How To Cure Sciatica

How To Cure Sciatica

Sciatica is a symptom caused by some internal or external physical condition; it cannot be classified as a disease directly. Its main symptom is pain and numbness in the legs and lower back. It should be noted that sciatica is directly related to the sciatic nerve, which is very close to the lower spine and runs down the legs to the feet. This nerve or muscle controls the movement of most of the muscles in the legs and lower back. That is why the pain can be reflected in the back down the legs and reach the feet. Also, it can cause difficulty moving the ankles and involuntary muscle contractions of the muscles. In this article we will explain to you in a very simple way, where this pain comes from and how it can be cured. It is important to highlight that the causes can be multiple and that doctors generally detect them with an MRI in the most complicated cases, since with a simple examination, which is carried out with the person in bed and raising both legs, at the same time. time with 45 degrees it can be determined if the sciatic nerve is affected. But don’t worry, all this can improve and even disappear with good treatment and with the advice in this article. So, if you are suffering from these pains, this article is for you. On the other hand, many people begin to suffer from this pain due to poor posture when walking or sitting incorrectly. This happens a lot in gentlemen, since when they are sitting the gluteus muscles are pressed a lot with the bulge of the bag. This causes pressure on the sciatic nerve and causes pain. Which, people do not realize is because of the bag, because it is reflected or on the back or on the leg. That is why you should always visit your GP. In some cases, people bend down to pick up any object, be it heavy or light, but when they bend their back and do it, they run the risk of involuntarily contracting a muscle and damaging the sciatic nerve. So, it is always recommended that if you are going to lift an object from the ground, do it without bending your back. Another very common cause is herniated discs, which begin to press on the sciatic nerve and produce very strong pain, so these cases generally have to be treated with surgery or laser beams, but only by specialists in the field. In this same order of ideas, pregnant women are also very affected by these pains, who have to support the weight of the fetus and the pressure that it exerts on the spine and spinal cord, so it is necessary to be very careful in her treatment, since due to her pregnancy condition she cannot take any pill or analgesic. Finally, elderly people suffer a lot of wear on the discs of the spine, which causes the roots of the sciatic nerve that are in the middle of each disc to be pressed by the weight of the trunk and if the person is overweight it will be the greater the pain. It is important to note that a poor diet also makes these problems worse, since the muscles need vitamins B12, folic acid, and minerals so that they can function well and avoid cramps and involuntary muscle contractions that affect the sciatic nerve so much. Therefore, a diet with lots of vegetables and fruits is ideal to begin to cure this ailment that today affects thousands of people in Spain and throughout the world.

How To Cure Sciatica

This nerve is very sensitive to blows and muscle contractions, which is why many people who practice martial arts and other extreme sports are very affected by the pain produced by the sciatic nerve and generally do not go to the doctor, but buy some pain reliever for the pain and that’s it, they forget everything. Which is a big mistake, because a bad blow can affect your sciatic nerve for life and if you don’t treat it correctly, it can leave you in bed or in a wheelchair for the next few years. That is why, in this article, we will give you many ideas to cure sciatica but you have to take into account that whenever you have to visit the doctor as soon as possible, he is the one who will indicate the specific treatment when he has well identified the causes of your sciatica Next, we will give you several tips that can be very useful to cure sciatica pain.

Instructions to cure sciatica

Take a towel and place it in the steam with a pot of hot water, with this compress as hot as possible, you are going to place it on the place where the pain is felt most intensely. Try to do this procedure three times a day and after you put this compress on, take a bath with water at room temperature. If it is winter time, try to hold the water as cold as possible. These temperature changes in sciatica will cause the muscle to relax and the pain decreases very quickly. Try not to strain or lift weight for at least 24 hours because if you don’t rest your muscles, the pain won’t go away. Then take a mint cream and you are going to mix it with a little powdered sea salt. Put the cream on the most painful place and with your body lying on your stomach, have a person apply it gently to the affected area. This is going to be done in a circular way and exerting very gentle pressure on the skin. We recommend a hot tea, cinnamon with star anise, and a little ginger, this will help the contracted muscles to relax and also deflate. You can take this three times a day, so that the pain is less and the deflation is faster. You can also get into the bathtub and put hot water with a little eucalyptus oil, you can do this at least three times a day and for about an hour, you will see how the pain disappears quickly. If you are in summer and there is a good sun, in the morning hours you can place yourself in the sun for 5 minutes in the most affected part and this will also help the pain to cease, since the heat of the sun quickly relaxes the nerve muscles. sciatic. Another very good option is yoga exercises, which help you relax the muscles of the back and legs, eye guided by a professional in the area, since otherwise you can have greater damage. And finally practice swimming, at least once a week, it is the best way to strengthen the muscles of the back and always relax the sciatic nerve.

What do you need to cure sciatica?

Hot towels or compresses. Hot water. menthol cream. Eucalyptus oil. Tub or bathtub. Swimming pool. Ginger. Star anise. Morning sun.

Tips to cure sciatica

The first advice is very simple; when you’re going to bend over to pick something up off the floor. Don’t bend your back, just bend your legs as a bad bend can hurt the muscles near the sciatic nerve. If you are a gentleman and you are used to using your wallet in the back pocket of your pants, do not keep doing it, as the years go by it will affect your gluteal muscle and damage your sciatic nerve, use your wallet in your front pocket or use a koala or waist bag. If you are an elderly person and sciatica is bothering you a lot, then we recommend a special chicken feet soup, you can get it in the markets and its value is very low, but it has a large amount of collagen that your body needs. in order to keep the vertebrae and discs in place. Take half a kilo of chicken legs and place them to boil for a few minutes, then take them out and remove the nails and the skin of the legs, after this procedure, place them to boil with some vegetables and a few round onions. Take it three times a week and you will notice a great improvement. If you can’t get chicken feet, you can do it with beef feet. Try to maintain a weight according to the height of your body, since being overweight causes the discs in your back to wear out very quickly and the pain of sciatica to be generated very strongly. You also have to have a high-fiber, low-fat diet and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, so that your muscles have all the vitamins and minerals they require to function properly. Never forget to visit your personal doctor, because if you take analgesics the pain can go down and even disappear but it is not the right thing to do, we always lean towards the natural but without forgetting the advances of science. It should be noted that during any treatment for the muscles of sciatica or any part of the body. You have to have absolute rest, from 24 hours to sometimes 15 days.

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