How To Cure Hpv

How To Cure Hpv

HPV is a virus that causes a sexually transmitted disease in men and women, which, despite ending the symptoms it presents, has no cure and, in turn, remains dormant in the body, generating possible relapses, so always needs attention. It is rare for a person to be completely cured, but with the caveat that the virus is still alive inside the person’s body, generating multiple discomforts and that are usually accompanied by various attitudes and manifestations that are visible in the body. It is important to highlight that by taking the appropriate treatment, the person is usually “cured” of the virus, and does not manifest more infections in his life, however, it is a volcano about to erupt at any moment because the disease falls asleep. Among the ways to know when there are no symptoms and it can be said that there is a healing, is when the genital warts disappear, which usually appear, but it is necessary to carry out tests to know if they are present or not. The most visible symptoms of the disease are: Warts on the genitals of men and women. Warts occur on the cervix.

How To Cure Hpv

What do you need to cure yourself of HPV?

Visual examination of the specialist. Male internal exam. Female internal exam. various treatments. General care. Condom use to avoid diseases such as AIDS and others. Maintain a diet. Stipulate the couples you’ve been with. Be aware of the contagion.

Instructions to cure yourself of HPV

HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that usually occurs through physical contact between a carrier person, who can be both a man or a woman, and their partner, remaining with the virus in the body, with or without symptoms in any of them.

To diagnose the disease , a general physical examination must be done by the corresponding specialist for women and men, in addition to this carrying confirmation with an internal one, being a Pap smear for women  that detects papilloma and a phenocopy for men . In any of the exams, it is determined by means of a biopsy of the warts from which the sample is taken, generating the diagnosis of the disease for which the patient must immediately take the precautions to stipulate what is necessary for a timely treatment.

How to get rid of HPV step by step

The immune system acts by eliminating the virus from the body of the infected person, generating not feeling any type of symptom that generates mistrust or estrangement from other people. The infected person must attend a medical check-up once a year to verify the virus, locate it and prescribe the corresponding treatment to combat the virus, thus preventing both prostate and cervical cancer from being acquired. Within the prevention against HPV disease, the use of a condom is considered immediately in order to avoid following the infection of other people and the disease does not spread more than it currently manifests. To gradually eliminate the appearance of the warts of the disease, ointments and topical solutions applied by the treating physician at the time of their consultation are usually prescribed, with the patient needing rest after treatment. Another feasible solution is to resort to surgery and cauterization of warts, which are usually more invasive and require the person to avoid performing different tasks that cause complications. Among the medications recommended for the elimination of the infection is the acid given by the doctor once a week, and an ointment based on Podophyllotoxin that the patient should apply twice a day. Treatment against infection means that the person is not at risk of more serious diseases such as cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men, which generates an annual death rate in the world. If the person who transmits the HPV virus is not treated in time, they usually maintain intimate relationships with others who are healthy, infecting them immediately, developing an epidemic in the population close to them. The function of the treatment is not to eliminate the virus, but rather to maintain total control of the appearance of the various symptoms that the person or patient with the disease manifests, and in turn help to eliminate lesions, prevent contact and other diseases. When the symptoms that are warts are eliminated from the body through an invasive treatment, the person is usually maintained as cured, although at any time they can appear without prior notice, which must be kept under strict medical supervision. It is possible that with just a flu, causing the person to become weakened by the symptoms of it, they can cause the symptoms of HPV to reappear, causing the warts to be cured immediately. The fight against HPV is done by removing the warts from the intimate parts of the infected person, which are the ones that appear when the virus is fully felt, so constant observation is needed. By lowering the defenses of the immune system, the person can relapse into contracting the disease again, needing treatment each time the disease reappears and therefore trying to cure it once and for all. The treatment itself is done with ointments, acids, cauterization, surgery done both at home and in the doctor’s office, in addition to the respective follow-up so that the disease does not relapse and appear again. It is important to assimilate that the doctor usually sends treatment parallel to that of the disease with medicine that strengthens the immune system so that it can also help eliminate the virus from the person’s body and heal it alone. The important thing that is usually pointed out is that the person should lead a normal life, eating in a healthy and balanced way, in addition to exercising and avoiding any sexual relationship with the partner without a condom. It is important to state that the person who shows the symptoms of the disease must be careful to go immediately to a health center and take the safety of himself and the people around him as a high risk due to its seriousness. To treat the disease, the doctor is the only one to indicate the respective viable treatments to end any of the symptoms, therefore it is said that it is necessary to attend the nearest health center to avoid something stronger. People who have been infected with HPV take time to appear the symptoms of the disease and are usually not visible, so a constant medical check-up is needed every six months to rule out this and any other serious disease.

Tips to cure yourself of HPV

Go immediately to the doctor. If you have a fever, do not self-medicate. You really should think about taking care of yourself from the moment of contagion. Be attentive to any change in the symptoms of the disease. Talk to your doctor about any unfavorable reaction to treatment. Always use a condom.

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