How To Cure Internal Hemorrhoids

How To Cure Internal Hemorrhoids

Curing internal hemorrhoids is not as complicated as dealing with this disease and consulting the doctor. Few people seek advice on hemorrhoids, compared to those who consult for a wide variety of health problems. The reason is that many feel ashamed to make inquiries without thinking about the damage this causes. Here we will give you some tips to cure internal hemorrhoids and to prevent them from occurring again. Read our article and watch our video.

How To Cure Internal Hemorrhoids

Instructions for curing internal hemorrhoids

To cure internal hemorrhoids it is necessary to undergo an operation, it can be with surgery or laser. Laser treatment allows to burn the hemorrhoidal tissue. After surgery it is necessary to continue with the treatment because hemorrhoids can reappear. You should keep in mind what medications you are taking when treating hemorrhoids, as some can be harmful. Eat broccoli because it contains a lot of fiber and purges your body of toxins. Most laxatives will not help with hemorrhoids as they are designed to help bowel movement but when you stop taking them, they can cause further constipation. Control the amount of salt you consume; excess salt can cause hemorrhoids to swell. If you have hemorrhoids, try to avoid heavy lifting. If you need to do heavy lifting, ask someone for help. Heavy lifting can equate to the effort exerted on a bowel movement. When you are treating hemorrhoids use hygiene products free of dyes, essential oils and fragrances. Contact with these products can cause further swelling and discomfort. Help yourself reduce inflammation and pain by applying ice packs or sterilized compresses to the anal area. Drink 2 liters of water per day as this helps improve blood circulation and irritation and pain. Eat broccoli because it contains a lot of fiber and purges your body of toxins.

What do you need to cure internal hemorrhoids? Consult your doctor Surgery Care in feeding, efforts Lots of water

Tips to cure internal hemorrhoids

┬áTo the care explained you can add eating foods rich in fiber. Consuming fiber-rich foods such as vegetables, citrus fruits, whole grains will prevent constipation, which is a strong risk factor for the development of hemorrhoid symptoms. And if you don’t want to consume more fiber naturally, you can supplement your fiber intake with fiber capsules. Lecithin capsules are very good although not for pregnant ones. To get rid of internal hemorrhoids you have to avoid junk food, processed foods. Reduce alcohol consumption.

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