How To Cure A Stye

How To Cure a Stye

Surely you have suffered in your own eyes or walking down the street you have come across a kind of lump in someone’s eye. It is one of the most typical ophthalmological diseases that we can find today, like herpes labialis. It can be found both on the outside and inside the eye and usually causes burning during the first few days. Although it is not serious, it is really unattractive and, therefore, it is best to try to find a remedy as soon as possible. Don’t suffer either because there are multiple treatments that we will see below.

How To Cure A Stye

What is a stye?

A stye is a closed wound in the form of a lump that we can find in the eye. It is usually located on the edge of the eyelid, very close to what we know as the eyelid and is produced by a sebaceous-type gland that has become inflamed and manifests as a swelling in the eye area. Our sense of sight is not affected but it can cause discomfort, in addition to the aesthetic defect that it can cause. Obviously, it all depends on the type of person we are. There are people who hardly care about it, while others may wear a patch to hide this condition. There are multiple causes that can lead us to have a stye in one of our two eyes, and they can all be of a different type. The main one, however, is a set of bacteria that usually reside in our body, very close to our nose. In general, they are completely harmless and do not cause any pain or discomfort. Despite everything, in some cases, if they get close to the eyelid or the part near the eye, they can become inflamed and cause an infection. Obviously, there are many risk factors that we must take into account. To begin with, hygiene is essential. Touching your eyes with dirty hands is a symptom that causes a stye. We bring bacteria on our hands and these can be the cause of it. Thus, if we are going to touch our eyes, it is essential that we wash them beforehand. This is of vital importance for all those people who wear contact lenses and, therefore, are constantly touching their eyes. Girls, on the other hand, can be really smug. In that case, they use a regular dose of makeup, including mascara on their own eyes. Another risk factor is coming back at night after going out and instead of removing our makeup, going straight to sleep. Spending the night with makeup is not a good sign at all. In that sense, let’s not abuse contact lenses or makeup on our face. The prevention and treatment of styes is vitally important because it can be the first step that leads to constantly red and inflamed eyes. Eye care is of vital importance to avoid possible complications in the future.

Benefits of curing a stye

All in all, there are numerous benefits of curing a stye and starting prevention treatment for the future to avoid its possible recurrence. The most prominent are the following: Healthy eyes. The eyes are one of the most important organs in our body. Currently, there are no possible substitutes for them and, therefore, they must be taken care of. An accident or a strong blow to the eyes could make us lose our sense of sight. See properly. Precisely, being able to see correctly is a huge advantage. The blind has a much more limited life and, therefore, we must value what we have. A bad decision can condition the rest of our life. Being able to wear makeup. Beyond being able to see or not, when we have a stye we cannot use any type of makeup product. In addition to the aesthetic defect, we cannot dress ourselves as we would like, especially if we are girls. Wear lenses. The use of contact lenses with a stye is also totally contraindicated. In that sense, it is also our obligation to take good care of our eyes. We must not abuse our lenses and, in addition, we must also wash them correctly and take extreme care of our hygiene.

How to cure a stye

Unless the stye is complicated, its treatment is really simple and can even be applied from home without any problem. The main symptoms of this type of infection are nothing more than the tear duct emitting a greater number of tears, burning in the eye, especially when exposed to sunlight, as well as redness of the eye. If it is not the first time that it happens to us, you can read directly the part of the treatment. On the other hand, if you are new to this type of infection, it is important to go to an eye professional so that they can apply the steps to follow. In any of the cases, do not forget that doctors are the best trained to make diagnoses. Self-diagnosis can lead to unexpected complications. Therefore, in short, always go to the doctor’s office. The ophthalmologist will review the eye with his microscope, and could even apply ocular anesthesia if it is very difficult for us to open it due to the burning, we have in it. It is especially important to go to this type of specialist if the discomfort does not subside within a maximum period of 48 hours. In normal cases, applying wet compresses with a little bit of camarilla will help alleviate the medical condition. This procedure should be done for about 10 minutes four times a day. Obviously, any type of external element to the eye is completely prohibited. A stye is not like any other wound from which we can tear the crust. If we try to start it, we can cause much bigger problems than we had before. In cases where the stye causes more problems than normal, the eye doctor will prescribe an antibiotic, or could try to eliminate the infection through surgical treatment, although this route is always reserved as a last resort. In the event that one appears, do not worry as it does not usually affect the sense of sight at any time.

In addition to the water cloths that heat the wound and allow the pus to be eliminated and allow the wound to drain in a completely natural way, we can find other home remedies that can help us relieve all this type of discomfort. A small bag of tea at a high temperature, but without going too far, can help us relieve all these symptoms. Do not forget that heat is what helps reduce inflammation and swelling, and in addition, aromatic herbs such as tea also contain properties that are very effective in eliminating bacteria. The stye, naturally, will end up going away in most cases. For this reason, in the time it takes for our eyes to return to normal, it is advisable to take some type of anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen so that we can relieve the inconvenience we may have. In addition to medicinal plants, cucumber also has beneficial properties that we can take advantage of. In this sense, if one morning you wake up with a stye in your eye, do not be scared when you look in the mirror as it is something that will go away with the passing of the hours and return to normal.

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