How To Cure Oxalic Lithiasis

How To Cure Oxalic Lithiasis

kidney disease is increasing every day in Spain. It is impressive how many people have no idea what oxalic lithiasis can be and try to improve their symptoms by increasing the amount of water they consume in the day and taking self-medicated painkillers; which only worsens their condition in the long run. Just in case you are one of the many who is not clear about the term lithiasis, it is a disease that attacks the kidneys chronically. Its main feature is the appearance of kidney stones in the urinary tract or kidneys; It affects the entire urinary system and is complicated by urinary tract infections.
There is also biliary lithiasis, which are stones formed in the gallbladder; But on this occasion I will specify the characteristics of kidney stones formed by calcium oxalate. This type of lithiasis comes to be one of the most dangerous due to the fact that those who suffer from them usually do not visit the doctor and are treated with medicines that they sell without a prescription in the pharmacy for a long time; which causes great damage to the kidney.

How To Cure Oxalic Lithiasis

Oxalic renal lithiasis is the formation of calcium oxalate stones in the kidneys or urinary tract. However, knowing specifically the compound of the stone formed, the necessary measures can be taken to cure or prevent the formation of these. The diet low in oxalic acidic essential to avoid the formation of new stones and prevent the size of the stones that the patient has. Foods that should be avoided in excess are: green leaves such as spinach, lettuce, chard, watercress, berries, beets, nuts, tea, coffee, cola drinks, chocolate and wheat germ. The important thing is to minimize calcium intake; Well, if your body is forming stones with this it is because you are consuming excessively. Cooking vegetables in boiling water and not consuming that water helps lower the amount of oxalic acid in food. Therefore, it is preferable to avoid soups or green as opados. Decreasing the consumption of animal protein in meats can also help decrease oxalic acid in the body. Avoid dairy. If possible, only consume once a day and accompanied by plenty of water. Increase your intake of fruits high in vitamin C: lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits. However, do not exceed the consumption of vitamin C with supplements; since it has been proven that high doses of vitamin C in the body increases the presence of oxalic acid. The recommended intake in adults is 9 to 70 mg of vitamin C; while in children and adolescents it is between 60 and 70 mg. Avoid calcium or vitamin C supplementation in mega doses; Always consult your GP. Lower fructose consumption. Do not consume fruits in syrup, because fructose is proven to considerably increase the risk of producing urea stones. This means that, if you already suffer from calcium stones, you are more likely to produce urea stones as well. Also, it would be good to have your thyroid checked. Patients suffering from hyperparathyroidism are much more at risk of forming kidney stones. Finally, I recommend incorporating apple cider vinegar and celery juice into your diet, because these will help you undo the stones you have, whether calcium oxalate or urea.

What do you need to cure oxalic lithiasis? The first thing you have to do to know if you have an excess of oxalates that can damage your kidneys is to check if you have some of the symptoms that describe below; And of course, immediately visit your trusted doctor.

Symptoms You feel like you urinate less than normal. You have exhaustion and malaise in general. You have noticeably lost your appetite and feel nauseous; You’ve even vomited a few times. Your skin has turned pale. Your feet or hands swell. You have discomfort urinating. You have constant back pain

Oxalic acid helps separate minerals from foods that excess minerals are flushed out through urine. Therefore, if you consume an excess of foods high in calcium, you are taking self-medicated calcium supplements or some other calcium-based medication (such as antacids); You may have calcium oxalate kidney stones. When we have extra calcium in the body, oxalic acidic responsible for fixing everything that is left over in the urinary system. Thus, this famous “sequestering ingredient” prevents intestinal absorption; Trying to avoid an excess mineral poisoning in your body, is the main cause of kidney stones. As an important fact I tell you that hyperoxaluria is a disease that occurs in comedy with renal lithiasis; since it is produced by an excess of oxalate in the blood. However, this can be hereditary and has nothing to do with your diet; Although the diet low in oxalic acid can help you if you suffer from primary hyperoxaluria. This disease is characterized by the inability of the liver to create the necessary amount of an enzyme; which is responsible for preventing the excessive production of oxalate. Therefore, as the kidneys are the ones that eliminate excess oxalate, stones occur in the urine when they come into contact with minerals such as calcium.

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