How To Cure Bronchitis

How To Cure Bronchitis

It is important to visit the doctor and be sure that what you have is bronchitis, since the symptoms are similar to those of pneumonia or tuberculosis. The person with bronchitis has difficulty breathing, their mucus is yellowish or green; in many cases they have a little blood, caused by coughing that does not stop during the day or at night. Those who suffer from this condition feel very weak and do not have much strength to carry out their daily tasks; They also have episodes of high fever as a result of the infection that they are suffering in the bronchi. In this article we will explain in a simple way how this disease affects the lungs and the people who are suffering from it, so that in this way we can attack and combat it in the best possible way. Mucus builds up in the airways. This is to try to attack the virus and relieve their inflammation. Below, we have the lungs with the bronchi, which are small openings that the lungs have to receive oxygen and send it to the blood. These bronchi contract and close due to the infection, making it very difficult for oxygen to enter. This condition is known as bronchospasm. It should be noted that if the person is coughing a lot, it is because the bronchi are contracted and the body needs a jolt produced by the cough, so that the phlegm moves and oxygen can enter the blood; therefore, when coughing, the person turns red and feels dizzy. In some cases, they faint and can suffer cardiac and respiratory arrest, which is why bronchitis has taken the lives of many people in the world.

How To Cure Bronchitis

That is why we recommend that you be very careful, if the symptoms you have, or are suffering from, are similar, do not hesitate to go to the doctor. Of course, in this article we will give you several home remedies that will help you cure bronchitis, but you have to be sure that you are suffering from this disease and it is not something more serious. There are two types of bronchitis, the first is normal or acute bronchitis, which is caused by viruses and bacteria that enter our respiratory tract, simply by talking to a person infected with this virus and that lasts about a week. Of course, the cough sometimes lasts up to two weeks while the lungs are clearing. Another way of producing acute bronchitis in your body is with a poorly cured flu or a cold, which are very common in Spain, with the arrival of winter or sudden changes in weather. Like for example, people who have to go looking for frozen food in large coolers. On the other hand, the less usual, but the most dangerous, is chronic bronchitis, this bronchitis is caused by smoking cigarettes or tobacco, in some cases also by people who work in industries where there is a lot of environmental pollution, as is the case of workers of the petrochemical and cement factories. In cases of chronic bronchitis, they can also be caused by lung tumors or severe heart problems. That is why it is important to take a person’s medical history and identify what was the initial cause of bronchitis and select the best treatment. In the same order of ideas, one of the things that most weakens people is cough and lack of oxygen, so we will give you several tips so that you can quickly heal from bronchitis and in the process have a little more quality of life. Since many times, these symptoms increase at night and if you are at home at night and it is winter, it is best not to go out into the cold at night, much less if there is a snowstorm. Because you can get worse and have a heart attack or respiratory arrest. Generally, doctors send you to carry out several tests, both of saliva and blood to see the level of infection and they always listen to your lungs to see if they feel a whistling sound. Which is caused by bronchospasms, to determine exactly the type of bronchitis you have or are suffering from, after this comes the treatments and the cure for this disease that is very common and more than anything in winter. Next, we will give you several home remedies to cure bronchitis and you can breathe better by attacking this infection naturally and in the best way, you just have to read carefully and get to work! .

Instructions to cure bronchitis

If you have a coughing fit and can’t breathe well, put a pot to boil, add several eucalyptus leaves and 4 tablespoons of salt. Remove the pot from the heat and put a towel over your head, place the pot under the towel on your head, so you can absorb the eucalyptus vapors, this will make your bronchial tubes relax and you can breathe better, stopping your cough. immediate. In the room where you are sleeping, we recommend that you place a small kitchen and place the pot with salt and eucalyptus, boiling over a very low heat so that the eucalyptus vapors remain in the entire atmosphere of your room and you can sleep better and breathe better. To remove the accumulated phlegm from the lungs, you must take a plant of aloe and carefully remove three crystals of aloe, this you have to do with a plastic knife so that the crystals do not lose their healing property, then drink a glass of juice of orange and blend it with the crystals, add a cup of honey. Take half a cup of this mixture daily and you will see how the phlegm comes out of your respiratory tract and quickly, you can cure yourself of bronchitis in a few days

If you have a slight fever, it is because the infection is quite strong. For this, the best is radish syrup, take 6 radishes and grate them, place them to simmer with half a cup of sugar. Wait for the water to evaporate and when it is caramelizing just a little, remove it from the heat and place it to cool, this should be like a radish honey. Take three tablespoons at each meal and you will see that the infection disappears after two days of taking the horseradish syrup.

What do you need to cure bronchitis?

Pot with hot water. Salt. Eucalyptus. Towels. aloe vera Honey bee. Sugar. Radish. Manual or electric grate. Blender.

Tips to cure bronchitis

The first advice is prevention, if you notice that a person is coughing continuously, do not get close, get as far away as you can so that you avoid contagion. Practice sports so that your lungs are strengthened and when winter comes, they can withstand the change of weather in the best way. Sedentary life makes your lungs weak and more affected by viruses and diseases. If you went to the doctor and he told you that you had bronchitis, do not smoke or go near people who smoke, because you will get worse and it can turn into chronic bronchitis. If you have a bad cough and you haven’t been to the doctor, we recommend that you go out warm and with a filter mouth cover to prevent further complications. Cod liver oil is excellent for cleaning the lungs of phlegm and viruses that accumulate in the bronchi, we recommend a pill with each meal. This is natural and you will have no side effects.

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