaxseed oil or take a flax seed oil supplement. Another very important benefit is due to the lack of fiber in our diet, one of the primary causes for us to have evacuation problems, it is possible to improve our intestinal motility in a natural way, without resorting to artificial laxatives, simply eating flax seeds in the way you prefer, that is, flax seeds (or flaxseed) are highly recommended to combat constipation. The secret is in its richness in mucilages (soluble fibers). In contact with water, flax seeds release these soluble mucilages, so that the surrounding liquids acquire a thicker quality. We will give you several options to eat these seeds according to your tastes and preferences.

How To Eat Flax Seeds


 for eating flax seeds Flaxseedscome in different forms: whole, ground, finely ground (as flour) and in capsules, tablets or tablets. You can buy it at any herbalist, dietetic or pharmacy. One way to take flax seeds is to leave them submerged in water overnight and drink thewaterand seeds the next morning. There are people who find thetexturethat the water has acquired, slightly dense; In such a case, the seeds can be added to juices, yogurt, milk, salads, etc. and taken on the spot, as they will also release mucilage into the aqueous environment of the intestine. The number of seeds that are added to the water depends on the need of the person, it is convenient to try first with a teaspoon, then two, depending on the effect it produces. Take this liquid on an empty stomach and before bed. Flax can be consumed by all people and of any age including pregnant women, unless some type of flax allergy is known.

pregnant women, unless some type of flax allergy is known. Add flax seeds to your cerealor oatmeal breakfast. Flaxseeds give your boring dish a fresh nutty taste. You can also add some fresh berries to complement the added flavor of flaxseeds. Drink flaxseed oil. You can also buy a liquid flaxseedoiland add it to your favorite drink. Flaxseed oil has the samenuttyflavor as seeds but does not have the grainy texture. Take a flaxseed oil supplement but if you want to get the benefits of flaxseeds without their flavor or the hassle of adding it to your food, you can simply buy aflaxseedsupplement and take one pill a day. If you bought flaxin pillsyou can consume 2 to 3 per day. The way to ingest it depends on what the purpose is: if it is to improve cholesterol you should consume it in the morning and if it is to improve digestion then you can consume them with a dairy at night.

night. If flax seeds are ground it is advisable to take a quarter cup ofground seedsdaily; that is, two tablespoons in the morning and two in the afternoon. If you prefer you can pulverize them and then mix with fruit juices, in soups, cereals or yogurt; They can also be drizzled on chopped fruit, or on a salad. Infusionsof flax are prepared with a tablespoon of seeds in water, boiled for a few minutes, let stand and strain. These infusions can be taken two or three times a day. Mix them in thebread dough. Simply choose your favorite bread recipe and add about 1/4 cup of flaxseeds per batch. The final product will be crunchy and have an interesting texture. You can add flax to youryogurtand make it more nutritious and crunchier. Add whole seeds for a pleasant texture that increases the nutritional value of your creamy yogurt. Add flax seeds afruit smoothie, the taste of flax and fruit complement each other very well. Calculate adding one tablespoon of seeds per serving.

If you likecookiesyou can prepare them with flax seeds simply by adding them in the dough you always prepare. Cookies with nuts, oatmeal, dried fruits and other crunchy ingredients complement flax seeds well. Topmeat orvegetableswith a flaxseed crust. Add flaxseeds to your usual breading mix along with other complementary spices for a crunchier result and add flavor to the vegetables or meat of your choice. Small flaxseeds are the perfect size to add to your food when it’s whole. Be sure tochewthe seeds well to aid your digestion and access the nutritional benefits that flaxseeds offer. Remember that theOmega 3fatty acids present in flax seeds are located inside the seeds and therefore the seeds must beopenin order to access their nutritional value. You can grind flaxseeds using a coffee or spice grinder to make sure you’re reaping the benefits of flaxseeds. You can also use ground flaxseeds and water to replace theeggs. Enrichmealsby adding flaxseeds to meatballs, meatloaf, stews and other preparations especially when you or your family don’t like to eat the seeds alone. It can also be used tolocally reduce inflammationof a swollen area of the body using flaxseed or flax flour that is obtained by crushing the seeds and mixed with water. Place this paste on the inflamed area and leave it on for several minutes.

What do you need to eat flax seeds?

 Whole or crushed flax seeds. Linen tablets or tablets. Infusions of flax and flax oil.

tips for eating flax seed

Flaxseeds must be kept in a cool place in order to maintain their nutrients. Mix ground flaxseeds with yogurt or sprinkle them on the pasta or dough of baked goods, such as rolls, breads and so on. Whole flax seeds can stay fresh for 6-12 months at room temperature and up to a year in your refrigerator.

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